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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Cold springs and cave pools to beat the heat on scorching Bohol days

With skyrocketing temperatures, high humidity and a scorching sun, it can feel like you want to cool down immediately.  

But whether you’re in search of ice, water or simply super-strong air-conditioning to escape the heat, VRS can find you dozens of cascades, natural springs and parks around town to discover the places for us to beat the heat.

Fall in love with these natural springs just a few hours away from the city.

Note: The photos on this page that you’re marvelling at are the natural cold springs in Bohol I have had visited this summer.

Duwangon Spring in Bilar 
Bilar- Often bypassed in favor of neighboring Carmen town, Bilar is blessed with springs and waterfalls. The Logarita Cold Spring is found inside the protected Rajah Sikatuna National Park. In Barangay Zamora, you can have a relaxing cold dip at the Duwangon Spring. It is known for its fresh, clean and cool water....the iciest cold spring in Bohol!   Entrance Fee: P10 (Logarita Cold Spring); P5 (Duwangon Spring)

Candijay- The Canawa Spring is mysterious yet another natural wonder. The water is crystal blue. Locals said that divers attempted to measure the depth of the water but they failed to reach the bottom of the spring. You can make a sidetrip to Can-umantad Falls, the tallest waterfalls in the province, and the Candabong rice terraces.  In barangay Cogtong, the Anahaw Spring offers a total health experience for the physical well-being of the old, not-so-old and the very young. The people of Cogtong wash their clothes and fetch water from this spring for drink.  It was lately discovered the spring has remarkable healing properties because of its high alkalinity and polarity. Entrance Fee: P10 (Canawa Spring); No entrance fee for Anahaw Spring

Logarita Spring, Bilar
Jagna- This town shimmers with beaches made of smooth white pebbles or smooth slate. It also offers cascades and natural springs.   The Lonoy Spring, about 5 kms from the town proper, offers a clear and cool spring. It’s the second iciest cold spring in Bohol!  According to residents, there were five natural springs which were sources for drinking water. Due to its abundant supply of water, residents called it “galanay” or “galonoy” (abundant). Barangay Lonoy is where the Battle of Lonoy took place in 1901. Entrance Fee: P10

Valencia- The town’s Badiang Spring continues to attract visitors with its underground freshwater spring.  The spring water is diverted to fill the two swimming pools. Entrance Fee: P20

Garcia-Hernandez- The Ughuban Spring, located in Barangay Cambuyo is totally an amazing place because of its natural view. It has a cauldron (kawa)-shaped body of cold water. The mahogany trees surrounding Ughuban gives it a more relaxing feel. Since there is no entrance fee, you will enjoy swimming to sawa. You can also visit Roxas Park in Barangay Calma, about 4.2 kms from the highway.  The resort has two standard sized swimming pools whose cool and fresh water continuously flows from a rock spring.  Entrance Fee: P30  (Roxas Pork)

Dimiao-  Take a dip in the small pool of Kuremo Spring  which is actually a catch basin for the very cold water that comes from the mountains. There is no entrance fee. Enjoyment guaranteed!

Baliaut Spring, Baclayon
Baclayon- A natural swimming pool along the highway on the shoreline where fresh cold water from its natural outlet blends with seawater making it a favorite spot for locals during a hot and sunny day to cool off. No entrance fee.

Lila-  You can also quench the summer heat at Tinugdan (Tinubdan) Spring. Soak in the refreshing cool waters of this cold spring, the third iciest cold spring in the province! There is no entrance fee so you can swim here to sawa. Tibubdan comes from the native word “tubod,” which means “spring” or “source of water.”  Since there is no entrance fee, there’s an overload of happiness for swimmers!

Clarin-  The Caluwasan Spring, about 4 kms from the highway, here is refreshing and cold.  The place is relaxing and full of life, however, plastics and other wastes are left at the sides of the spring. No entrance fee.

Loboc- This town is not only known for its majestic Loboc River, the river of life. It has also Loktub Spring in Barangay Gotozon. It is a natural swimming pool where fresh cold water from its natural outlet blends with the river during high tide. No entrance fee for unlimited happiness!

Lonoy Spring, Jagna
Antequera- This town is blessed with waterfalls and karst caves. The Inambacan Cave and Spring, about 2 kms from the town proper, is a haven for nature lovers. No entrance fee.

