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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Which part of your body would you give?

Scene: Last Sunday’s scoop about the concert of Pilipinas Got Talent champion Jovit Baldivino drew a reaction from another VRS. “It will be K Brosas and Pooh who will be the highlight of the Valentine 2012 concert and not Jovit Baldivino although Jovit will perform together with Angeline Quinto and Marcelito Pomoy. Please watch ha? The BQ Management is doing their best to give us pure entertainment. Ang saya, saya!” adds VRS.

Scene: More and more people love to visit Gerarda’s along J.S. Torralba Street, Tagbilaran City to taste their great food (Asian fusion, Chinese and Filipino cuisines)! Don’t forget to order dinakdakan!

Scene: The music video “Let's Roll” has received positive feedback from music lovers on youtube. Let’s Roll features the siblings Knive Everdope (Kevin Alturas) and BigRam (Rammy June Alturas) with “artists and small time entrepreneurs who keep pushing forward everyday.” Knive pioneered the hiphop scene in Tagbilaran after a long stint with Six3hundred Crew in 2002, the only hiphop group able to reach number 1 in the charts for Kiss 102.3. Due to some events, he went to Cebu having a three-year hiatus in the hiphop community.

A friend got her driver's license duly issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO). She also signed up to be an organ donor through the license card.

“When I’m gone, I’m still here,” she said.

Then, she asked me these mind boggling questions:

Leo, what if you were lying in a hospital and about to die, and the doctor asks you if you would like to donate a part of your body so that another person (complete stranger) could survive, which would it be and why? Or, would you rather not donate anything? (Oh no, not yet!)

Leo, if you were to be killed, what part of your body would you donate and why? (God forbid!)

“Organ and tissue donation is a gift you leave others when you die. Organ donation saves lives. These transplants can mean a second chance at life,” adds my friend. “While it's also possible to donate organs while one is still living, more often donation takes place upon death.”

“You can donate your lungs, heart, kidneys, intestines, pancreas and liver and tissue such as bones and bone marrow, corneas, veins, skin, heart valves and tendons,” says the Human Organ Preservation Effort (Hope), a non-profit organization in the Philippines under the umbrella of the National Kidney and Transplant Institute.

The question: “If you were to donate a part of your body, what would it be and why?”

Some of our Boholano friends asked simply ignored the question. Here are those who did:

Rep. Rene Relampagos: My heart but I would die. So one of my kidneys na lang so I would still live to continue doing good!

Cesar Montano: I can’t donate any part of my body now to anybody because I’m still using all of them. I believe I can help more people if all of my body parts are intact with me.

Reigh Monreal: If I were to die and left a will to donate an organ, that would be my kidneys. Doing so will save at least one living person’s kidneys. Voluntary donations of such organs from living persons is on the rise to abject poverty.

Stela Coronica: I would like to donate my eyes. I just wanna share the beautiful things around us to those people who did not get the chance to experience that.

Boy Pernia: Eyes and heart. My eyes serves as posts of my heart to guide me on my journey.

Oscar Glovaza: I would like to donate my heart. Hopefully, the recipient will be a loving person as I am.

Ryan Sines: I will choose my eyes! I want the person to see God’s beautiful and wonderful creation. As the saying goes, the eyes are the windows to our soul.

Morris Sarabia: Is there any unimportant part of the body? I think every part is important for me to live. So I’m not donating any as long as I’m alive. Or blood, I’ve donated blood a couple of times.

JunJun Karaan: If I were to donate a body organ I would like to donate my eyes specifically my corneas so that the worthy recipient would also appreciate how our Father provides us beautiful creations here on earth.

Dr. Alessandro Ponzo: I’ll say all..most important..liver, kidneys and heart..because there is a great need and in a single operation it can save another person.

Dominic “Dobap” Aparicio: I will donate all my organs specifically my heart because I’m a lover boy.

Tagbilaran City Councilor Kit Opus: My hands because there’s so much that it can do and express.

