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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Same faces running in Bohol in 2016; Bohol marks 2nd anniversary of quake

Same faces, familiar surnames and a mix of the old and the new, the hardened and the neophytes, in Bohol politics have thrown their hats into the 2016 ring, filing their certificates of candidacy (COCs) last week.
Friday’s deadline of filing of COC drew more and more people seeking posts in the 2016 elections.
Provincial Election supervisor lawyer Eliseo Labaria said he was pleased with how the filing, which started on Monday, turned out because orderliness was maintained.
As of July 20, Bohol has 757,144 registered voters, said Lourdes Cempron of the provincial Comelec office.
Reelectionist Bohol Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado
is holding a copy of his certificate of candidacy (COC),
 the first to file in Bohol on Monday with provincial
election officer lawyer Eliseo Labaria and some
 Photo by Leo Udtohan
He urged the public to register before the Oct. 31 deadline.
Comelec will release the official list of candidates for next year’s polls on Dec. 10.
On Monday, only reelectionist Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado was the first candidate in the province to file his COC.  
Aumentado, who is running under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) in the province’s second district, filed his COC at 1:55 p.m. He was accompanied with his wife, Vanessa, mom Greenie, some family members and some mayors and supporters.
He said he is seeking re-election to finish some of his projects, including a submarine cable project to bring power to island-barangays and the construction of Ubay Airport which will start in January
“We have lots of programs to accomplish,” said Aumentado. 

Labaria said he didn’t expect surge of candidates on Monday’s filing of COCs.
Reelectionist Rep. Art Yap (2nd district) says
 he is running to continue his unfinished projects
 that will benefit the barangays.
 Photo by Leo Udtohan
On Tuesday, Former Agriculture Secretary and Bohol Rep. Art Yap has filed his certificate of candidacy at the Commission on Elections’ (Comelec) provincial office here on Tuesday
Yap, who is seeking re-election in the province’s third district under the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), was the second candidate who filed his COC at 10:30 a.m.  He was accompanied by his wife, Carolyne Varquez Gow-Yap, some mayors and supporters from the third district.
Yap said he is running to continue his unfinished projects.  
“Work is not yet done,” Yap said. He also said there are legislations to file as a representative that will benefit the barangays.

He also cleared that he has no involvement in the alleged misuse of pork barrel funds amounting to P163.2 million while he was Agriculture secretary during the Arroyo administration. But he is expecting that his possible opponent will use the issue during election campaign.
Former Carmen Mayor Che Toribio-Delos Reyes,
Loay Mayor Rose Marie Imboy, Board Member
Dionisio Balite and Godofreda Tirol file their COCs
on Thursday. –Photo by Leo Udtohan
 “They can always do that. That’s politics. It’s not only in the Philippines but all over the world.   The important thing is I don’t have cases at Sandiganbayan. I have a certification from Sandiganbayan that I am not facing a single criminal case. Just don’t listen to it.  The most important is people can see my performance,” he said. 
On Thursday, incumbent Loay Mayor Rosemarie Lim-Imboy, former Carmen Mayor Conchita “Che Che” Toribio-Delos Reyes and board members Dionisio Balite and Godofreda Tirol filed their COCs under PDP-Laban. They arrived 11:30 a.m. accompanied by their families, some mayors and supporters.
Imboy will run for governor, while her running mate Balite will run for vice governor.   
She will run against incumbent Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto, while Balite will run against incumbent Vice Governor Conching Lim.
Imboy's daughter Loay councilor Rochelle Brigitte Imboy also filed her COC for mayor, while her husband incumbent board member Brigido Imboy will seek re-election. 
Yap, who was uncontested in 2010 and 2013 elections, has found his match. De Los Reyes filed her candidacy for representative in the third district of Bohol.
Delos Reyes said she was not afraid to face Yap.
“Definitely no,” she said, “I am confident.”
Delos Reyes, who runs the international beauty soap “Beauche,” run for governor against Chatto in 2013 but she lost.  Chatto is the currently the provincial LP chairman.
Should she win a seat in Congress, Delos Reyes said she would file bills for health, education, livelihood and agriculture.
“The reason why I joined is for the poor people. Number one is health. We have poor people who can’t go to hospital because they don’t have money. Second is education. Then livelihood and support to our farmers,” she said.
Imboy said that at first she was hesitant to run against Chatto.
“It’s really scary, you know he has good track records,” she said. “But upon hearing support and comments from the people that they need a new governor, they need a change, my fear was gone. If God is with us, who can be against us?”
On Friday, the last day of the filing, provincial and city Liberal Party’s hopefuls filed their COCs.
Before filing their COCs, they attended mass at the St. Joseph Cathedral, joined by their families and fellow LP members.
Chatto, the party’s provincial chair, filed his COC along with Rene Relampagos who is seeking reelection of the province’s first district and Vice Governor Lim, their vice gubernational candidate.
In Tagbilaran City, reelectionist Mayor John Gesnell Yap filed his COC at the city Comelec Office. Along with Yap were reelectionist Vice Mayor Toto Veloso and their ten councilor aspirants.
Aumentado said that he is praying for peaceful elections especially that some of the towns in the second district are considered hot-spots during election time.
“We are all aware that there was tension and election related violence in the province, I pray for peaceful and successful general elections in 2016,” he said.
Labaria said he was expecting that the next elections is contested in the province. He also said that he will evaluate the critical set-up in the province.
“We will do our best that no election relate violence will happen again,” he said.
Bohol marks 2nd anniversary of quake
Church bells rang in Bohol for 33 seconds on Tursday to commemorate the second anniversary of the devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake that brought Bohol to its knees.
A holy mass was held at the Saint Joseph Cathedral officiated by Tagbilaran Bishop Leonardo Medroso. It was attended by provincial and city officials, mostly from the Liberal Party.

