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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Ima Leopardas is loveless but happy

Scene: Congratulations to Aster Caberte, Central Visayas Regional Director of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for having been chosen Best DTI Executive in the Philippines during the recent "SPRInts (System on Performance, Rewards and Incentives) Huwarang DTI 2015" awarding ceremonies.
Why do we need a designated holiday to celebrate love? -LPU
Scene: From Reigh Monreal this info: Congratulations to the Bohol Island State University (BISU) for being listed by the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) among the Top 5 performing teacher education institutions in the country in Category B (500 to 999 takers from 2009 to 2014) with a running passing average of 85% for both BEEd and BSEd. The other four: De La Salle University (Manila), 99%; University of Saint La Salle (Bacolod), 86%; Ateneo de Naga (Bicol), 85%; and University of Southeastern Philippines (Tagum), 85%. Tops in Category A (1,000 and above examinees): University of the Philippines – Diliman, 97%; University of Santo Tomas, 94%; Philippine Normal University (Manila), 93%; St. Louis University (Baguio), 87%; and Xavier University (Cagayan de Oro), 90%.
Scene: The Splash Day the 13th at the University of Bohol. “If you are an alumni/alumna and you wish you experienced this kind of fun during your time! don't worry ... you will have your chance... just join us in our Grand Alumni Homecoming this July 2016,” says Janice Aurora Tirol, Ph.D., dean of Student Personnel  Services.
Scene: Valentine gimmicks were held at different schools in Bohol.  To spice up their V-day celebration, the students of  Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School had love wall, kasal-kasalan, love knot, et al . One student said, "I am taken by you." On the other hand, people bought flowers at downtown Tagbilaran a day before Valentine's Day. Prices of fresh blooms escalated on Friday morning. According to Boholano florist Eddie Dahunog of Eva's Flowershop, there was a low supply of flowers. Dahunog added that some people were practical that instead of buying fresh flowers they preferred V-items made of plastic. “People are practical now that kahit plastic basta makapgabigay lang sa kanyang minahal. Kasi sabi nila ang plastic forever daw ang presko hindi tumatagal. The most important is your true love,” said Dahunog.
Would you believe that beauty queen Imaculada Cleofe Edubas Leopardas has been loveless for  many years now (her last boyfriend was when she was in high school)? How does Ima cope with this barrenness in her lovelife?
"I'm fine," said Ima who has signed a non-exclusive contract with OMG ( of US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal (who took his oath as US citizen last yesterday, Feb. 14).  The contract signing was attended by Bohol’s seasoned host Raul Gatal, Roger Gatal, Nikki Gatal-Quintia, Marjo Gatal-Dumas and Kiss FM dj Robert James.
Imaculada Cleofe Edubas Leopardas:
 ‘Love is a choice and when you choose to love,
 you choose to get hurt.’
 Courtesy: Miss Bohol
“OMG! I love it! The moment I knew that I was gonna be one of the endorsers, I really thanked Mr. Mikey Gatal for choosing me,” said Ima, a BS in Psychology Major in Industrial Psychology School student at Bohol Island State University- Main Campus. “This has been one of my dreams and OMG turned it into a reality. And I am in love with the charity works that we've been doing because that is so me.”
During the contract signing, Mikey expressed his gladness on Ima and other models as OMG models. "Ima is beautiful and talented.
On Valentine’s Day, Imma together with other OMG models Neil Namuag, Adelyn Joy Esclamado, Pham Marzon, Erika Gatal abd Gercy Daraido had a charity event in Baclayon, Ima’s hometown.
“It’s one of the most amazing things in my whole life! The first thing I know was I was once a pupil of Baclayon Central Elementary School and the next thing I know, I am leading a charity work, and that just felt really amazing,” shared Ima. “And it made me feel really happy knowing that I served as an inspiration and a good example to those children.”
Ima is loveless. She has remained fancy-free, so a VRS Q&A with her focused on her present state of being.
What keeps you busy? I'm busy being myself. One day, I found myself dreaming about making my family proud and the next day, I found myself living that dream. There is one thing that I would like to always do in my life and that is to make my mother be really happy and that's what I'm doing now. I am busy learning everything about life so that I can make each day count. I have this habit of inspiring people for as far as I know, dreams do come true. Everyday, I think of the many things that I can be and I never stop discovering and improving myself, for I know that life is a gift and I don't have an intent of wasting it.
