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Monday, May 11, 2015

Jammy Ungab models her own bikini line

Scene: Today is Mother’s Day! Mom. Mama. Mommy. Nanay. Inay. Inang. Nay. Mamita. Mama. Mother. Ermat. Nana. Mamang. Momsy. We might call it by different names and celebrate it in different ways, but all to honor the irreplaceable person in our lives: Mother. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers who were, are and will be.
Scene:  The successful concert of youtube sensation “Hey Joe” at the Island City Mall.
Scene:  The Bohol Employment and Placement Office (BEPO) will conduct mobile services on May 15 at the Bohol Cultural Center. BEPO has collaborated with Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), National Statistics Office (NSO) and Land Transportation Franchising Regulatory Board (LTFRB).  BEPO head Vilma “Ate Vi” Yorong said that the mobile services drastically cut the expenses of Boholanos who no longer need to go to Cebu City or Manila especially to renew professional licenses and franchises, get authenticated civil registry documents and others. For inquiries, visit BEPO or call (038) 501-9847/411-3544.
The dry season is really the perfect time to schedule beach getaways. But this requires one itsy-bitsy- weenie thing: swimwear.
As temperatures soar, surfer babe and model Jammy Ungab
stays cool as she oozes confidence and sex appeal
as she wears one of her own design bikinis.
Surfer babe, model and entrepreneur Jammy Ungab finds time to kiss the sun as she exclusively shares her pictures of her latest swimwear collection on Facebook.
Jammy designs and sews each swimwear creation but she isn’t just designing her own line of bikinis, she’s modeling them.

“I've been into designing and making clothes back in High School,” says Jammy. “I didn't really think of swimwear because I never wear one before.”

She says it’s hard to find a bikini of her size with good quality and affordable in the Philippines. “In 2012, I thought of starting a bikiniline especially made for petite girls. It just didn't happen right away. It took me a couple of years to finally make one of my dreams come true.”
So, Marikit’s born.
"It is actually my bestfriend, Alyssa, who thought of the name Marikit. I was thinking of calling my brand PINA, short for Filipina and Pineapple which is a tropical fruit,” shares Jammy. “When she suggested of the name Marikit, I agreed right away. It sounds so cute and it's a Filipino word hey.” (Marikit in Tagalog means beautiful, pretty, splendid and magnificent.-LPU)
Handmade crochet swimwear is for ladies' sea to shore and to even summit adventures. “Marikit is different from other swimwear brand because it's crochet, and handmade with love and passion, and compassion,” says Jammy.
 “I am fully aware that there are other brands that make crochet swimwear. But mine has another purpose. Not just to make girls look stunning while on the beach, but it's also made for a cause.” (For every purchase of Marikit, you can help for ocean conservation and end starvation of children in the Philippines.-LPU)
According to Jammy, there are still women who are afraid or uncomfortable to wear swimwear because of our “conservative” culture.
Jammy Ungab who is getting some sun in Bohol’s beaches
 has released new photos to promote the latest edition
 of her own label, 
Marikit. In the new photos, the Boholana
model strips down to display her eco-friendly bikinis.
COURTESY: Ryan Macalandag
“With our conservative culture, it's not too easy to convince women to wear one. We all know that. I know some of the Filipina girls never want to wear swimsuits because they're shy, and because they're worried about what the people will think of them. It's mostly the probinsyanas who never or rarely wear bikinis,” admits Jammy. “City Filipina girls, I'm sure they own tons of swimsuits already. Again, as long as they're comfortable with what they wear, it's all good. But yeah girls, the lighter and less the clothing, the better it is to swim...and less ugly tan lines.”
Jammy reveals that women don't need to have a "perfect bikini body" to look good on the beach. They just need to find the perfect swimwear for their body type that will accentuate the curves.  For her, the monobikini can make a woman looks curvier.
“One piece swimsuits with cut outs on the sides will make you look like you have an hour glass figure. But actually, you can wear anything that you are most comfortable with. It's the most important. There's nothing sexier than a woman in a swimwear that makes her confident with her body,” clarifies Jammy.
She tells her buyers she 'couldn't wait' to show them the new styles she's adding to the swimwear range.
“I have already, but I don't want to announce the designs yet. They'll come out in the next three months,” says Jammy.
Good news: Marikit will be in a pop up shop in California, USA in a few months. 
Start with Marikit and you will be beach-ready in no time.
Note: You can purchase Marikit Swimwear thru email: or


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