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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Pit Señor sa Bohol kini!


Scene: From Charina Aumentado of Las Vegas this info: The first Boholano NBI Director-from the Mendez Clan. According to Justice Secretary Leila De Lima from "clergy loss to NBI gain" referring to newly appointed NBI Director Virgilio Loquellano Mendez. Born from a humble beginning, "Dodong" as fondly called by his inner family circles entered the Immaculate Heart of Mary Seminary (IHMS) in his secondary school years in Taloto, at the outskirt of Tagbilaran originally to enter priesthood. Born from family who depended much of the farm produce and a teacher, Dodong opted to take up law courses after finishing prelaw course at the same school in Tagbilaran City- the Divine Word College (now Holy Name University) and passed the Bar. His father, the late Diomedes Mendez, a full-time farmer and from Ubay, Bohol acquired farms lots in Bayongan, San Miguel, Bohol while her mother, Carolina Loquellano from Dauis teaches kids in the local public school. Dodong rose from the ranks in the NBI as agent, then to provincial and regional top NBI positions in northern Mindanao areas until his appointment as deputy director and lately to the top NBI post.

Gen. Art  Mendez Evangelista (right) with his cousin new NBI director Atty. Virgilio Mendez. Courtesy: Charina Aumentado
Scene: From Bohol’s seasoned host Raul Philipp Gatal: Beauche International is joining the 2014 Sinulog Grand Parade in Cebu City this Sunday, January 19. Already acknowledged as one of the country’s leading names in beauty and skin care perfection nurtured by Former Carmen Mayor  Madame Conchita “Che” Toribio De Los Reyes, Beauche International will have its own float to be graced by the recently- crowned 2013 Miss Beauche International Anne Mabel Ubando of Dagupan City. Her court of honor composed of Miss Manila Patricia Ramos 1st RU, Miss Baguio City Alyssa Ashley Calimlim 2nd RU, Miss Quezon City Lynne de Mesa 3rd RU and Miss Zamboanga City Jovilyn Gavan 4th RU will be joining the beauty queen & Beauche product endorser in the spectacular parade.

The Philippines is a predominantly Roman Catholic nation. Nearly all Roman Catholic homes and businesses in the Philippines own and display a statue of Sto. Niño, a representation of the Christ Child.  

The Sto. Niño de Cebu ("Holy Child of Cebu") is a celebrated statue of the Christ Child venerated by Filipino Roman Catholics.  Similar to the Infant of Prague, it is claimed to be the oldest religious image in the Philippines, originally given by Ferdinand Magellan to Rajah Humabon and his wife Juana in 1521.

The Sto. Niño de Cebu statue is permanently housed under bulletproof glass at the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño in Cebu City. It is one of the most recognizable cultural images in the Philippines found in many secular and religious areas.  

Panglao Mayor Nila Montero
Unknown to many, Panglao Mayor Leonila Paredes-Montero, a devotee of the Sto. Niño, has a collection of religious icons and paintings of the Sto. Niño.

Sto. Niño icons of different materials can be seen at the Montero resort in barangay Tawala, Panglao.

The Montero collections range from centuries-old heirlooms to newly carved Sto. Niño pieces, paintings, and statues bought within and outside the country.

In one of her travels, Maam Nila asked me to accompany her to check some Sto. Niño religious icons and paintings in Manila antique shops.

So far, no one in Bohol can match the collection of Maam Nila. Those who know her say that she can well afford expensive art pieces. Her family owns the Alona Tropical Resort in Panglao.

Well, that is Maam Nila’s expression of her spirituality.

Incidentally, the Panglao contingent will perform in today’s Sinulog grand parade in Cebu City.

At dawn last Thursday, the contingent from Panglao arrived in Cebu City. They are composed of 100 dancers and 50 props men and instrumentalists with Anthony Ceniza as choreographer.

After a six-year absence, Panglao contingent is joining the free interpretation (FI) category. Their presentation is about the earthquake, the damage it caused to Panglao, and their dance of gratitude.

