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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The ‘Biggest Likes and Yikes’ of 2011

Let us start the New Year with this wonderful message: Isn’t it strange how 100 peso bill appears to be a large amount when donated to church but too small when you go shopping? Isn’t it strange how 1 hour seems so long in church and so short when having fun? How everyone wants front row tickets on concert or show but they want last row in the church? As usual but strange reality. We say God is our priority but have we proven it everyday? Hope you have time to read and share this message.


Remember the laughter,
the joy,
the hard work,
and the tears.
And as you reflect on the past year,
also think of the new one to come.
Because most importantly,
this is a time of new beginnings
and the celebration of life.
Drum roll, please! It's time to find out which entertainment stories, people and events caught our attention in 2011! And, ehem, these Bohol’s who’s who cum celebrities received an award for being famous/infamous in the year 2011!

Likes! Most Beautiful Boholana of 2011
Farrah Faye Mian of Tubigon was declared Miss Bohol Sandugo 2011. The Bohol’s Finest Daughter and Most Beautiful Boholana is now included in the Miss Bohol Honor Roll.

Likes! Most Trending in 2011
“You know you're a Boholano if?’ trended worldwide on Facebook. Other hottest fanpages on  Facebook for Boholanos worldwide were ‘Taga- UB ka kung…’, ‘Taga-Calape ka kung?,’ ‘Nka skwela kag HNU Highschool kung?’, ‘Taga VDT-ALC ka kung..’, ‘Taga-WISDOM ka kung...’, ‘Nakatungha ka sa Grace Christian School kung?’, ‘Tatak Sevillahanon ka kung?’ and  Nakaskwela ka sa Bohol High kung?’.

Yikes! Most Unforgettable Celebrity Feud
The claws are out! Which who’s who battle had you jumping to take sides? 2011 was a feisty fight between Mayor Dan Lim and Gov. Edgar Chatto. Also, Mayor Dan Lim and Taloto Barangay Captain Faro Cabalit's claws were out last 2011, and their weight war earned them the first-runner up.

Yikes! Most Shocking Celebrity Scandal
In December, TV 5 reported that Mayor Dan Lim, stuck on a flight and too impatient to wait for the toilet, unzipped his pants in front of the flight attendant. The flight attendant said Mayor Lim was obviously impatient, though he blamed the incident on being diabetic. The incident gained further notoriety when it was uploaded in youtube.

First runner-up was the “No Other Woman” involving a beauty queen and a photographer. The housewife-beauty queen herself slipped unnoticed into the apartment and caught them in the act. The couple broke up immediately after that. 

Second runner-up was the sex scandal video involving a media personality with a “minor” girl. 

Yikes! Most Shocking Death of a Cultural Icon
Cultural icon, educator and dancer Oscar Real, the co-founder of Bukang Liwayway Dance Troupe, died at age 60 on March 29.

Yikes! Best Brouhaha Incident of the Year
In April 2011, a Philippine National Bank teller “accidentally” gave the million pesos to the wrong person. The Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP)-Bohol campaign says, “Be honest…Even If others are not. Even if others will not. Even if others cannot.”

Likes! Hottest Duo
Central Visayas bets Blake Mahecha Valles was declared second runner-up and Felisse Marie Carvajal was top 5 in the Ginoo and Mutya ng Prisaa 2011 held on April 13 in Zamboanga City. The Ginoo and Mutya ng Prisaa 2011 was one of the highlights of this year's Private Schools Athletic Association (Prisaa), an athletic competition among private schools in the country.

Yikes! No Miss Tagbi 2011
There was no Miss Tagbilaran 2011 because the search committee decided to cancel the pageant. The reason? Most of the applicants were repeaters or recycled beauties. There were no pageants in 1987 and 1995.

Likes! Hottest Celeb of the Year
Many had career years in 2011 -- but which one truly stood out from the pack? Yes, the Starstruck alumna and beauty queen was the cover babe of FHM Philippines May 2011 issue. Not only her first FHM cover, but also her first time to pose for a magazine cover. A homegrown Kapuso artist, Rich finished 1st Princess on GMA talent search "StarStruck 4: The Next Level" and later competed in Binibining Pilipinas 2009 and was declared first runner-up. She can no longer join beauty pageants in the future as she posed sexy for a men’s magazine.

Likes! Lifetime Achievement Award for a Beauty Queen
Bohol’s Queen of Tourism Rose Soy, who is also the Rotary Queen for the nth time, wowed the crowd during the Santacruzan 2011 street parade. She was also hailed as Queen of Alay Lakad 2011.