Loon- The Danicop Ticugan Spring is one of the least-visited springs in Bohol. You can indulge in the soothing coolness of the spring. The trees growing on cliffs and mountain slopes give the place a cool ambience to beat the summer heat. No entrance fee.

Cave pools are also getting popular for summer escapade.

Dauis- Visit the Hinagdanan Cave Pool. It is known for its natural underground swimming pool of very cool spring water. The stalagmites and stalactites added attraction to the chilly water. Entrance Fee: P50

Anda- The beach is just the beginning in Anda. It feels like a hidden oasis where people ca n enjoy and relax with its white sandy beaches and bright turquoise sea. Besides the seas, the town has many cave pools.  These natural freshwater springs that flows from caves into the sea are favorite swimming destinations for locals and visitors of this town. Try Cabugnaw cave pool, Kalorenzo, Banilad cave pool and Tigdao cave pool. Free entrance.  

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Friday, May 29, 2015

11-minute last summer getaways

Caluwasan Spring (Clarin)
Ughuban Spring (Garcia-Hernandez)
Tinubdan Spring (Lila)
Lonoy Spring (Jagna)
Loktub Spring (Loboc)
Logarita Spring (Bilar)
Kuremo Spring in Dimiao
Duwangon Spring (Bilar)

The final days of summer are ticking away. However, just when we thought that summer is about to kiss us goodbye, the sun seems to be on full blast!  No wonder many are trying to beat the heat away in many ways.
 Tired of beaches and waterfalls? Here are 11 natural springs in Bohol to enjoy for your huling hirit sa tag-init! Note:  The pictures on this page that you're marveling at are the natural springs in Bohol I have had visited this summer. Canawa Spring in Candijay is not on most travelers’ itineraries, but if you have time it rewards exploration. It has a P10 per person entrance fee. However, it features cool aquamarine waters and plants bending so low so as to be nearly touching the pool's surface. Because of the spring's depth, even experienced divers have difficulty diving to the bottom. 
Anahaw Spring (Candijay)
In Cogtong, Candijay, Anahaw Spring offers a total health experience for the physical well-being of the old, not-so-old and the very young. The people of Cogtong fetch water from this spring for drink.  It was last year that it was discovered the spring has remarkable healing properties.  Retired teacher Fidela Bayron said she feels 10 years younger since drinking water from Anahaw Spring. She reported that she is now fit. Some local villagers who bathed in the water reported that the “medicinal” qualities of the well cured their skin diseases. Word quickly spread, and now a constant stream of people visits the village daily to gain the benefits of the water.  "I'd take a bath in it if I could," Vilma Magputol said. "It can heal. The water can heal." People bring anything they can use to carry water — gallons, soda bottles and containers. Some people take a bath. The San Carlos University Water Laboratory has confirmed Anahaw Spring’s high alkalinity and polarity.

Baliaut Spring (Baclayon)
“I have not seen a natural spring that has this kind of quality. Kasi it’s not only the ph, the polarity as well the ionized put together this makes water,” said Abel Echon who discovered the spring’s healing properties. “Anahaw is a very like lucky spring just like sa Laguna grabeh’s a new finding... grabeh ang polarity, ionizity plus pH blend pus minerals unmatched. Ang kanyang anti-oxidant property umabot ng -500.” The Ughuban Spring in Garcia-Hernandez is totally amazing place because of its natural view. It has a cauldron (kawa)-shaped body of cold water. The mahogany trees surrounding Ughuban gives it a more relaxing feel. Since there is no entrance fee, you will enjoy swimming to sawa.
Take a dip in the small pool of Kuremo Spring in Dimiao town which is actually a catch basin for the very cold water that comes from the mountains. There is no entrance fee. Enjoyment guaranteed! Bilar is worthy of more attention with its cold Logarita Spring and Duwangon Spring in barangay Zamora. 
Canawa Spring (Candijay)

Other important springs in Bohol are the undeveloped Caluwasan Falls (Clarin), Baliaut Spring (Baclayon), Tinubdan Spring(Lila), Lonoy Spring (Jagna) and Loktub Spring (Loboc). ***Thanks for your letters, all will be answered. Comments welcome at, follow leoudtohan at Twitter /Facebook.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

