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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Goodbye, Gen. Matanguihan; Hello, Col. Madriaga

CARMEN, Bohol– The 302nd Infantry (Achiever) Brigade under the 3rd Infantry (Spearhead) Division (3ID) of the Philippine Army has a new commander following a change of command ceremony held at Camp Rajah Sikatuna in this town on Thursday, Jan. 11. 

Outgoing commanding officer Brig. Gen. Arnulfo 
Matanguihan turned over the command of th
302nd IB to its new commander Lt. Col. Ignacio Madriaga 
on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018. The ceremony was 
presided by Brig. Gen.  Dinoh Dolina, commander 
of 3rd Infantry Division of the Philippine Army.
/Leo Udtohan
Lt. Col. Ignacio Madriaga replaced Brig. Gen. Arnulfo Matanguihan who relinquished his duty after more than a year of service as commander.

During the ceremony, Matanguihan was awarded with a military merit medal interim to a distinguished service star for his excellent service as commanding officer.

Brig. Gen. Dinoh Dolina, commander of 3ID, presided the turn-over of command which was attended by local government officials, PNP and Navy officials, civil society organizations, partners and stakeholders and men and women of the 302nd Brigade.

 Under Matanguihan’s leadership, the infiltration of the 11 members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) who tried to build a base in Inabanga town was foiled. Government troopers successfully neutralized the ASG members by killing each of the stragglers. He also led to prevent the resurgence of insurgency in the province.

“Highlight nung tenure ko yung operations natin against the Abu Sayyaf. They tried to challenge the Bol-anon and we stood our ground, we fought and we succeeded. Yung ang pinaka-highlight sa tenure ko dito,” said Matanguihan.

He will be transferred to the 9th Infantry Division in Bicol as its assistant commander.

He said he would surely miss Bohol.

“Ma-mimiss ko yung fiesta dito at yung mga tao na sobrang hospitable,” he said.

Gen. Arnulfo Matanguihan with Inabanga 
Mayor Josephine Socorro Jumamoy
 and Clarin Mayor Allen Ray Piezas.  /Leo Udtohan
Matanguihan, who was a company commander in the Army’s 53rd Infantry Battalion, 4th Infantry Division in Mindanao, was the deputy brigade commander of 802nd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division based in Leyte prior to his assignment in Bohol.

During the ceremony, Matanguihan thanked the support of the local government units, especially the provincial government, as well as other stakeholders in peace and development for helping his leadership achieve many feats and for giving him a chance to serve the people in his best capacity.

For his part, Madriaga, who was at Army’s 5th Infantry Division under the Northern Luzon command, vowed that he would sustain the peace and development in his new area of assignment.

 “Ako po naman ay handa, napaghandaan ko po ang position na ito. At hihingin ko po yung tulong ng mga kababayan dito sa Bohol na tulungan niyo po ako at sama-sama tayo na magawa po natin at mahigitan po natin kung ano po yung nagawa yung mga nauna sa akin. Ngayon lang po ako ay nagpapasalamat na po ako sa inyong lahat,” said Madriaga.

Provincial board member (l-r) Ricky Masamayor, 
provincial legal officer Atty. John Mitchell Boiser., provincial
 prosecutor Macario Delusa and acting  governor Benjie Arcamo
attended  the change of command ceremony.  /Leo Udtohan
Dolinah congratulated the outgoing and incoming commanders and urged the soldiers to continuously do their best in maintaining, winning the people’s minds, hearts and further strengthening the peace and development efforts in the province.

Hundreds climb Bohol Calvary
for the feast of Black Nazarene

GARCIA HERNANDEZ, Bohol — Devotion to the Black Nazarene is not only confined to those who flock to Quiapo in Manila every Jan. 9.

Hundreds of pilgrims and devotees in Bohol province climbed the mountain in this town to ask to be healed and give thanks on the feast of the Black Nazarene on Tuesday, Jan. 9.

Rosalinda Huertas, 66, walked at least 3 km to visit the chapel and offer prayers.

