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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Things to do on Valentine’s Day in Bohol

SceneUnited States Ambassador to the Philippines Philip Goldberg visited Bohol on Thursday to witness the signing of the memorandum of understanding for the implementation of development projects in Tagbilaran City. He was welcomed by PA Ae Damalerio and Rep. Art Yap at the Tagbilaran Airport. Ambassador Goldberg was also welcomed by Gov. Edgar Chatto and other officials at the Bohol Tropics. The MOU, which picked Tagbilaran under the Cities Development Initiatives, was signed by Mayor John Geesnell Yap II and Gloria Steele of the US Agency for International Development.
MGen Jet Velarmino, AFP and PSSupt Dennis Agustin
honor the fallen 44 at Camp Dagohoy.  
SceneMGen Jet Velarmino and PSSupt Dennis Agustin led the offering of flowers and lighting of candles for the fallen 44 at Camp Francisco Dagohoy on Thursday. “For all of us who remain, may their legacy of bravery and courage in sacrificing their lives serve as a beacon of hope in our country’s pursuit of peace and justice. May their dedication to service serve as an example to all Filipinos,” read the statement of the BPPO. Meanwhile, PPSupt Agustin has designed his own kayak for the fallen 44. The kayak has colors red and black and has markings “Fallen 44.” “It’s one way of my expression in support and sympathy to the fallen 44. Sa akin lang yun. Personal lang yun. Mahilig rin tayo sa sports. When doing sports, nasa puso pa rin  natin mga kaibigan mga comrades natin. Mahilig tayo sa kayak ..  naka-pag soul search tayo nakapag-isip nakapagcontemplate, at the same time expression ko lang yun,” PPSupt Agustin said.   
SceneFeliz compleaƱos to erstwhile Tagbilaran Mayor Joe Torralba, Walter Toston, Dr. Cyrilda Tallo, Maximiel, Feb. 9; former Tagbilaran City Councilor Ann Mariquit Oppus, Feb. 10; Atty. Zoilo Dejaresco, Jr., Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim, Lloyd Guttierez and Dr. Antonio Porticos, Feb. 11; Raul Gatal, Feb. 12; Valentino Gamutin, Atty. Handel Lagunay, Joselino Baritua, Gary Silagan and Fr. Val Pinlac, Feb. 14; Melchor Daniel, Feb. 15; Engr. Jes Tirol, Elvie Macalandag, Louella Husain and Tagbilaran City Councilor Lucille Yap-Lagunay, Feb. 17; Fr. Joe Sumampong, Feb. 20; Gov. Edgar Chatto, Feb. 21; and Fiel Angeli Gabin and Dr. Jojo Maniwan, Feb. 24.
Love is in the air.
With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, VRS has tracked down the Valentine's Day destinations in Bohol for traditional and new holiday ideas for lovers.
US Ambassador Philip Goldberg visits Bohol.-LPU
CHAP, for adrenaline junkies
 If the thought of a candlelit meal or spa treatment has you tapping your Nike with boredom, bond over a shared challenge this Valentine’s Day. The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) has The Rush, Islands in the Sky, Burma Loops and Planks, Earthquake and Vine Walk.  The adventure course trails that will test your strength, endurance, strategy and patience and it will test your relationships, too! Don’t forget to experience the authentic Boholano cuisines at Cuisina ni Tisay!
Sagbayan Peak, for fairytale lovers
Different animals and Disney characters can be found at the Sagbayan Peak. There’s a mini-castle to free your imagination as you and your beloved roam its medieval turrets. You can play Rapunzel or you can ask the seven dwarves or Snow White for some tips on how live happily ever after.  
Morning Hills, for nature lovers/stargazers