15 Unsung places of Bohol, Philippines

Scene: It’s the merry month of May! The feast of Saint Joseph, patron saint of Tagbilaran City, on May 1 starts the month-long fiestas in Bohol. Everyday is fiesta and visitors and strangers can “eat the house.” Plenty of inasal, humba, hamunada, tuba, desserts, etc…Everybody is welcome, no invitations required!
Scene:  From Atty. Greg Delgado: The Lungsuranon Performances Arts Ensemble (LUPAE) of Tubigon failed to place in Folk Dance National Competition sponsored by NCCA at MOA but the paisanos learned a lot competing against Vigan, Palawan, Phil. Normal University, etc. Calling NCCA insiders like Gardy Labad to invest into these kids which defeated best dance schools in Cebu recently earning them an invite to this prestigious dance contest.
Scene:  The body of the Boholano seaman who died during an Iranian Navy operation for the rescue of the crew of a hijacked ship off the southwestern coast of India last month finally arrived home last Thursday. Stephen Barbarona, 33, of Antequera town, suffocated in heavy smoke in the vessel’s burning engine room, where he hid during the gun battle. (Prof. Reinerio Augusto Real, who represented Gov. Edgar Chatto, was at the airport to meet the bereaved family. Thanks a bunch to SPO1 Melinda Mendez Basalo, PO2 Reymar Catubigan, Marcelo Orioque and Reniel Mendez for facilitating my request.)
Photo: ICM
Scene:  Island City Mall was taking part in the celebration of Earth Day's 42nd anniversary staging the Miss Teen Earth 2012. The nine candidates took part in a tree planting activity of the Alturas Group of Companies in Brgy. San Pascual, Ubay supervised by DENR. Karen Morfreux of Anda was crowned Miss Teen Earth 2012. Miss ICM Teen Air was Irish Cleanuar,  Erica Jane Mejos  was crowned  Miss Teen ICM Water  and Frances Marie Montejo was declared Miss ICM Teen Fire.
Scene: The University of Bohol/Rafael Palma College grand alumni homecoming is on May 15 at the University of Bohol. The event coincides with the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) gathering slated on May 8-9. A registration fee of Php 200 is required for the dinner-fellowship. Contact Renee Marjorie Plazos (0900-528-6198), Atty. Greg Austral (0920-903-7894) and Reinerio Augusto Real (0916-457-6504).
Inspired by Lonely Planet’s unsung places of the world, Bared came out of some destinations, no matter how beautiful and stunning, drop off the tourist radar.
 It's not easy to put together 15 unsung and unfairly underrated places because Bohol is known for its terrific scenery, history and culture. It has great towns, countryside and a coastline.
I remind you, this is completely subjective. You may have your own favorite unsung places. Here’s a sampling of places to spark your interest, away from the usual tourist spots, mostly overlooked because of chance, geography and the presence of more glamorous and well-promoted neighbors.
1. Anda
This anomalous town is top of a must-visit list. Anda feels like a hidden oasis where people can enjoy and relax in its white sandy beaches and bright turquoise sea. The shoreline remains largely untouched by buildings and infrastructures, and a coral reef that keeps the waters calm also makes for an ideal snorkeling and swimming spot. In fact, Anda has yet to be completely invaded by tourism and is, therefore, still rather secluded and peaceful.  Locals recommend that you take a trip to the less-travelled ‘other’ side of Lamanok Point, a place to see hematite rock painting and ancient burial caves. Ask the guide about the love story of Iska and Mugan.  
Half a mile of sparkling sand, palm trees swaying over a white beach, lush tropical plants, and endless sunshine make Anda one of Bohol’s most scenic beaches. Photo by Leo P. Udtohan
2. Pandanon Island and Banacon Island, Getafe
Pandanon Island has gradually gained popularity because of its natural white sand that extends into the sea and the church which stands in the middle of the island. The neighboring Banacon Island is the home of the largest mangrove plantation in Asia.
One of many islands in Getafe town, Pandanon Island stands out with its blend of chic and island relaxation.   
Early morning view at Banacon Island Photo by: Leo P. Udtohan
3. Bien Unido
Perhaps it’s the lure of Ubay that leads people to forget Bien Unido. Whatever the reason, this graceful town is bizarrely under-visited. Those who make it out here will discover the underwater grottos. The wilderness beach on Jao Island has some of the most pristine sand to be found.  For locals, Bien Unido is the best place to catch some waves and have some fun in the sun in the northern Corregidor of Bohol.
Bien Unido charms people Credit: LGU-Bien Unido
4. Mahaba Island, Talibon       