But to their members, it’s not about winning or losing this year’s competition. They just want to perform as a way to give thanks to Señor Sto. Niño for sparing Bohol from heavy damage.

It can be noted that Panglao earned the fourth and third place in the FI category in the Sinulog 2006 and 2007.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Who will run in 2013 elections in Bohol & other tidbits

• Who will run, who will not, who may, who might
• Family and friends mourn the death of Uly Dolojol
Seen:  VanVan aka Guadalajara Mimosa de Salamanca is representing Miss Paraguay in the Queen of Cebu 2012, a pageant for alternatives, on Nov. 9.  “She is another pride of Bohol beaming towards bagging the most prestigious Search for Queen of Cebu 2012,” says fashion icon EJ Relampagos. To support Miss Paraguay, visit Queen of Cebu on Facebook.
Scene: Some 6,000 barangay officials from the 1,109 barangays all over Bohol and other invited guests welcomed Pres. Noynoy Aquino on Sept. 26, at the Bohol Wisdom School gym for the 1st Bohol Barangay Day celebration. Pres. Aquino also stood as witness to the oathtaking of hundreds of converts of the Liberal Party. Spotted were Senator TJ Guingona,  Energy Secretary Rene Almendras, Secretary Edwin Lacierda, Akbayan Rep. Riza Hontiveros , Gov. Edgar Chatto, Vice Gov. Concepcion Lim, Rep. Rene Relampagos (1st district, Bohol), Trinidad Mayor Roberto Cajes, ABC President Crispina Vergara, Ae Damalerio and provincial board members .
Scene: Alay Lakad 2012 is on October 7 instead of Sept. 30, which is Milo Marathon day.
The sudden death of eventologist and Alona's darling, Uly Dolojol, last Sunday, Sept. 23, shocked friends all over Bohol. The outpouring of grief was immediate, with one common refrain: Alona Beach had lost one of its greatest persons.
Bohol's seasoned host Raul Gatal, one of Uly’s closest friends, says it all:
I have been in a state of catatonia since I received the devastating news yesterday morning that a good friend of mine has just passed away.
Raul and Uly (right) in 2009
I am grieving and I am so saddened by his untimely demise. Mind you, it's not pro forma grief but real pain and anguish
Early last year, just before the 10th year bash of his swinging Oops! Bar which is ideally located right smack in the middle of the entire Alona Beach stretch, we had a falling out. It was a simple, petty misunderstanding that soon blew out of proportion. Add some intrigues here and bloated egos there and it was a point of no return. Some well- meaning friends tried to step in and intervene but these were simply exercises in futility
Crossing paths in a very small community where everybody knows everybody became an acid test for civility. Exchanging dagger looks and giving each other the cold shoulder treatment became a common occurrence that it soon bordered on the comical. But what's funny about losing a friend? The wedges between us became so deep that it became clear to those in the know that it was impossible for us to become friends again. 
I thought I had moved on. I thought I had everything covered. I was coasting along with my second lease on life when the call came yesterday morning
Right now, I am so distraught and my heart bleeds for dear Uly with whom I shared a lot of personal and private triumphs, the small intoxicating doses of hedonism and his constant advice on how to live a worry- free life. He is gone now and I really regret that I wasn't able to say sorry and for not telling him how wonderful he was as a friend
Alona Beach would never be the same again. Uly was the master planner and a wiz when it comes to events and especially when it has something to do with creating noise and making waves.  The signature pose, his boisterous laughter and his witty punchlines ...all these would be memories from now on. 
I'm sure right now as I am blogging this very minute that Uly is up there and peering down from where he is ensconced, he is asking "My oh my, what's the big fuss dahleeng?"
Uly, sleep tight now.  Goodbye, my friend...
“Yes, wala nay atrasay, go, go, go na si Congressman Arthur Yap,” a political consultant and businesswoman aka the Genius Lady (GL) told Bared in a chance interview the other day at The Buzzz Cafe.
The widely-smiling GL was shopping alone, sans the usual alalay (factotum) rich people can’t do without.
“I love reading your column but you no longer include tsismis and blind items!” said GL. “Those are colorful elements of entertainment column.”
With a glass of corn coffee and carrot muffins, the conversation proceeded without any further hitch.
Dong Leo, Yap is not afraid of Loboc Mayor Leon Calipusan, businessman Angelo Balili and Dr. Elpidio Jala this coming election. Yap is really prepared,” warned GL, making the sign of “okay”.
3rd district Rep. Arthur Yap (center) who is seeking reelection might face businessman Angelo Balili (left) and educator Elpidio Jala in 2013 elections.
Added GL: “Congressman Yap is running to further serve the people of third district because three years is  too short a period for a long list of projects and full program to make up for the many years prior his stint that 3rd district  had been lagging behind the two other districts in the province.”
How about the critics who are (again) saying Rep.Yap is not a pure Boholano?
“Who is lumad nga Bol-anon among us? It’s the Eskaya tribe. Not the critics. Moreover, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has already resolved the issue on his residency wherein Comelec ruled that Yap has complied the minimum length of time required for him to qualify to run as congressman of 3rd district. That cropped up in 2010 elections. And after having served for over two years and a half, obviously the issue is moot and academic. The people will vote you not because you are Boholano or not, but because you showed sincerity and your intentions are genuine. Depriving one to serve because he is not lumad Bol-anon is racial discrimination.”
Flashing a big mysterious smile, GL whispered, “There will be a lot of surprises next week! You wait and see!”
And while we are at it, here’s a rundown of those who will run, who will not run, who may run and who might not run in 2013 elections (that is, if, a big if, there would be elections next year). We will know who are officially running after the filing of certificate of candidacy (CoC) on Oct. 1-5. The list will grow longer and longer. You bet?