Huertas, who suffered from pneumonia last week, believed that the Black Nazarene played a big role in healing her sickness.

Edward Guyano, 43, was also emotional when he visited the place.

Some members of the Bohol media -(l-r) your VRS, Dave Charles 
Responte of dyRD and Allen Doydora of dyRD paid
 their traditional New Year  courtesy call on Bohol PNP director Senior 
Supt. Felipe Natividad last Thursday at the Bohol Provincial Police Office.
 /Allen Doydora
He visited the mountain two years ago before he had a stroke last year.

Guyano said the Black Nazarene had never failed to answer his prayers.

It was on May 29, 2011 when Marina Reblinca, a visionary and healer, brought the image of the Black Nazarene from Palawan to Bohol Calvary (originally named Mount Kalagan) in Barangay Malinao, Garcia Hernandez town and established a small chapel funded by devotees.

Reblinca said the Nazarene told her he wanted to be in Bohol Calvary.

“I followed his order, then people flocked here,” Reblinca said.

She also said that the Black Nazarene protected the place during the strong earthquake in 2013 and typhoons.

Since then, devotees consider the mountain, with its serene silence, holy.

Devotees walked more than 3 kilometers to
reach the summit of “Bohol Calvary” in Garcia Hernandez,
Bohol province, to attend the feast of the Black Nazarene
on Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018. Here pilgrims and devotees attended a
healing session conducted by visionary Marina Reblinca.
 /Leo Udtohan

On Tuesday, hundreds of devotees attended the Mass. Since it was fiesta, they were treated to a sumptuous lunch.

After the lunch, devotees waited for the “patunob,” wherein the image of the Black Nazarene was placed on the parts of the body for healing.

Huertas patiently waited for her turn.

“Mutuo jud kay milgaroso mani kay yearly ni kada simba diri naa man gud magpatunob ani magpasalamat naay kaayuhan sa sakit. Magpasalamat,” she said.

[I believe the Black Nazarene is miraculous. Every year there is patunob for healing and thanksgiving.]

When Reblinca placed the little statue of the Black Nazarene at the devotees’ heads, shoulders and
hands, the devotees prayed and kissed the image praying for healing and miracles.

She would give flowers she blessed for healing and success in business.

Marina Reblinca 
“Kinahanglan maniwala jud sa Poong Nazareno. Kay gamhanan mana siya, kay Ginoo gud na siya. Tanang problema tabangan ta bisan muhilam sa iyang sinena, muhilam sa iyang kamut tanang sakit nimo mawala. Basta mutuo ka naa sa imo na kung mutuo ka. Hugot imong pagtoo mamaayo jud ka maskin cancer pa imong sakit,” she said.

[We should have faith in Him because He is powerful. He is God. Even just touching his dress and hands, he will help you in all your problems. Just have strong faith in him, even cancers will be cured.]

For Huertas and Guyano, they admitted that climbing Bohol Calvary was like embarking on a spiritual journey.

“Going there has nourished my soul,” Guyano said. “It deepens my faith to a Supreme Being and nature.”

Huertas said that reaching Bohol Calvary can help make one have a better perspective of life.

At the crest of the mountain, visitors also visited a “wishing cave” to purify themselves and wish for prosperity and abundance.

There was also a cave of faith healers, known as a sacred place and some old boat coffins carefully protected by local residents.

Visitors also felt mystery of the huge stone shaped like a boat.


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Sunday, January 10, 2016

No mountain too high for Nazarene’s devotees in Bohol

No mountain too high for Nazarene’s devotees in Bohol

No mountain was high for hundreds of devotees who visited Mt. Calvary in barangay Malinao, Garcia-Hernandez town, for the feast of the Black Nazarene Saturday. 

Luzonia Bajao, 46, along with her 11-year-old daughter, Myra, walked at least 3 kms from barangay (village) proper and climbed the mountain to pay homage to the Black Nazarene. 

She said the Nazarene granted her wish to heal her daughter who was previously suffering from rheumatic heart disease. 

The night before the operation, Bajao said she prayed to the Black Nazarene for a miracle. 