The universe is vast, but somehow you found each other. The Morning Hills in Loay town is ideal place for contemplating your place in the cosmos. It’s ideal also to visit the place at daytime to love nature.
Provincial Library, for bookworms
If your love bloomed over torrid prose and pub philosophy, then you need a break with intellectual clout. Visit the Provincial Library to feed your mind. Since February 14 falls on a Saturday this year, the library is open half-day.
Choco shop, for Choco lovers
Chocolate's a classic for Valentine's Day. Buy it for your spouse, your significant other, your kids, your parents. Visit the Chocoreich Cafe which offers you the chance to sit down and indulge in hot chocolate, baked chocolate treats, and chocolate candy, while on the premise. Always busy and always delicious, Tambahayan Cafe (along Maria Clara Street) is the perfect tambahayan for Valentine's couples.
There are plenty of things to do on Feb. 14! –LPU
Dinner menus, for food lovers
What better way to celebrate with your significant other than sharing a romantic meal? Yes, visit the Bohol Bee Farm and The Buzz for all-organic food.  Have an intimate dinner at Panglao Island Nature Resort, Amorita, Amarella, South Palms and Astoria. Bring your someone special to Gerarda’s, Garden Cafe, Payag Restaurant, Dong Juan (at Luisa Galleria), The Prawn Farm (at Island City Mall) and RaiRai Ken (at Island City Mall). For best ambiance, bring your date at Cafe Lawis in Dauis (beside the Dauis church) for a complete dinner set for two. Make sparks fly no matter your budget at the city at  Aubrey's BBQ Hauz (flavored by Nanay Mary Garcia) at Mansasa Junction (“Chicken Paa for only 60 pesos. We also accept packaged orders on Valentine’s Day,” says Leslie Ramirez) and Acacia de Bubu (Burgos cor Butalid St.) for yummy barbecue!
Single on Valentine’s Day?  There’s no need for a firing squad! In Bohol, there are plenty of things to do solo on Feb. 14. Watch movies, eat pizza, read books and swim in the beach.
Other places to explore on a date: K of C Tagbilaran and Tagbilaran Plaza.
Whether you're in love with love or anti–V-Day, celebrate V-Day with your own style.
Remember, saying ‘I love you’ doesn’t have to cost anything.
Benjie and Joan Oliva have baby Edelle Ross baptized
New parents former NYC Commissioner Benjie Oliva and lawyer Joan Jagonos christened their daughter Baby Edelle Ross, on Jan. 25, at the Archdiocesan Shrine of Jesus Church in Pasay City.
The family shared special family photos via Facebook Saturday.
We are beyond grateful dear God for our princess is a gift from above. We pray for strength and wisdom to train her in the way she should go. Give us patience and joyful hearts. Let us, parents and godparents, be an example of Your love and forgiveness. We thank you Father for the honor of being her parents,” Benjie captioned the photo album.
Baby Edelle Ross with her parents Benjie and Joan Oliva
with godfather Dingdong Dantes who 
 to guide his friends’ daughter in her spiritual life.
 –Courtesy: Oliva Family
The three-month-old was well-behaved and half-asleep as the priest baptised her. “We welcome you into the Christian world,” said the priest, as Joan cradled Edelle Ross in her arms.
As previously reported, Benjie and Joan chose their nearest and dearest to act as Edelle Ross’ godparents.   Actor and NYC Commissioner DingDong Dantes was one of the godparents who stepped forward during the service and promised to support his goddaughter throughout her life.
Benjie and Dingdong are now officially mag-kumpare.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Scariest places in Bohol