• Incumbent Gov. Edgar Chatto (For same position)

• Carmen Mayor Che Toribio-Delos Reyes (For Governor)
• Rep. Rene Relampagos (For reelection)
• Rep. Arthur Yap (For same position)
• Vice Governor Conching Lim (For reelection?)
• Rep. Erico Aumentado (For same position)                        
• Dr. Abe Lim (For Mayor of Tagbilaran City)                        
• Ex-Tagbilaran City Councilor Dodong Gonzaga (For Mayor of Tagbilaran City)
• Ex-Tagbilaran City Vice Mayor Toto Veloso (For Vice Mayor of Tagbilaran City)
• Trinidad Mayor Roberto Cajes (For Congressman of 2nd District of Bohol)
• Tagbilaran City Councilor Baba Yap (For Mayor of Tagbilaran)
• Tagbilaran City Councilor Kit Oppus (For Vice Mayor of Tagbilaran)
Danao Mayor Thomas Gonzaga (For reelection)
Panglao Vice-Mayor Evangeline Lazaro (For Mayor of Panglao?)
• Tagbilaran City Vice-Mayor Nuevas Tirol-Montes (For reelection)
Ubay Mayor Eutiquio Bernales (For reelection)
Dauis Mayor Jimmy Jimenez (For reelection)
• Sevilla Mayor Ernesita Digal (For reelection)
• Former Dagohoy Mayor Sofronio Apat (For Mayor)
• Loay Mayor Rosemarie Imboy (For reelection)
Buenavista Mayor Ronald Lowell Tirol (For reelection)
• Mark Leo Monton (For Mayor of Balilihan)
• Ex-Tagbilaran City Councilor Dandan Bantugan (For Councilor of Tagbilaran City?)
• Inabanga Mayor Jono Jumamoy (For reelection)
• Bien Unido Mayor Niño Rey Boniel (For reelection)
Gerry Pabe (For Councilor of Tagbilaran City)

• Ex-barangay captain Glorivic Yap ("Running for Tagbilaran City Councilor? She is campaigning for Gonzaga-Veloso!")