“She had a rheumatic heart disease and tuberculosis as well.  The heart surgery didn’t push through because the surgeon found no more inflammation of the heart lining muscles and valves. It was indeed a miracle,” said Bajao. 

The doctor was surprised why her daughter was healed without any medication, she said.

“The Nazarene was always so good in proving himself as the greatest physician,” said Bajao. 

Concordia Galon, 80, said that she has been attending the annual feast for straight two years.

Bragging she is still strong, Galon, who came from Jagna town, said she walked for several kilometers just to see the Nazarene.

“Abtik pa ta mutungas sa bungtod para makita ang Mahal nga Nazareno, (I am still strong to climb the mountain just to see the Nazarene),” she said.

She said that she was wishing that the Nazarene would grant her a longer and healthy life.

Devotees try to touch the statue of the Black Nazarene in Mt. Calvary
 in Garcia-Hernandez town Saturday during the feast 
of the Black Nazarene.  Contributed Photo/Genevieve Virador 
Asked how long she will still attend the annual feast, Galon said: “Hangtud naa pa koy kinabuhi nga ihatag ni Nazareno (Until the Nazarene will give me life).”

The Mt. Calvary (originally named Mt. Kalagan) is a “holy” mountain for the devotees of the Black Nazarene.

In May 2011, Marina Reblinca, a purported visionary and healer, brought the image of the Black Nazarene from Palawan to Mt. Calvary and established a small chapel funded by devotees. 

 “We were from Palawan. The Nazarene told me he wanted to be here in this place. I followed his order.  Then people flocked here,” said Reblinca. She also said that the Nazarene protected the place during the strong earthquake in 2013. 

She said the Black Nazarene heals the sickness, gives hope and comforts people.

“The Black Nazarene would never abandon you if you have strong faith in him,” she said. 

Saturday’s feast had holy mass officiated by Rev. Fr. Cleofas  Silagan. After the mass, people were treated to a free lunch. 

People would fall in line to kiss the image of the Black Nazarene. Reblinca carried the image of the Nazarene for the patunob. She touched the heads and shoulders of the devotees for healing and miracle. 

Mt. Calvary continues to lure pilgrims and devotees proving that indeed, there ain't no mountain high enough to keep God from them.

In Talibon town, Nekolo Gonzales, 30, left his office in Ubay town to pay homage to the image of the White Nazarene, the “white” version of the Black Nazarene, which is believed to have miraculous powers. 

Gonzales, who is from Trinidad town, said that he has been a devotee of the White Nazarene when he was a teenager. 

Marina Reblinca, mystic and visionary doing the "patunob" .
Gonzales’ visit was for thanksgiving that he was able to get a job at the Philippine Coast Guard last year. 

“He helped me when I was looking for a job.  I have to admit that I am not religious but I believe in miracles,” said Gonzales, “And for me the Nazarene is miraculous.” 

He also said that the color of the face of the Nazarene doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter if the face is white or black, he is still the same. As long as you know in your heart that he is the Santo Cristo Jesus Nazareno,” he said. 

Gonzales is one of the many devotees of the White Nazarene located in barangay San Agustin, Talibon town. 

Gregoria Cresencio-Fuentes, 63, narrated that the White Nazarene appeared to her aunt, Eutiquia Cresencio, in her dream.  She said Cresencio, a purported visionary, had received private revelation from the White Nazarene but she had remained silent on the claimed apparition until her death. Instead, she asked someone to carve a White Nazarene for her devotion. 
The “White” Nazarene in barangay San Agustin,
 Talibon towne, has attracted devotees and pilgrims.
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle

The image of the White Nazarene was originally made of wood and has been around for at least 80 years, she said. The first image was displayed in sitio Sudlon, about 7 kms in barangay San Agustin, but it was transferred to its present location in Purok 7 in the same barangay when the Nazarene told Eutiquia to have him transferred.

With the passing of the years, the wooden image decayed because it was exposed to heat, humidity and rain. Cresencio had the image replaced with cement in 1970s.  Fuentes said the cemented image of the White Nazarene was donated by the late President Carlos P. Garcia, a relative. 