Mahaba Island's popularity is on the rise, and for good reason. This small island in Talibon is a hot spot for beach-goers, and locals suggest Jayvee Beach Resort as the place to soak up the sun and swim in the sea.
A warm welcome from Jayvee Beach Resort in Mahaba Island, Talibon
5. Loon
This island prides itself of having one of the most beautiful dive sites in the Philippines. Local sightseers enjoy the crystal-clear water of Piong Falls located between Nagtuang and Canmaag.  In some upland barangays, water flows from springs that have encouraged the local folks to develop their own bathing and washing areas.   
Canawa Spring
6.  Candijay
Candijay’s Canawa Spring is not on most travelers’ itineraries, but if you have time it rewards exploration.  The water is crystal blue from January to May. Locals would tell you that someone measured the depth of the water but the instrument did not touch the bottom after 50 fathoms.  The Can-umantad Falls is a must. There are some great rice terraces in Candijay near the village of Cadapdapan. 
7. Jagna
The town of Jagna shimmers with beaches made up of smooth white pebbles or smooth slate. But they are all washed by waters that are crystal blue—the most unforgettable color in the town.  It’s chilly and balmy in the off-the-track Mayana, which is famous for its flowers. The waterfalls of Kinahugan and Boctol are a must-see. Malbog Hill provides a panoramic view of the wonderful works of God's hands. Everyone knows calamay, but who takes the time to stop off at Ching’s?
8. Logarita Spring, Bilar
Often bypassed in favor of neighboring Carmen, Bilar is worthy of more attention, with its cold Logarita Spring. Logarita is extensively covered by a beautiful mahogany forest which is also home to some flora and fauna.  The Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is the first butterfly livelihood breeding and conservation program in Bohol with a butterfly garden full of flowering plants and a nature trail. Poblacion sells flavored pintos and alupe produced fresh on the premises each day.
9. Himuntagon Hills, Loay
Barangay Botoc Occidental is an astonishing surprise in an oft-forgotten corner of Loay. It’s worth planning to spend the day here, so you can admire the scenic place of Himuntagon Hills overlooking the Mindanao Sea.  The hills bring to the traveler a feeling of serenity and tranquility and provide fascinating scenes during sunrise and sunset. 
10. Guindulman
One of the hip spots for the air-kissing, well-heeled set, Guindulman boasts some of the prettiest rocky and unspoiled shoreline. The Bunhayag Hills overlooks Anda and Guindulman and is an oasis of relaxation and romance. If you have an interest in archeology, ancient civilizations or just love exploring, then barangay Basdio is the perfect combination of sun and adventure.
11. Antequera
This unassuming yet charismatic town retains its glorious native handicrafts. It also comes alive when you visit Mag-asao Falls. All summer long, the sound of the waterfall is music to the ears.  When it comes to the overall waterfalling experience, Mag-aso Falls is hard to beat.
12. Tubigon
 This town, which is blessed with white beaches and sandbars, hills and mountain ridges for trekking, retains an enticing, elegiac sense of the past. Another heritage of Tubigon is manifested in its handicrafts such as the loom weaving in Pinayagan Norte and Sur, Panaytayon, and Ilijan Norte and Ilijan Sur. Climb Mt. Ilijan for flora and fauna.
13. Garcia-Hernandez
The rocky coastline has a number of smaller beaches.  The coastline is partly protected with coconut trees that provide a pleasant shade.  The Roxas Park is perfect for summer getaway. The water is beautifully clean and clear and the area is beautiful. The park is also ideal for outdoor activities.
14. Sierra-Bullones
Visitors can’t forget the magnificent rural panorama and variety of color, a profusion of greenery and flowers.  While most tourists come to Sierra-Bullones for their hidden springs especially Bohol Paradise Hills Resort, the hilly middle of this town offers some of the country’s best rice terrace travel.  Walking amongst the rice terraces of Sierra-Bullones is a feast for the senses.
The rice terraces of Sierra-Bullones stand firmly with all its beauty and charm but due to its remoteness it has been overlooked. Photo by Leo P. Udtohan
15. San Isidro
Besides a friendly welcome, you’ll experience an off-beat allure in this town. Hiking in the nearby Candungaw Peak in Barangay Candungao is a great San Isidro outdoors adventure. The view from atop this peak is breathtaking in a number of ways.  Try to visit Cantijong Cave in Cansague Sur and Kilab-kilab Falls in Baunos.
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