• Tessie Labunog-Sumampong ("For Councilor of Loboc? My husband Libby will run!")
• Aris Aumentado (“For board member? He will file his CoC in 2016!”)
• Ex-Mayor Jose Torralba (“For Mayor of Tagbilaran City? He will be campaigning for his wife Councilor Betty Torralba!”)
• Ex-Provincial Board Member Amalia Reyes-Tirol (“For Mayor of Ubay? She is busy as a wife and grandma!”)
• UB Registrar Leah Tirol-Magno (“For Councilor of Tagbilaran City? She is busy as an ICT Princess!”)
• Dr. Mutya Kismet Tirol- Macuno (“For Mayor of Ubay? She runs too, and plays tennis also!”)

• Businessman Angelo Balili (For Congressman of the 3rd district of Bohol?)
• Ex-Dauis Mayor Lulu Bongalos (For Mayor?                                                           )
Andy Manatad (For Congressman of the 2nd district of Bohol?)

• Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim (For Congressman of 1st district of Bohol?)
• Ex-Catigbian Councilor Doris Dinorog-Obena (For Mayor of Catigbian?)

• Ex-Panglao Councilor Nila Montero (For Mayor of Panglao?)

• Dr. Elpidio Jala (For Congressman of the 3rd district of Bohol?)

• Ex Vice-Governor Julius Cesar Herrera (For Vice Governor? Or, for Congressman of the 1st district of Bohol?)
• Former SK Bohol President Bobbith Cajes-Auza (For Mayor of Talibon?)
• Ex-provincial board member Corazon Galbreath (For Mayor of Bilar?)   
• Provincial Administrator Ae Damalerio (For Vice Governor?)
• Catigbian Mayor Bert Salinas (For Board Member? Or, for Congressman of the 1st district of Bohol?)
• Former Panglao Vice Mayor Pedro Fuertes (For Vice Mayor of Panglao?)


• Dr. Sharleen Lim (For Vice Governor?)

• Ed Macalandag (For Councilor of Tagbilaran City?)

• Barangay Captain Arlene Karaan (For board member?)
• Booy Barangay Captain Jun Telmo (For Councilor of Tagbilaran City?)
• Actor Cesar Montano (For Bohol Governor? "He is running in Manila.")
• Former Governor David Tirol (For Board Member? (“I didn’t hear it too. But he is running everyday, about more than 1 km. a day!”)