She also said that there was a time when the White Nazarene requested Eutiquia to have the image placed in the center of the road but the plan didn’t materialize. 

The image is facing east. 

“The Nazarene said he will protect those who have faith in him,” said Fuentes. 

A Philippine flag is placed in front of the image.

“That’s what the Nazarene wants to have a Philippine flag. It means that he is Jesus of Nazareth in the Philippines,” she said. 

What noticeable is the image is not housed inside a chapel or church nor covered for protection. 

“Our Aunt (Eutiquia) told us that the White Nazarene wants to be outside the chapel. He wants the sun to beat down on him and the rain fell on him as his suffering for the sake of his children,” said Fuentes. 

Simplicio Polestico, 61, said he has been a devotee since he was 10 years old when his parents exposed him to the White Nazarene. 

“I believe in him because I am a Catholic,” he said. He said that he was wishing that the Nazarene would grant him a longer and healthy life.

The White Nazarene in Talibon, Bohol. -LPU
Annalyn Juarez, 35, said that the White Nazarene helped his husband, Crisben, 38, found a work in Saudi Arabia.  She said her wish is for a better life for her family. 

“The White Nazarene is our father. He is our refuge and our strength,” she said. 

Pilgrims and devotees also visited the White Nazarene on Saturday, the feast of the Black Nazarene where devotees flocked to the Quirino Grandstand for the yearly “Pahalik”. The image was brought back to Quiapo Church via the traditional Traslacion. She said, however, the feast of the White Nazarene is on March 21. A mass and procession will be held with devotees from Bohol and Mindanao, she added.

For the devotees, the White Nazarene has become an emblem of passion, struggle and faith for Filipino Catholics.


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Monday, January 26, 2015

5 Bohol quake survivors excited, nervous to meet Pope Francis

Scene: Andrea Trinidad Echavez of USAid Compete on Visit Bohol 2015 Bohol Travel Fair at Glorietta: Such a glorious, blessed day! Today's opening of the Bohol Travel Fair was very successful. To God be the glory! Congratulations to Gov Chatto and team and all tourism stakeholders! And thanks to all friends who supported in one way or another. 
Sam Penaso (2nd from right) and friends on
The Metalscape.  -Contributed Photo
The Metalscape, the 22nd solo exhibit, of Boholano virtual artist Sam Penaso at Altro Mondo Gallery, 3rd level of Greenbelt 5 on Jan. 8.
SceneDespite heavy rains, devotees climbed the Mt. Calvary in barangay Malinao, Garcia-Hernandez for the feast of the Black Nazarene on Friday. Visionary Marina Tadle-Reblinca said that the image of the Black Nazarene came from Palawan. While their counterparts paid respect to the Black Nazarene, devotees also paid similar homage to the White Nazarene in barangay San Agustin, Talibon town.
Scene: The Laugh Out Loud Benefit Concert featuring K Brosas and two of Manila’s best comedians, Sweet Iyah and Divine Tetay, on January 10, 2015 at HNU Dampas Campus Oval, Tagbilaran City. Tickets are available at Dunkin Donuts Plaza Rizal, Gelateria Milano, Tambayahan CafĂ©, Gerisonic, Renaissance Spa, and DRC at P150 (student price), P200 (general admission), and P1,000 (VIP). Proceeds go to the rebuilding of classrooms in Bohol.
Scene:  The Rock N Rebuild 2! with Rivermaya and Paolo Valenciano on Jan. 28 at Ubay gymnasium.  According to Van Delima, there will be an after party, Back 2 Back Live Band/ Disco performances ‘til the break of dawn. Call or text 0939-765-4093 for info.
Last year, I was able to interview the five survivors of the powerful earthquake in Bohol province who will have lunch with Pope Francis on Saturday, Jan. 17. The Pope’s visit is to assure us of God’s mercy and compassion.
The five Boholano survivors who will meet Pope Francis are Veneranda Gentallan of San Roque, Maribojoc; Shirley Bongay of Lintuan, Loon; Niza Flores of Poblacion, Sagbayan; Saturnino Barace, Jr. of Tagubaas-Obujan, Antequera;  and Salome Israel of Tubigon.
 Niza Corbita Flores lost her youngest son, Geevie, 12, who was covered by rubbles of the collapsed internet cafe. She said that she’s can hardly overcome what happened to her youngest son.
Salome Israel lost her right arm and broke her pelvic bone when earthquake struck. However, the cheerful Salome said that“everything happened has a purpose.”
Shirley Bongay of Loon town lost her right hand after being trapped in wreckage for nine hours.