Yikes! Better Luck Next Time Award
 2011 was unfavorable for our beauty queens Aileene Ella Dango and Renee Soraya Rosete Hassani who didn’t make it to the final 10 in the Miss Philippines-Earth 2011. Also, Miss Denmark Maya Celeste Padillo Olesen (her mother Elizabeth Padillo Olesen is from Bohol) didn’t make it in the Miss World 2011.

Miss Bohol Sandugo 2011 first runner-up Ely Rose Apple Angcon was selected as a finalist for the Olay White Bar Ambassador.  However, Angcon failed to win the title.

Miss Mandaue 2011 Donna Cardino failed to grab a spot in the Miss World-Philippines 2011.

Ubayanus Kru from San Pascual, Ubay, Bohol failed in the monthly finals rounds on ABS-CBN late-morning show Showtime.

Likes! Biggest Celebrity Wedding of 2011
It was provincewide spectacle when Tagbilaran City Councilor Baba Yap married Jane Censoria Cajes in Tagbilaran City on February 5. The ceremony inside St. Joseph Cathderal was attended by roughly 1,500 guests, including Sec. Florencio Abad of Department of Budget and Management,  Gov. Edgar  Chatto, V-Gov. Conching Lim,  Reps. Rene Relampagos, Erico  Aumentado and Arthur Yap. Talk about a short engagement, Yap, a city councilor, popped the question to Cajes in December 2010, after they had been dating for about three months.

Yikes! Kumukupas Na Paraiso Award
The devastating condition of the Raha Sikatuna Park (Magsaysay Camp) in Bilar. Due to the war torn nature of the area, it is now practically abandoned. Sadly, this now decaying place was home to rare flora and fauna.  Gone are the days when Rajah Sikatuna National Park was a haven for nature lovers and a bird-watchers paradise.

Likes! Most Memorable Celebrity Travel
Fashion icon EJ Relampagos went to Italy where he treated her mother Josefina “Jo” Relampagos to a bakasyon grande. Like other visitors, EJ and his mom, came in search of fine art, pizza, spaghetti, cappuccino, wine and fashion.  Also, Trisha Chatto had a memorable trip in France and Germany.

Yikes! Real Drama of the Year
The youngest survivor of the ill-fated M/V Island Fast Craft 1 on Aug. 21 was three-month-old Rema May Abigial Tugap.  Her mother, Emmie Tugap, hugged her tightly before they jumped into the churning waters. Fortunately, a fisherman helped save them and the other passengers. Three dead while 70 others were rescued.

Yikes! Nature’s Fury Experiences
After land fissures, flashfloods occurred in Sierra-Bullones last March which killed one person. The Anda landslide killed two young men working inside a quarry. There were reported floods occurring in Dimiao, Garcia Hernandez and Jagna in March 2011.

Likes! Most Memorable Concerts
The concert of Miss Saigon star and award-winning recording artist Ima Castro on Sept. 13 topped the list.. First runner-up was the concert of songwriter and singer Jose Mari Chan for dyRD’s 50th anniversary. Second runner-up was the concert of world-renowned operatic tenor and philanthropist Sal Malaki. Tied for third runner-up were the concerts of Jovit Baldivino and Bugoy Drilon; and Erick Santos and Ai-Ai delas Alas.

Likes! Homecoming Award
After his exhibitions abroad, visual and performance artist Sam Penaso and his works returned to Bohol. After their church wedding on 11-11-11, Nonito Donaire Jr. and his wife Rachel paid Bohol, his home province, a surprise visit.

Likes! Bring Home the Bacon Award
Loboc Children’s Choir (LCC) bagged 3rd place in the Tolosa International Choir competition in Spain.  Before that, the LCC members had their mini-concerts in Europe as part of their Europe 2011 Tour.  Also, Gov. Edgar Chatto received the Dangal ng Bayan Award.

Likes!  Hot Show
Bohol’s First Car and Motor Show featured Bohol’s best cars including Mercedes Benz SLS 2012, Audi TT, BMW Z3’s, Mercedes Benz ML, Subaru WRX STI, Nissan 350z, fully set-up Ford F150, customized Honda cars and more.  And, also the Big Bikes exhibition organized by the Bohol Bikers Association. The motorbikes came in all brands (on Harley-Davidsons and other brands), shapes and sizes, with some that appeared to defy gravity, if not other rules and regulations!

Likes! Cutest Boholano Artista
Christine “Tintin” Ng, who hails from Tagbilaran City, has come a long way from being the shy probinsya and now a rising actress in the country. She starred in movies and indie films; however, her breakthrough role was on GMA 7’s Dwarfina and Munting Heredera which showcased Tintin’s natural acting. She appeared the talkative and seductive (read: Malandi) yaya or maid in teleseryes.