Rodel Barace visits the site where four members of his
 family were swallowed by a giant crack. -LPU
After the mass, a photo exhibit was formally opened after the holy mass to demonstrate the post-earthquake recovery.It will run until Oct. 27 at the Bohol Cultural Center
But for others, last Thursday’s commemoration was a painful reminder of loved ones lost.
Those loved ones who were killed by the quake; they grieved and remembered the people who passed away.
“We will always remember them in our hearts,” said Rodel Barace of Antequera who lost four members of his family who were swallowed by a giant crack in Antequera.
The Barace family visited the cemetery and brought flowers and offered prayers.

Booy Barangay Kagawad also visited the cemetery to offer prayers to his mother Linda who died during the quake due to myocardial infarction aggravated by the quake.
“My heart breaks for anyone who loses their mom,” said Lofranco.  He also said that her mother was also his best friend.
Linda was the former top-seller Individual Group Supervisor of Tupperware  Brand – Bohol  (formerly Saralee Direct Selling).
“I thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures, help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever,” said Clement.

Who will run in 2016?; EJ goes to UK

• Who will run in 2016?
• EJ goes to UK
It’s not sure if former Tagbilaran Mayor Dan Lim will run for mayor (or congressman) and so did Maribojoc Mayor Leoncio Evasco, Jr. for  board member (or congressman) of Bohol’s first district.  Booy Captain Eutorgio “Jun” Telmo seems to enjoy keeping people guessing whether he will run for councilor in Tagbilaran or not.  According to reports, Kap Telmo is not really interested but people close to him are pushing him into…running?
“Politics is addicting,” said my media friend who heard that some of our friends are thinking if they will file their certificates of candidacy (COC) tomorrow, Oct. 12 (until the 18th).
“It’s a good thing that some media friends got back to their senses,” s/he said.
My unsolicited advice to them?
Don’t! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Buenavista Mayor Ronald Lowell Tirol
 and Tubigon Mayor Marlon Amila
during the United Nationalists Alliance
(UNA)’s gathering at Cebu Coliseum
 on Friday led by Vice-Pres. Binay.
The question is: Who are those 19 mayors who
attended the gathering brought by
Mayor Che Toribio-De los Reyes? 
Contributed Photo
Anyway, here’s a partial list of political luminaries who have made known their intention to run in the 2016 elections:
• Erstwhile Carmen Mayor Che Toribio- De los Reyes for representative (against incumbent Art Yap)
• Doxson Asoy for mayor of San Isidro
• Former Panglao Mayor Doloreich Dumaluan for mayor (against incumbent Nila Montero)
• Former Panglao Mayor Dodong Alcala for vice mayor (against incumbent Pedro Fuertes)
• Former Sierra-Bullones Mayor Renfredo Buslon for mayor
• Former Loboc Vice-Mayor Artemio Delfin for Mayor (against incumbent Helen Alaba)
...And here’s a list of those running for reelection:
• Gov. Edgar Chatto
• Vice-Gov. Conching Lim
• Rep. Rene Relampagos
• Rep. Aris Aumentado
•Rep. Art Yap
• Panglao Mayor Leonila Montero
• Panglao Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes
•Dauis Mayor Marietta "Miriam Tocmo-Sumaylo
•Dauis Vice-Mayor Luciano “Lulu” Bongalos  
• Tagbilaran Mayor Baba Yap
• Tagbilaran Vice-Mayor Toto Veloso
• Tubigon Mayor Marlon Amila
• Sevilla Mayor Ernesita Digal
•  Sierra-Bullones Mayor Dodie Maestrado
•  Clarin Mayor Allen Ray Piezas
•  Getafe Mayor Casey Shaun Camacho
EJ goes to England
“The United Kingdom is a great place to visit,” said fashion icon EJ Relampagos  who is visiting the four kingdoms of UK—four days in England, three days in Wales, three days in Scotland and three days in Ireland.
He said that England, Scotland, Wales and the Offshore Islands offer a host of great vacation and holiday destinations with something for everyone.
 “The weather here is predictably unpredictable!  Nevertheless, I think the UK weather loves me. Every time I'm on tour, the sun shines! Fair enough!” said EJ.
In England, he visited the Stonehenge, Big Ben, Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, London Eye, St. Paul’s Cathedral (where Prince Charles and Lady Di were married in 1981), Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Royal Courts of Justice and the Tower Bridge. Grosvenor (“Pronounced with a silent ‘s’,” said EJ) was a good place for another adventure.
“I experienced the London Eye which gives me the full aerial view of the City,” said EJ.
Fashion icon EJ Relampagos (at Stonehenge, a popular
Solstice destination) is wondering around United Kingdom
to visit the sites of the legend of King Arthur,
Shakespeare’s sonnets and the palaces. 
Contributed Photo
I asked EJ, “Did you visit The Queen?”  He said, “Unfortunately, the queen was not around when I visited the Buckingham Palace. I should know because the flag was not up at the top of the castle.”
EJ said that Wales, Scotland and Ireland are not popular tourist destinations but he said Scotland is the most beautiful so far.
“I love UK, it’s a totally different setting compared to the other countries I have visited before,” he said.
When EJ was online on FB last night, I asked him if how his tour was.
“My trip so far has been very hectic but a lot of fun and surprises,” he said.
 “Did you cross London Bridge?”  I asked.
EJ told me, “I cross the London Bridge and Tower Bridge through a tourist shuttle.”
But he assured me that London Bridge is still there. (Remember the nursery rhyme?)
EJ said, “No, London Bridge is not falling down. The Queen had it fixed already! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