Every Halloween, horror fans take the opportunity to scare others stiff.  One of the best parts of Halloween is being able to dress up with your most terrifying costumes that give passers-by a fright and to share your spookiest and funniest stories.

As early as September, the Bohol Quality (BQ) Mall has displayed Halloween costumes and props at the second floor. From babies to adults, everyone can choose the Halloween costumes and accessories BQ Mall has to offer.

BQ Mall has the latest Halloween costumes and ghouls 
of all sizes along with all the party supplies to be sure your 
Halloween parties are frightening.
At the Island City Mall, cashiers and salesclerks are wearing witch hats while male salesclerks are wearing clown hats to “attract” mall goers.  No, they’re not scary!

Incidentally, ICM will hold the annual scariest Halloween costume contest on Oct. 30 where hardcore Halloween aficionados will showcase their horrifying new costumes.  Kid will not worry because the Trick or Treat will be on October 31, 1 p.m. at the Activity Center.

The spirit of Halloween also invades Chocoreich Cafe (along Gallares Street near Malou Atienza Salon). The owner, Dalareich Polot, adds some “fright” with items definitely more inspired by the lighter side of Halloween. Visitors can enjoy their chocolates and sikwate with spooky and friendly Halloween atmosphere. 

Halloween is perfect time to raise the dead. While you can creep yourself out at haunted places, why not go for the real deal.  There are terrifying locations in Bohol for those who like to take the “ghost tour.” Some are fictional and some are very, very real. Like it or not, these places will always be a part of our psyche.

I warn you: These spooky sites are not for the faint of heart.

Tagbilaran City is a good place to start your “ghost tour.”  Even though Tagbilaran is now a bustling city, it is a home to a lot of the “scariest” places. A wide range of terrifying stories can be heard from anyone who has experienced ghostly encounters. 

Witches at your service! Cashiers and salesclerks 
of the Island City Mall wear witch hats to attract visitors.
The Bohol Medical Center (renamed Tagbilaran City Hospital and Bohol Coop Hospital) along Airport Road, is part history site, part hotbed of paranormal activity. Before it was abandoned, it is reported of many ghostly sightings. Ghosts of former patients and nurses are said to be walking through the hallways. Visitors claim to see things move or feel the presence of spirits.

Vina (family name withheld) shared that she went to the hospital to visit her friend who gave birth. At the entrance, it looked ordinary with nurses and some patients.

“At first, nothing’s unusual,” said Vina.

When she went to the delivery/nursery room, an unidentified boy accompanied him. While inside the nursery room, the lights were flickering on and off and no one inside. A haunting whisper filled the room. Then, she heard chilling cries of babies. Vina couldn’t believe her eyes and turned to look at the boy to make sure she wasn’t dreaming. However, in front of her was a boy with bloody eyes who said, “wala siya mahadluk!”  

“Nahadluk ko liman ka nahimong abat ang bata,” narrated Vina. “Naa pa jud katawa nga hadluk paminawon.”

The old Bohol Coop Hospital -Contributed Photo
Vina realized that something strange things happened. She closed her eyes and prayed. After saying “amen,” when she opened her eyes she was at the flagpole of the hospital. She hurriedly left the place.

“I just learned that the hospital has moved to its new location in Dao three days before ko mingbisita sa hospital,” said Vina.

The hospital is no longer there, but to this day, people still claim to hear voices and unexplained appearances from the deserted building.

The Marapao Street apparently has several ghostly residents. People share that they see “white ladies” and other strange creatures at night.

After 5 p.m. where Capitol employees leave the offices, the place becomes silent and creepy. There are reports of workers feeling like someone was watching over and sudden cold feelings being experienced.

“Diri ko mangatang sakyanan pauli sa Dauis. Mingaw na kaayo. Ma-feel nimo nga hadluk jud,” said Rhea Estoquia.

In 1990s, residents had reported the appearance of a pantasma, a giant ghoul with chains on its arms and legs with fire, near the old PLDT building (now the EDCOM building).

Prof. Marianito Luspo, one of the original residents, confirmed this story when I had investigated ghostly stories in this place three years ago. He shared that his cousin Marlon (not his real name) saw the pantasma.

It was late at night and Marlon was patiently waiting for the pantasma. And all of the sudden the dogs kept on barking and growling. He heard sounds of chains cranking. He tried to look outside through a small hole in the wall and he saw the pantasma. What made him terrified was when the pantasma stopped at the Luspo’s residence and looked directly to the hole and their eyes met! Overwhelmed with fear, he almost fainted.

Bohol Provincial Capitol- Photo: Wikipedia
The Old Capitol building is also scary. Strange noises and infamous headless apparitions of priests are reported to be seen in this building.

Bruce Zabala who worked as media relations officer then shared that he saw a headless priest at the second floor. The headless priest went to the Treasurer’s Office, which served as a prison during the Japanese occupation. 

Witnesses report eerie sounds. Emerson Pinos was working alone at the then PGMA Office to finish a project when he heard ghostly moans and assorted noises as well.