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The sexy twin hunks of TBTK

Birthday celebrator Rep. Erico Aumentado with wife Greenie, children and grandchildren. Credit: Fatima Mapesos
 Scene:  Rep. Erico Boyles Aumentado celebrated his 72nd birthday last Friday, May 18, in Ubay town. The second district solon thanked his family and friends for organizing a birthday bash for him. Spotted were Mayors Eutiquio Bernales, Tom Gonzaga, Ronald Lowell Tirol and barangay captains. Special guests were Representatives Cynthia Villar and Mitos Magsaysay. On hand to help Erico entertained their friends was his wife Greenie.  The birthday bash was “a celebration of 72 years of God-given life and 46 years of highly productive public service.”
Anyag sa Tubigon 2012 and her Royal Court: (l-r) Anyag 4th Runner-Up Carla Stephany Simporios, Anyag 2nd Runner-Up Claire Arlene Podador, Anyag sa Tubigon 2012 Mariecris Evardo, Anyag 1st Runner-Up Febby Grace Nalzaro, and Anyag 3rd Runner-Up Karla Korina Rodriguez. Credit: Anyag FanPage
Scene: Mariecris Evardo, a member of the Lungsuranon Performance Arts Ensemble (LUPAE), won the
Anyag sa Tubigon 2012. Raymund Delgado, erstwhile Tubigon’s Queen of All Media said, “So wonderful batch of Anyag girls whom I had a chance to mentor. Girls, always remember that the journey doesn't end in winning the crown. Real crowns are the things which we are made of.”
Scene: A trainer/handler cried foul when the organizers of a popular beauty pageant in town allegedly harassed him when he was not allowed to enter the venue on the apparent copycat issue. “He was barred from being the handler of a candidate who was a crowd favorite who did not make it to the final five,” shared VRS.
Scene: Beauty watchers were dismayed to see mediocre trophies awarded to the winners of a prestigious beauty pageant. “Minus jud ang trophies wala nabagay sa pageant. If not of the beautiful girls, it looked like it was another basketball tournament in town. It was not of international taste,” said the roving beauty pageant VRS. 
Scene: Miss Teen Tagbilaran 2012 Mary Ebone Calimbayan Cimafranca won the Miss Bohol International 2012 title. She also bagged the Darling of the Crowd, Best in Swimsuit, Best in Interview and Best in Gown.
Seen: Miss CONBUSAC 2011 Tessie Sumampong La Mourea of Washington and Miss CONBUSAC Tourism 2011 Lorraine Ancog Galang were spotted at The Buzz.  “They’re here for the TBTK 2012,” said a socialite VRS. “They are stunning! Tessie is a wow,” added VRS. Also spotted in Tagbi was Gisela May “Jiji” Apalisok. The Texas-based Chic Geek, who was a lifestyle editor in a local newspaper, is here for a vacation.
Miss CONBUSAC 2011 Tessie Sumampong La Mourea and Miss CONBUSAC Tourism 2011 Lorraine Ancog Galang Credit: Mikey Gatal
So what is sexy to Marlon and Marvin Penales Olano, the identical twin hunks from Los Angeles, California, who came here for the Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK) who are making women — and other creatures besides — swoon?
“I go to the gym and plays ball and physically fit,” says Marvin. “I feel sexy when I go to bed naked or only in my boxers.”
Marvin and Marlon Penales Olano: The twin hunks of TBTK Credit: Mikey Gatal
“To me,” says Marlon, “I feel sexy when coming out from the shower then I shave my beard wearing only a white towel.”
Born and raised in LA to Boholano parents Jun and Lilia Olano (nee Penales), the twin hunks were the cynosure during the Mrs. Bohol International 2012 held last week. While they were escorting the queens up and down the stage, all eyes were on them not to miss a single thing about them. Marlon escorted Elizabeth Pizarras-Ramirez, Mrs. Bohol International 2012.
 “They got that baby face, charming sex appeal and sizzling body that women have been dreaming about,” says a fan of the twin hunks during the pageant night.
 “I met the twin hunks in some gatherings of Boholanos in LA,” says the US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal (who owns the The hunks accompanied Mikey last week in Ilijan, Ubay for Mikey’s charity event.
Adds Mikey: “They are athletic, nature lovers and romantic. Everything about them is impressive, logical and orderly.” Because everything Marvin does, Marlon does just as well. And vice versa - although they insist there's no rivalry.
And how did they lose “it”?When I was 16 to an older woman,” confesses Marvin. “When I was 20 to an older woman,” says Marlon. .
And, er, who's luckier with the ladies? Their parents are worried right now because they found love here.  Marlon is leaving early for Manila to meet his dream girl and Marvin is staying in Cebu for five days to meet his girl.
For the record, they're both currently single. And although they enjoy bickering about who looks more like singer-writer Bruno Mars, they never argue.
Both Capricorn (Dec. 31, 1987), they are really identical- same height (5’11”); Marvin weighs 192 lbs and Marlon weighs 195 lbs; they both wear large-size boxer briefs and shirts, and size-12 shoes for Marlon and size-13 shoes for Marvin.
Let’s proceed with a little “sexy talk.”
Beach buddies
Sexiest song
Marlon: Pop.
Marvin: R&B.
Sexiest book
Marlon: Culinary books because I like to cook.
Marvin: Any book.
Sexiest magazine
Marlon: Slam magazine.
Marvin: Sports Illustrated.
Sexiest woman's face
Marlon: Lovey Poe.
Marvin: Shania Magdangal.
Sexiest clothes 
Marlon: Formal clothes attending diner.
Marvin: Casual clothes.
Sexiest perfume
Marlon: Lacoste.
Marvin: Polo Sport.
Sexiest food
Marlon: I am vegetarian and I like more fruits.
Marvin: Anything with meat.
Sexiest time of day
Marlon: When I wake up in the morning I feel sexy.
Marvin: Night time is sexy for me.
Sexiest part of the house
Malron: Kitchen.
Marvin: My gym room.
Sexiest scene he has seen in a movie
Marlon: Mission Impossible Tom Cruise crawling on the wall, I feel like I can do that too.
Marvin: My Neighbor's Wife, the kitchen scene.
Sexiest TV show
Marlon: Sports games, basketball, water sports and tennis.
Marvin: Sports games especially basketball, tennis and soccer.
Sexiest fantasy
Marlon: A shirtless master chef with sexy assistants.
Marvin: When I wake up in an island and served by all beautiful women.
Sexiest thing he has done for a girl
Marlon: I surprised a girl to have a dinner date in an expensive restaurant and sent her flowers.
Marvin: We went outdoor bungee jumping together and she loves it.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