Yikes! Forget-Me-Not Award
The 80 Boholano talents in the indie film Amigo had least six (6) named supporting roles were not included in the movie’s supposedly “full” cast listing in IMDB. The local talents played their roles, no matter how “small” with such honesty, so natural that they understand well the concept of ensemble acting. 

Likes! Triple Treats Award
In the field of beauty pageant, 2011 saw the rising beauty queens from Tubigon town. Farrah Faye Mian won the Miss Bohol Sandugo crown.  Then, Rochelle Cabilla was declared Miss BACS Academics 2011 and Clarlaine Radoc was proclaimed Miss BACS Personality 2011.

Likes! Santa’s Ho Ho Ho/Happy Holidays
The biggest and tallest Santa Claus in Bohol and in the Philippines caught our attention. First runner-up was the Christmas Village of Mila Lim which fascinated visitors and friends who visit it during the holidays.

Yikes! The “Animal Non Grata” aka Homeless of the Year Award
After celebrating “her” 15th birthday, Prony, the biggest python in captivity was declared “animal non grata” in Albur after Mayor Efren Tungol ordered closure of the area because Prony’s owners, the Salibay family, had no business permit to operate. Also homeless was Prony (Marimar) who became famous because of “her” kagwang performance.

Yikes! The Nega Award
First district Bohol Rep. Rene Relampagos filed House Bill 5422 that seeks to rename Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) to Corazon Aquino Avenue. Relampagos said “EDSA should be named after Aquino because “one cannot think of the 1986 EDSA Revolution without thinking of former President Corazon Aquino.” However, large number of Pinoy Nettizens (including celebrities such as Tim Yap, Georgina Wilson and Paolo Paraiso) refuse to have anything to do with the bill and expressed their disagreement openly online.  The topic became a top trend on Twitter.

Yikes (Untrue) Rumor of the Year
Which false story was the most egregious? The “treasure hunting” in Loboc Church was a dud! The local authorities in Loboc denied treasure hunting activity as the drilling operation was intended for the study of the bearing capacity of the ground where the church now stands. Some people were not convinced, though.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

And now, J Rice to visit Bohol?

Mrs. Fudalan
Seen: To avoid dengue, a teacher in Bohol urges students to wear long socks or pajamas in school to cover their legs. Grade 2 teacher Mrs. Euthropia Maslog Fudalan of  Booy South Elem. School has instructed her pupils to clean the surrounding and wear long socks or pajamas in school to prevent dengue. "This is to help my pupils. It's not an instruction from the principal; it's my own thinking for what is best for my children." 93 cases with two deaths were documented from January 1 to August 6, 21011 in Bohol according to the Provincial Health Office.

Seen: COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza told Boholano youth during the Pinoy LeadCon: “Upang bigyang tuldok ang operation sa Sangguniang Kabataan tinatanggap ko po ang hamon.  Subalit ang pagtanggap ng hamon na ito ay di magtapos sa pagsulat. Di dapat magtapos sa pagtugon ng COA. Subalit dapat magtapos sa pagcocommit ng bawat isang Boholano na hindi di na papayagan pang muli na may kabataang Boholano na maglalakas ng loob na nakawan ang iyong bayan.

Seen: At Pinoy LeadCon, Boy Abunda said: “Young people of Bohol never move from the point of you of your weakness… move from the point of your strength. I have a story that belongs to me and to me alone. At iyan ang puhunanan mo. And don’t afraid to commit mistakes…the biggest successes in this world and most successful stories in this world came from biggest mistakes.”

Scene: The youngest survivor of the ill-fated M/V Island Fast Craft 1 on Aug. 21 was three-month-old Rema May Abigial Tugap.  Her mother, Emmie Tugap, hugged her tightly before they jumped into the churning waters. Fortunately, a fisherman helped save them and the other passengers. Three dead while 70 others were rescued.

Scene: The last survivor who jumped from the M/V Island Fast Craft 1 was Merle Suarez Urbiztondo, Emmie Tugap’s sister. Merle told Bared that sea accidents are common in the country because of frequent storms, badly maintained boats and weak enforcement of safety regulations.

Scene: Ivan Dorschner and Tyron Perez will be the guest stars in Miss Panglao 2011 on August 29.

Scene:  Learn to shoot better pictures with your DSLR! Sideroom Workshops will conduct Basic Photography Workshop on August 29, 10-5 pm at Crabhouse Resto. Registration fee is 1,500 pesos (inclusive of lunch, snacks, t-shirt and kit). Visit for more info.

