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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Paloma/Marimar does incredible animal sounds

Libby and Tessie Sumampong receive the
 “Best Bohol Cuisine Specialty Restaurant”
 during the Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015
 for Business Excellence. –
Courtesy: Loboc RiverWatch Floating Resto
Scene: The Cuisina Ni Tisay has been awarded the “Best Bohol Cuisine Specialty Restaurant” during the Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015 for Business Excellence on April 15 at the Manila Hotel. The award was presented by the Philippines Best Companies.Com Inc., Sinag News Magazine, Sining at Gabay ng Buhay Foundation Inc., and the National Data Research Examiner and Marketing Services Inc.  The Golden Globe Awards (GGAABE) is an annual recognition that searches for companies and brands that exhibit innovative business practices, deliver quality products and services, epitomize customer concern and engagement, exemplify a reputable and ethical business image, display excellent value proposition and pricing, and serve truthfulness in business management. The award was personally received by couple Libby and Tessie Sumampong. “Just received our Certificate and our Trophy! Super Thankfulllll ! To God be the glory,” said Tessie. Cuisina ni Tisay is located at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (Chap) in Carmen town.
Scene: Three blind items for this week: 1) Is S sleeping over at the apartment of his girlfriend Ms A (a  beauty queen)? A VRS (who happens to live nearby) swears that she saw S coming out of A’s place in the early hours of the morning. “A’s bestfriend is S’s girlfriend,” said VRS; 2) Photo of this beauty queen circulating in the net has received negative feedback. But her friend-manager came to defend her “alaga” saying, “don’t comment if you don’t like.” “Well, people can do what they want in this hi-tech society,” said VRS; and 3) This make-up artist and hairstylist (MUAAHS) was disappointed with one of the members of the beauty committee who is slow to answer queries. “Busy-busyhan ang show ni Mommy A,” said VRS. MUAAHS also said that the upcoming contest has invited big celebrities. "The contestants whose photos were severely photoshopped, I think are not worth it," said MUAAHS.
Remember Paloma aka Marimar, well-loved and fondly remembered by visitors at the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park in Baclayon, also known for his kagwang--buwis-buhay performance?
Last week, I went to Bohol Python and Wildlife Park in Baclayon town to visit JingJing  Salibay and Paloma.  After the death of Prony, Bohol’s international animal superstar, on August 14, 2013, the wild park had experienced a laidback.
“Everything is back to normal,” said JingJing Salibay, the park’s caretaker.  Well, she was right because I saw a lot of foreign visitors and locals visiting the park.
At the entrance, Paloma was busy welcoming the guests.
Paloma aka Marimar has a new talent: to mimic sounds
of animals in weirdest and funniest ways. –LPU
“Welcome to the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park!”
Then, he began shouting:
Oooohhhhlok olokok olokolok...(for turkey)
Ahhhhtatakakakaa (for bird)
Whaaaakkkk ming kaun naka waaakkkkk (for crow)
owhhhh owhhhh (for bird)
Spectators were amazed that animals became “alive-alert-awake-enthusiastic” upon hearing Paloma. It was a remarkable feat that visitors could hardly believe what they witnessed.
Paloma can mimic the sounds of the animals, from monkeys and pigs to birds and even flies! Paloma’s crow and turkey imitations are spot-on, the bird perfect.
While Paloma has been known for his deadly antics and acrobatic performance (he is still performing after the animal tour), mimicking animals seems to be a particular talent.
Paloma has studied and mastered the sounds of the different species of birds during his pasttime. He spends his time imitating their sounds -- the way the birds communicate with each other on different situations.
JingJing Salibay kisses her new pet
(and beside the glass which contains
the bones of Prony). 
And it is hard to believe that he has been able to mimic the sounds of the birds (of course, in weirdest and funniest ways!Ha!Ha!Ha!).
"I will preserve their voices," said Paloma.
On the other hand, JingJing said that a visit to the park is a learning experience.
“Here at Bohol Python and Wildlife Park, it is not only a tourist destination but it’s also an educational tour,” said JingJing. “Because we have lots of wildlife animals not only pythons.”
If you have missed Prony, “her” preserved body is still the biggest attraction inside the park Sofronio, the “reincarnation” of Prony.  Prony’s bones are on display inside a glass. The arrangement of the bones and delicate structures is remarkable. The Salibay family has plans to register Prony’s preserved bones to the Guiness Book of World Records (in other category) sometime soon.
If you have never tasted the Bohol new product, don’t forget to try the crunchy and spicy organic “chichaworm” at the park. “It’s rich in protein just like my favorite,” said Paloma. To order, contact EAL Organic Chicaworm at 0935125820/09323822345.
HNU-Ultimate Mohawks wins 3rd in Frisbee tournament
Frisbee might not be totally mainstream in Philippine sports thinking, but it was on full display just recently as Dumaguete hosted the tournament.
The crunchy and spicy organic “chichaworm” 
is available at the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park. -LPU

The Holy Name University (HNU)- Ultimate Mohawks won third place in the recently concluded UCL (Ultimate Collegiate League) Frisbee Tournament held at the Silliman Ballfield in Dumaguete City. Silliman University's disc breakers ranked second beaten by MSU-Iligan's team which won the championship with a score of 14.15 leading only by one point. 
The first intercollegiate frisbee league was participated in by different prestigious schools from the Philippines.
The HNU- Ultimate Mohawks roster were Dave Samson, Peter Hamoay, Eric John Borja, Ray Conner Samson, Rainfred Galanida, Fred Anthony Soriano, Anthony June Madronero, Gio Jubac, Chiojo Jubac
Richard Andamon, Raymond Andamon, Ian Reambonanza, Paul Sarabia, Christian Montanez, Gerald
April Joy Baliong, Ina Laurel, Abigail Bernadas, Valerie Joy Omas-as, Nina Ello and Chelsea Lagang.
April Joy Baliong (player who had the highest points scored) received the “score machine” award while Fred Anthony Soriano received the “best defense” award.
Beryl Elizabeth Lupot was the team’s coach.
The Holy Name University (HNU)-Ultimate Mohawks
after winning the Ultimate Collegiate League Frisbee Tournament in Dumaguete City.-Courtesy: Beryl Lupot
Jake Linton, France Jordan and Bencel Borja also trained the team before the tournament.
“We won because we played hard for each other. Every single player on our team played the best he could play, put in 100 percent effort and contributed to the team,” Lupot said.
The team was also sponsored by JNP Construction and Supply, FB Shutters and Services, Joann Pabato, Dr. Dale Ello, Jeric Lim – Bohol Hotel La Roca, Jun Constantine Caturza – Jj’s Seafood Village, Aaron Domingo – Bohol Island Leo Club, Coby Rubillar – Bohol Trading, Dr. and Mrs. Doyet Dumaluan andA’s Chicken Nuggets.
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