'America's Next Top Model' Sophie Sumner visits Bohol

Seen: Spotted in Dubai last week was former Carmen Mayor Che Toribio-delos Reyes. “As they say Dubai is the playground for the rich and famous, indeed it is,” Mayor Che (as the title remains) posted on Facebook. Mayor Che was with her hubby and children.  She also met her Beauche business partners. “My family experience in Dubai is beyond compare, so amazing, every place we go so much fun and enjoyment, so with the Dubai Shopping Festival, shopping spree, great experience,” added Mayor Che.

Former Carmen Mayor and Beauche International president Che Toribio-delos Reyes (behind the Luxurious 7 star Hotel Burj Al Arab) in Dubai. Courtesy: Che Toribio-delos Reyes
Seen: Also spotted in Abu Dhabi were Bien Unido Mayor Niño Rey Boniel and his wifey. Mayor Boniel met with friends and business partners. He also went desert safari.

Scene: PCSUPT Louie T. Oppus and Dr. Cesar Saloma received the Metrobank Foundation's ACES (Award for Continuing Excellence and Service) award last January 29, 2014 at the Le Pavilion, Metropolitan Park, Pasay City. Oppus and Saloma came from Baclayon, Bohol.

Oppus and Saloma
I have to admit that I am a fan of Tyra Banks and Sophie Sumner. I like Tyra because she is helping other girls to achieve their dreams in the modeling world...and most of all, featuring and wearing creations of Filipino designers for her show, the America's Next Top Model.

And there’s Sophie Sumner. She might be a Brit, but she's also America's Next Top Model!

On screen, Sumner looks sultry, so fragile that she overwhelms movie audiences with her mere presence.

Anyway, Sumner was in Bohol last week to shoot a Bohol episode for her new travel show on Discovery Channel. It was made possible thru Boy Dumadag and Michael Yu of Blue Grass Project, a firm engaged in event styling and landscaping; Tel . No: 038-5049811; E-mail:; Mobile: 09173042322/0921-2711464/0918-5759972).

 Bohol’s rising hairstylist “hair majesty” Ryan Sines (who also styled Miss Universe 2010 4th runner-up Venus Raj and other actresses and models) and make-up artist EP Relampagos had a close-encounter with Sumner.

Surprisingly, in person, Sumner is self-effacing, very shy and soft-spoken but dignified and respectable just the same, speaking in subdued tone in a detached but still warm and friendly manner.

America's Next Top Model Sophie Sumner is holding a tarsier doll as posted on her Instagram.  “Thank you for having me #bohol- apparently I look like this little tarsier? What do you think?” Courtesy: Sophie Sumner on Instagram
She’s petite, believe it or not, and she couldn’t be taller than 5’9”.

“She is very friendly! She’s kalog and down to earth,” shared Ryan. “Her fame is also not in her head and she is totally unaffected by it. Whatever style we had for her she didn’t complaint. She’s really a supermodel!”

“She knows some Tagalog words like salamat, magandang araw and mahal na mahal kita,” added EP.

Sophie Sumner hosting her travel show...and with Ryan Sines and EP Relampagos.  Courtesy: Ryan Sines
Sumner visited Carmen, Loboc and Panglao.

Sumni was a runner-up of Britain's Next Top Model, Cycle 5 and later won America's Next Top Model, Cycle 18.

And, did you know that Sumner is Emma Watsons’ bff?

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