Veneranda Gentallan almost died when her house collapsed. She suffered a head injury and was brought to Cebu province to undergo an operation. She stayed at the hospital for one month. Her recovery was said to be a “miracle.”
Half of Saturnino “JR” Barace, Jr's body was buried underground after the quake. He too was injured, but managed to survive. Unfortunately, Barace lost four of his family members who died during the earthquake.  After the tragedy, Barace entered the seminary.
All of them couldn't help but get excited — and nervous — about their scheduled face-to-face meeting with Pope Francis. There can be no other more rewarding experience in this lifetime than “being with the Pope.”
After one year, how are you?
Salome Israel: If I am going to rate 1-10 about the recovery, it’s only 6 because I am not totally okay. A little bit.
Veneranda Gentallan: Ania gihapun buhi tungod sa presensya sa Ginoo. Ang Ginoo nag-uban kanato ilabina sa nahitabo nako niadtong linog. Wala nawala akong pagsalig sa Ginoo.
Saturnino Barace Jr:: Makahinumdum gihapun ko sa akong pamilya.
Shirley Bongay: Padayun ang life.  Wala gihapun nawala akong pagtuo sa Ginoo.
How does it feel being one of the chosen five Boholanos to dine with Pope Francis?
Veneranda Gentallan: Wala ko kasabot sa akong gibati sa pagkahibaw nako makauban nako si Pope Francis. Nahadluk ko nga murag excited. Wala jud ko kasabot sa akong gibati.

Shirley Bongay: Nalipay ko nga ako ang napili sa parokya namo.
Salome Israel: My feelings can’t be measured. I feel I am so blessed... we all know millions of Catholic people want to have that opportunity. I feel so happy and lucky to be given the opportunity to meet Pope Francis.
Niza Flores: Kinaunhan wala jud ko makatug sige ko hunahuna kung “tinuod ba ni? Nga makauban nako si Pope Francis?’ Nalipay ko pag-ayo kung mahitabo na.

Saturnino Barace, Jr.: Sa pagkahibaw nako nga usa ko sa napili makauban ang Santo Papa, nalipay ko pag-ayo kay wala nako damha nga sa kadaghan sa biktima sa linog napili ko.
What will you tell Pope Francis?
Veneranda Gentallan: Magpasalamat ko sa Santo Papa nga iya mi gitagad kaming mga pobre sama nako ug ubang mga biktima sa kinaiyahan. Nga maskin wala ko nakadawat og hinabang nga naguba akong balay aduna man diay labaw nga giandam ang Ginoo mao kana nga makauban nako ang Santo Papa.
Salome Israel: Actually, I want to surprise the Pope.  I will give you a hint. I just want to tell Pope about my experiences during the earthquake at that time it happened. For me, it’s a remarkable or tremendous or anything I can say about the calamity. Maybe I will ask Pope to pray for me, to give me guidance especially now that I am disabled. It’s really hard to be like this.
 Niza Flores: Magpasalamat lang ko kang Pope nnga mingduaw diri sa Pilipinas nga makauban niya ang mga biktima sa trahedya sama namo diri sa Bohol.
Shirley Bongay: Magpasalamat ko ni Pope nga nagpasalamat ko sa Ginoo nga buhi pa ko ug blessed nga makita nako siya personal.
Saturnino Barace, Jr.:  Magpasalamat ko nga buhi pa ko, magpasalamat ko nga makita nako siya sa personal ug kini usa ka blessing para nako ug sa akong family.
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