A high ranking official confirmed that he saw small footprints on the toilet. He also heard a flush coming from the toilet and it was really weird because no one had seen someone used the toilet.

Until now, some guards and employees swear to hearing strange noises and disturbing shouts. It is believed that the headless ghosts and noises are from the priests and prisoners beheaded during World War II. Some workers say they don’t hear anything unusual, but no one works late.

Many people state they get an eerie unnatural feeling when visiting the Bohol Museum. It is the home to preserved human specimens. Included among the museum’s vast array of fascinating and sometimes scary items are the skulls of ancient Boholanos and a corpse called “Boholana Lady” from Mansasa. You’ll figure out why when you go.

The poorly lit Mansasa street with huge trees near Mansasa Elem. School has been known to be the home of supernatural beings. A lot of people avoid driving and passing by in this street.  A ‘white lady’ who hails tricycles in the middle of the night, rides for a short while, and then mysteriously disappears.

The Binayran Road in barangay Dampas is said to be the most haunted road in Tagbilaran City. Drivers have reported everything from strangely dressed wanderers, to ghosts, to phantom vehicles that chase them to its end.

Rudy (family name withheld) sold his house after his wife and kids were possessed by evil spirits. There were appearances of agta at the balite trees.

A lot of habal-habal drivers have already encountered agta and big black dog including this woman who would walk to the middle of the road to stop a passing vehicle. Naturally, a driver would stop to avoid hitting her. She would then ask to be brought to the water reservoir, but would disappear before getting there.

The tragedy that took place early January where a family died has contributed to its haunted reputation. Strange sights and sounds are reported at the crime scene.  

Schools are scary, too. All school campuses especially those that have seen and survived the war have stories of haunting.  And most of the schools in Tagbilaran City were built on what used to be cemetery grounds.

Dr. Cecilio Putong NHS Photo: Wikipedia
Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (DCPNHS), Tagbilaran City Central Elem. School, Holy Spirit School, Mansasa Elem. School, Booy South Elem. School, University of Bohol ST Building and the abandoned Holy Name University are believed to be surrounded by ghosts and creepy spirits that haunt its students and teachers to this day.

The Imelda Building of DCPNHS is famous for the apparition of the white ladies and duwendes. Until now, stories of strange apparitions and aromatic smell coming out of nowhere are consistently reported.

Sightings of the mysterious headless nun are reported by students and teachers of the Holy Spirit School.

The appearance of the “red lady” at the Administrative Building (near Am-Am’s Corner) of UB was reported by two female high school students. While they were inside the comfort room, they saw the “red lady” looking at them with an evil smile.

The abandoned Holy Name University in Lessage Street is famous for “ghostly apparitions” especially at the 4th floor where a mysterious lady would appear. Several times, guards could hear classes in the dark classroom and a black giant dog would appear at the gym.

The balite tree in Guiwanon, Baclayon is known to be the home of rich spirits who ordered luxury cars. 

Between Manga and Cortes, the abandoned, fairly small cemetery (unnamed) contains plots, many of which are unoccupied. The cemetery’s first official burials began before the Spaniards. Over a hundred years later reports of treasure huntings and hauntings in this ancient cemetery reached an all-time high.

Witnesses have reported seeing ghosts and other supernatural beings. And as everyone knows, disturbing a grave site (no matter what’s buried there) is one of the top ways to provoke ghosts.

The abandoned Nature Park and Fishing Village in Inabanga plays host to several ghosts, including the agta, white and black ladies and other supernatural beings. It has also been the focus of several “blood-curdling ghost stories.”  It is also near the Macaban Cave which is the city of supernatural beings or engkantos. Visit and decide for yourself how spooky it is.

Anda cemetery has reports of cold presence and menacing feelings. It is unique because it houses an “ark” (similar to Noah in the Bible) where believers of a cult are waiting for another flood. While many ghosts are rumored to call this place their home, Inday Potencia, the local saint of Anda, reigns supreme.

Scary, isn’t it? But these are just stories to scare you! Are you brave enough?

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