It’s more fun in Bohol because…

Days before the Department of Tourism launched its latest “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” campaign, our family had the fun this New Year as we visited the town of Loboc for fun and adventure.  Indeed, it’s more, more, more fun in Bohol! (Many thanks to my cousin Shiela Olorvida-Glaring and her husband Martin for the treat!)

Forget about the six-decade-old Swiss tourism advertisement because whatever it is, we can always claim the slogan, "It's more fun in the Philippines," because it is true.

I got the idea from Tessie Labunog-Sumampong when she tagged me on Facebook the promotional video of the Philippines, “It’s more fun in the Philippines” where the famous Loboc River was included.

Trivia, also from Tessie: Filipinos have been posting photos of the country at its most beautiful—festivals, scenic spots, cuisine, people, you name it. And some are really "crazy" but still funny memes, er, celebrating Pinoy creativity.

So with the DOT in mind, I asked some personalities and friends to give their answers: It’s more fun in Bohol because…

More than half of those asked simply didn’t answer. Here are those who did:

Pureza Chatto, Bohol’s First Lady- She is blessed with the beauty of nature and she entrusted to a group of people who have the heart to take care of her beauty, the mind to enhance her beauty and the will to keep her beauty as magnificent as ever for generation after generation to make a life, to enjoy, and to be grateful.

Jessica Soho, TV Personality/GMA News- There is nothing more pristine and pure than the Loboc River and the voices of the Loboc Children’s Choir.

Rovilson Fernandez, TV Personality/Model- The air is fresher, the sand is softer, the smiles are brighter and the hills are more chocolateeey. Who can argue with that?

Alex Santos, TV Personality/ABS-CBN News- You can grab hills of chocolate there.

Melchor Daniel, Teacher- Everything is here.

Larry Marshall, Singer/Businessman- Panglao is there.

Loida Lagonoy, Beauty Queen-It’s the safest place in the country. No NPAs, typhoons or earthquakes.

Dr. Rhenz Acedo, Orthodontist- You can enjoy and live a life full of adventure. From hills to the sea shore, rivers  till the ocean life. Every thing is still so virgin. Its life a little paradise where you never want to escape from.

EJ Relampagos, Fashion Icon- Most of the people I love are here.

Joven Menorias, Travel and Tours Specialist- Where you find peace and serenity.

John Maraguinot, Government Consultant/Youth Achiever- Fiestas are like no other.

Tessie Labunog-Sumampong, Proprietor of Loboc Riverwatch- Of Riverwatching!

Morres Sarabia, Music Genius/Band Leader- Of the Bilwaboys and the Rabadab Connection, calamay-dub style.

JunJun Karaan, Nurse- There’s no place like Bohol which has a tricycle for house to house and door to door rides.