Who/what inspires you?  My family is my inspiration. Even if I haven't seen my father for eight years for he has to work abroad, even if I would say that really, my life story is like the MMK on TV and even if we have been through those many darkest moments in life, still I learned. I learned that life can be unfair, but one should always get up no matter how many times you fall. And it strucks me to the point that I will do anything just to make them happy and proud. I love my family so much. (Ima’s parents are Engr. Eleazar Leopardas, Sr. and  Ma. Gloria (nee Edubas). Her supportive siblings are Vanessa Joy, Roman Ceferino and Eleazar Jr.- LPU)
How long do you think you can survive being single? Honestly, this question made me smile. Well, I have this theory and it is a theory of bread. You like eating a piece of bread only if there is a sandwich spread.
Ima Leopardas with her fellow OMG models (l-r): Adelyn Joy Esclamado, Gercy Daraido , Erika Gatal,
Pham Marzon and Neil Namuag.
 Courtesy: Roger Gatal
Now what happens if there's no more sandwich spread? Well you have to eat and enjoy the bread and hope for the better sandwich spread that you may have next time. The sandwich spread stands for the person you fall in love with, and the bread is you. You see, there will always be that one person who can make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time. But in my case, I am not searching for someone because I am waiting for the right one. I wouldn't mind waiting too long, for the love from my family, best friends and supporters are more than enough to me.
With you, once a relationship is over, it’s over na jud, no more second time around? Any kind of relationship deserves a second chance, for this time, you realized how much you really care for that person and by that, you don't want to lose the person again. But if circumstances won't allow you to be together again, I think it's best to let it go. It will hurt, of course it will really hurt for it was true. Everything happens for a reason. The most important thing there is, you have to learn from it, accept it, move on and be better, not bitter.
What lessons (or “mistakes”) did you learn from your past relationship that will guide you in your future relationship?  I loved too much, that is the mistake. It was way back in high school and that was my first love. I have no regrets, for the person made me happy and made me see how beautiful people can be, just the way they are. Everything I learned about love and pain, I owe it to my past and I am forever thankful for that. But at the end of the day, the past has turned me into the best version of myself because I chose to look at the positive side of life.
Love can wait, says Ima. Courtesy: Miss Bohol
What is love to you? Love is when you give it first to someone who deserves it and that someone should be yourself. Love is a choice and when you choose to love, you choose to get hurt. Love isn't love until someone asks you what is love and you cannot explain it, because you only feel it. Love is when all you ever wanted was to make that person happy, even if you're not the reason behind that happiness.
What is your favorite love quote? "Love is not blind. It sees but it doesn't mind." We love people the hard way, we love people the wrong way, but in the end, it will never be about how many lovers you had, for it is about how true you are when you fall in love.
How does a single girl spend Valentine’s? A typical single girl spends Valentine's Day by liking the Facebook status of those happily inlove Facebook friends, she would look like she's not jealous of those girls who had a lot to receive on Heart's Day and she secretly hopes that someone would offer her some flowers and chocolates. You might ask me why I know all these things, so here's the answer: Yes, I'm single.
What’s your most memorable Valentine? I surprised my mother with a personalised gift which was from my savings, I wrote her a letter and I spent February 14 with her, that was my most memorable Valentine's Day. Every year, I always surprise my mother, not only on a Valentine's Day but also on her special occasions like her birthday. I never get tired on making her happy because seeing her smile makes me happy, too.
What qualities do you look for in a guy? Someone who has a good morale, someone taller than me, the one whom I can learn more about life, someone not just with the looks but also with a stable job, someone three or four years older than me, is honest, loyal, respectful to his mother, the one who knows how to make me laugh and can handle me at my worst and most of all, the one who can make me feel in love that's what others may say "the impossible to find" kind of man. But I believe that that someone exists somewhere and at the right time and at the right place, I am going to see that man in God's will.
Who is your celebrity dream date? Mario Maurer. I really like him because he is the kind of handsome who is really humble and that makes him even more handsome. I really cannot forget his role in his movie, "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" and he really looks so cute.
Nonetheless, there is no hurry for Ima.
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