Scene: Support Miss Mandaue 2011 (also a Boholana) Donna Maricel Cardino in Miss World Philippines. To vote, MWP <space> 18/Name, Address and Send to 367 for Smart and Talk N Text subscribers and 2344 for Globe, TM and Sun subscribers.  If Donna gets the most number of votes, she will be automatically become one of the 12 finalists during the pageant night on September 18, 2011. For the first time in the history of Philippine beauty pageants, the first Miss World Philippines winner will receive an unimaginable luxurious seaside condominium unit at Sea Residence and a cash prize of 1 million pesos.


So thank  you for the broken heart, oh yeah
And thank you for the permanent scar
Cause if it wasn’t for you
I might forget, how it feels to let go
And how it feels to get a brand new start
So thank you for the broken heart…

-Thank You For The Broken Heart
J Rice

As an avid music fan, I’m sure you are one of the thousands worldwide who have been captivated by the beautiful and vibrant sound of Thank You for the Broken Heart (part of lyrics above), one of the dozens of timeless hits popularized by J Rice of The Phantom Boys, one of the rising pop/RnB/soul singers in the US now.

Although he sounds new to music lovers, public interest in his music has remained undiminished and continues to soar through the years. J Rice has innumerable admirers who go gaga over his looks and this fact gets reflected in his latest music video Thank You for the Broken Heart (which can be viewed on YouTube). Coupled with his good looks is the lyrics of his songs which never fail to touch the heart of a listener.

“Yes, I am in love with J Rice,” Rainer Maria “Reyma” Cabagnot Aumentado admits to Bared when pressed if she is in love with J Rice. But even without verbalizing it, it is written all over her face that Reyma is so in love with J Rice. Her eyes and her smile say it all  while listening to J Rice’s “Stay With You and Thank You For The Broken Heart,” her  favorite songs.

Do you wish to meet J Rice?”Yes, I like to meet him personally,” says Reyma. “I will tell him he is a great, amazing and talented artist and handsome.”

On the other hand, US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal likes J Rice’s Thank You for the Broken Heart. “Not in love with him, only his songs,” says Mikey. “I love that song, I can relate but I am not thanking him for the scar,” adds Mikey. 

Isn’t Mikey planning to meet J Rice?

“Why not, a celeb meets a celeb, humbly speaking” says Mikey.  If he will come to the Philippines, Mikey will volunteer to be J Rice’s guide to Bohol. “Hey J Rice, welcome to my country and keep on smiling, that's all,” says Mikey.

Will you say “I love you to J Rice? “He should say "I Love You" to me first then I will say na pa-hard to get style, yea, I might love you too J Rice hahaha,” says Mikey. “Yes, I'd say "I love you" to him because I'm one of his avid fans,” quips Reyma.

Another Boholana fan (who requested anonymity as of this time) told Bared that J Rice might come to Bohol. “He has plans to visit Bohol because of a very important person in his life.” However, the Boholana fan didn’t give further details. “You will know Leo, I will tell you in the near future. Just watch.”

Anyway, here’s a bio of J Rice courtesy of the “Boholana fan”:

J Rice grew up listening to artists like Take 6, Boyz II Men, Brian Mcknight, Wynton Marsalis, Kenny G and many other R&B/Jazz greats. He lived in a simple house where his parents taught him to work for everything he wanted.

At about age 11 he was running a paper route to pay for his first trumpet. It was obvious early on that J was blessed with a gift as he would move up through the ranks of his jr high. Later in high school he started taking his singing seriously and built his own studio in his bedroom.

Equipment was expensive so he had to improvise with dental floss stapled to the ceiling holding up the mic and a cool whip lid with a hole in it and nylons stretched across for the spit guard. He released two independent albums The Intro and So Close but felt he needed to be closer to where everything happens so he packed everything he could, and drove across the country to New York City from his home in Tacoma, Washington.

When he arrived in NY, he immediately started meeting with any writers/producers he could, but none seemed to be the right fit. J recently teamed up with hit producers Phantom Boyz (Alexandra Burke "Bad Boys") and has since released his third independent album "Phantom Boyz Present: J Rice" on iTunes.

He has gained much success on YouTube in the last year now averaging 50,000 views a day on YouTube and growing exponentially every month.
Thank God for love and music! It make the world glow and makes people sparkle — just like Reyma, Mikey and all the people out there!

(Postscript: Last night, J Rice replied to a post on his Facebook. I asked for his message to his Filipino fans. He said, “I love the Philippines!!  You guys have more love for music than any other place on the earth I think. I'm always grateful when you embrace one of my original songs.”)