Atty. Gregory Delgado, Lawyer/Runner- You can survive the whole month of May without money because there are town and barrio fiestas.

Doris Dinorog-Obena, Community Leader- You can see and visit more exciting sights with less travel time because traffic is not a problem and you can go around the 10th largest island of the Philippines in five hours.

Councilor Kit Oppus, Councilor/Women’s Advocate- Fun means, to me, friends you need. It’s the people that make Bohol fun.

Joseph Lemuel Camacho, Government Employee- Of the amazing beauty of nature and culture and traditions of the Boholanos.

Reigh Monreal, Pres. Of Bohol Society of Tourism Officers/2011 CPG Awardee for Cultural Advocacy-  Nature’s beauty, rich culture, and creative and warm-hearted people beautifully combine to keep tourists coming!

Sam Penaso, Visual/Performance Artist- Kilalang may tarsier, Chocolate Hills, masarap daw makapangasawa ng Bol-anon sabi sa kanta, at namiss ko ang bayle sa tibuok kalibutan pero mukhang wala na ata ngayon, at maligo sa dagat kaya malapit lang kami nakatira diyan.

Val Santiago, TV News Producer- Enjoy ang Loboc river cruise! Sarap ng buffet, hinaharana ka pa!

Aldrin Avergonzado, Globe Customer Care Representative- It’s like a paradise.

Tintin Ng, Actress- Bohol is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It’s more fun to experience Bohol during the Sandugo Festival.  

Dennis Balbero, Cultural Icon-  Rich in culture, arts and heritage.

Mayor Niño Rey Boniel-  Of the underwater grotto in Bien Unido!

Mayumi Lugod, Beauty Queen/UNTV Host- Boholanos are so warm and hospitable. Tourists spots are amazing and unique. Bohol is the best place to relax.

Rammel Decasa, Runner/Adventurer- We have cultural, historical and adventure. Meaning completos recados. All in one tourist destination.

Tracy Torres, Make-up artist/Hairstylist-  Bohol has it all. If you’re a fan of history, you can visit Baclayon Church and the Blood Compact site. If you love animals, come see the macaque monkeys, dolphins and the famous tarsier. If you love adventure, come to Danao’s adventure, swim and dive at Panglao Island. If you live the city night life, come to Tagbilaran City. If you’re a romantic, dine at Loboc floating restaurant. And if you want world-famous, climb the chocolate hills. So if you want to have fun and you want to have it all, come to Bohol! Because Bohol has it all!

Dianne Uy, Businesswoman-  Of Island City Mall!

Ariel Fullido, Publicist- You can poke a tarsier in your palm, sale one of the chocolate hills, run a marathon along Panglao beaches. Crunch a Peanut Kisses. And party at Lazer!

John Consulta, TV News Reporter- With the exciting encounter with tarsier, breathtaking scenery of the majestic Chocolate Hills, and precious friends, you just can’t get enough.

Dominic Aparicio, Adventurer- A lot of beautiful scenery like beaches and adventure tour, and most of all it’s more fun when you get involve with the people who are friendly and hospitable. Just like me, it’s more fun  if you are with me. Yahooo! it’s more fun!

Ahd Marco-Bautista, TV News Executive Producer- Of the Choco hills, Loboc River cruise, honey spread of Bee Farm and my sister’s farm is there!

Jojo Alegre Buron, DYHP Radio Personality-  Has a beautiful and romantic beaches!

Annie Arcay, Resort Owner- We have a lot to will enjoy both the mountains and the seas!

Lourdes Talosig-Bartolome, TV Senior Desk Officer- It’s LOL in Bohol!

Piux Jabinez, Student- There are lots of wonderful places to visit.

Butch Bernas, Teacher-  A one package tour, fun-filled adventures and many more. A one stop and have it all!

Rep. Rene Relampagos-  Of its people!

Leah Tirol-Magno, UB Registrar/Internet Princess- Koja in Caingget Beach is yummy!