Mayor NiƱo Rey Boniel: Eyes-para makakita pa tanan tawo nako especially my family.

Ariel Fullido: Organ donation is a desecration of the human body but when it is for medical research that would be my whole body. Mo exception!

Charmaine Agas: It would be my heart so that I can help him/her live life again to the fullest and give him/her the chance to achieve his/her mission in life that is to realize his/her dreams and do good things for others.

Ted Ramasola: In case I die I would allow the donation of whatever organ/s that would still be of use to someone else. As for the rest of my remains? I'd live that to the living to decide.

Mayor Bert Salinas: My eyes because I want also the blind people to see the beauty of nature, God has given us.

Atty. Gregory Delgado: Heart-to share my passion in living life.

Benjie Oliva: My heart. So that the recipient will share the same love and passion for public service with utmost integrity, honor, transparency and accountability.

Bienna Ursula Bautista: I would donate all my vital organs with the condition that I am dead. I give my body high regard since it’s a gift from God. As generous as I would like to be, I don’t think it is very possible for me to reach that kind of generosity.

Inday Rufing: Eyes tungod kay sa mata makikita ang muta he he he he Bitaw, it is simply because in the eyes you can appreciate the beauty of nature and life that made for us.

Shirly Gatal: I think I would like to donate any or all organs that can qualify as donations. I know there are many people who await donors for different body parts and I think it would be nice if I can donate as many as allowable so that even after death I can help as many people as possible.

Butch Bernas: My eyes so that when I’m gone, I can still see things and my loved ones in the world.

Leo Plazos: I will donate my heart which is full of good intentions to make life meaningful here on earth.

Fiel Angeli A. Gabin: Many years back, I opened to my husband Jerome the idea of being an organ donor when I die which, to me, is a noble act of sacrifice. He then said he would rather want to keep my heart. As for my personal choice and decision, I will share the pair of eyes that I have so that another human being will have the opportunity to see the many beautiful things in life that our dearly beloved Lola Pining Balatero Espejo became totally blind for 34 years due to glaucoma until the day she died.

Dr. Homer Singco: I want to donate my heart because it’s useless. I am 32, and I’m still loveless. My heart and mind are not compatible.

Katrina Schoof-Chu: I would probably donate my eyes. Because I would like to give someone the opportunity to see the many beautiful things and places I have seen and have not yet seen and at the same time for him or her to do change on the things he or she sees that are not right.

Rainer Maria Cabagnot Aumentado: I would rather donate my kidneys to those who are in need.

Dodong Almedilla: Only my blood. Kay ako man sab ang maglisod.

Leah Tirol-Magno: I would donate my eyes so the recipient, like me, will also always see the brighter side of any situation.

Pinay Adiong: When I die, and it is possible, I will donate all my organs so someone else can use them.

Liza Macalandag: My heart, it’s probably the healthiest organ I got.

Inday Charity: My heart, too. It is most important to me.

Lyndon Boiser: Kidney. Dialysis is so expensive for people who cannot afford the treatment three times a week.

Nekolo Gonzales: I want to donate my eyes for others may have a chance to see the wonders of God’s creations and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the beauty of great people who have meaningful contributions in his/her existence on earth. Thank you! Viva Brazil!

Mayumi Lugod: It will be my eyes so that my recipient be able to see kung unsa ang hitsura sa higimo ni God.

Joven Menorias: My eyes, too! For those who wish and longing to see, even if they can’t speak and walk, but the eyes could lead to any ways.

Tessie Labunog-Sumampong: Eyes for those who haven’t seen the beauty of God’s creation!

Neil Balaba: I want to donate my heart because I know myself that I have a clean, kind, has capacity of loving without malice.

Regil “Pipay” Gucor: My heart, too! The recipient would be so lucky because I’m God-fearing, humble and most of all romantic.

Meljun Daniel: One of my kidneys. I have two of them and I can manage with only one.

Mayor Jono Jumamoy: I would donate my heart. It’s essential to life, and signifies that one is mortal, represents my soul and death which comes to everyone.

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