Blair Panong, Event Organizer- We have sexier sunrise and sunset.

Guy Bernaldez, PR Specialist- I get to do all the things that I enjoy like swimming, dining out, nature tripping and clubbing without having to travel far.

Jocelyn Pilayre, Businesswoman-  It’s tarsierus!

Karen Batuhinay, Cebu Pacific Operations-  Only in Bohol where airplane landing feels like you re bungee jumping or riding a roller coaster. Blag! Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

ArieLlanos, Metro Centre Front Desk Officer-  Everything is in here… white beaches, warm people and nice scenery. Bohol is considered as the tourist haven in Asia.

Dr. Homer Singco, Veterinarian- Nice beaches, friendly and kind people.

Edward Guyano aka Inday Charity, Radio Personality- Tourists are enjoying their trips.

Boy Pernia, Consultant- You both have the mountains and the sea to experience. Its magical and fun!

Rhea Alba, NGO/Community Worker- Of the hospitality and musicality of its people..di ako pang tourism pero I love your place.

Leslie Ramirez, Bank Teller/Businesswoman-  There is no place like home.

Mayor Oliver Yu- Bohol has it all. Name it, and we have it, adventures thrills, nature at is best, the people around, ambience, and many, many more.

Mary Anne Aparece-Verga, DILG Officer/Mother- My family and true friends are here.

Musette Hontanosas, Businesswoman- It’s a one stop shop, countryside, seaside, with ‘fiestas’ everyday in May, habal-habals everywhere, most of all, it’s where you can get my PEANUT NUGGETS, tasty, crunchy, delicious Boholano delicacy!

Jose Marianito Luspo, Cultural Icon/Teacher- Because Boohl is just WOW!

Remus Mark Carballo, Travel Specialist- The fun rolls from the top of the hills to the bottom of the sea.

Adonis Damalerio, DILG Officer- You will never go hungry especially on fiesta time!

Atty. Handel Lagaunay-  You can have a good time with the family.

Dr. Nenita Po, GCGRMH Chief of Hospital-  Boholanos are beautiful people inside out!

Vera Villocido Gesite, Consultant-  Of the sun and the beaches, the rivers and the hills, caves and tarsiers, stone churches and watchtowers, habal-habal and tricycles, BQ and ICM, island hopping, great food, nice families and good friends.

Flor Mesina, Government Employee-  We are known for being hospitable and friendly, asife from the beauty spots that we have in Bohol.

Maryo de los Reyes, Award-winning Director- I farm in the island!

Edik Dolotina, Consultant/Artist- There is one way to see everything- Bohol.

Danny Tamayo, TV Producer-  There are lots of things to enjoy and explore. An experience you’ll never forget.

Fatima Mapesos, Government Employee- We’ve got a lot to offer better than other destinations. It’s fun to take adventures like EAT Danao, fun to enjoy natural beauty like the Choco Hills and beautiful beaches. And it’s more fun  to cherish Boholano lifestyle because there’s warmth of friendship like fiesta  and festivities.

Judith Uy-Sumatra, Government Worker- Basta! it's more fun in Bohol!

Gabriel Medel, Businessman- Of the Boholanos!

Jeycelle Espejo Inting, Teacher/OFW- Bohol's like a Five star hotel...

Liza Azil - We are known for being hospitable and friendly, aside from the beauty spots that we have here in Bohol....

Sam Pingkian, Sales/Marketing Consultant- You can stay in a cheapest places to live and also the most beautiful and exotic destination where u can live well for less.

Che Rubrico, Wife- Because it's where my heart belongs! Truly a little paradise where my family and most of my friends live. Beautiful Bohol!

Jerome Magallen, Guidance Counselor- Bohol is truly WOW! Wealth of Wonders!

Marc Christopher Labastilla- Naa tay chix dha!!!period.:-)

Ryan Sines, Hairstylist- ‎It’s my yutang gi paradise..char!

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