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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Pork barrel, the Disney Princesses and the Midwife

Scene: Pres. Pnoy may had finally agreed to abolish the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF)¸ more popularly known as pork barrel, but the planned nationwide protest tomorrow, August 26, against the PDAF scam
will continue, particularly in Tagbilaran City. Organized by some civic groups, the activity will start at 9 a.m. at the Plaza Rizal. The event will fall on the same day the country celebrates National Heroes' Day. Scores of people from this city and other parts of Bohol have committed to express their outrage against the “pork barrel” scandal.

Super thanks, Mrs. Calipayan

Remember Mrs. Catalina Reyes-Calipayan? Yes, her name rings a bell to many moms in Tagbilaran City and even in many towns of Bohol.

I met her for the first time in 2008 after searching her for 27 years. It was a privilege seeing her, especially since she was there when I was born and I heard good things about her.

Mrs. Calipayan now 76 years old
My Mama Inday used to tell me about how she gave birth to me at our home with the help of Mrs. Calipayan. Of all her children, I was the only one delivered at home. My other siblings were born in the hospital. But why a home delivery? Just like many women in the Eighties, my mother had full freedom of choice to have the birth she wants and needs. Of course, she felt assured that everything was fine because of the help of an independent and knowledgeable midwife like her.

Five years later, I visited Mrs. Calipayan for the second time last Tuesday, August 20. She is now 76 years old; age has certainly not withered her. She shows no sign of slowing down. She remains in good health-no weakening knees, no deteriorating vision and no signs of senility.

The young Catalina had begun her career as a midwife after she finished schooling at the age of 18. She shared that midwifery was the most difficult course during her time.

A midwife does more than just deliver babies because she is present at every birth, whether at home or in hospital. She touches everyone’s life.

Since public transportation was scarce in 1970s and 1980s, Mrs. Calipayan had to walk kilometers helping mothers in labor, especially those who gave birth at dawn.

“Praise God, in my long years as a midwife all the children are alive. And when I hold the baby and heard her crying I’m so happy and blessed because there’s another miracle from heaven,” she enthusiastically said.

She also narrated a risky situation in 1970s when she was asked by a man who was a member of a rebel group whose wife was about to give birth. She had to walk kilometres in a rough road in order to reach the camp. After the baby was born, there was a firefight between the rebel group and the army. She hid the mother and the child until everything was cleared.

That’s me with Mrs. Catalina Calipayan, the woman whose first pair of eyes that lands sight on me.
Mrs. Calipayan became president of the Integrated Midwives Association of the Philippines-Bohol chapter. She’s also an officer and adviser of the Philippine League of Government and Private Midwives in the region and laid the foundation of lying-in centers in Bohol.

Already retired, Mrs. Calipayan has decided to use whatever goodwill her being a midwife wielded. She now devotes her energies to events related to midwifery and to attend the needs of her grandchildren.  

She’s helping mothers give birth joyfully without fear.  Her story is truly touching and inspiring.

Before leaving, I asked my nephew YakYak to take a souvenir photo of us together.

Super thanks Mrs. Calipayan, see you again!

The Disney Princesses are loved by all generations. Since they are fascinating, small girls want to become princesses. Actually, I met some of them when I went to Disney world this year in California. And they are lovely!

Anyway, here’s an article forwarded by Ariel Sarabosing (named after Ariel, the mermaid) of Tagbilaran City about the “6 weird things about being a Disney Park Princess” she culled in the Internet courtesy of
Business Insider.

The “secrets” were told by a former Snow White, among the juicy tidbits from the Disney princess confidential:

- You've got to have the right body type. While princesses are between 5'4" and 5'7", Tinkerbell, Alice and Wendy must be more petite -- between 4'11" to 5'2".

- Princess age out quickly. Most are played by women between 18 and 23. A 27-year-old princess would be considered over the hill--ouch!

- There's some serious princess primping. Getting the look -- costume, makeup-wig -- takes about an hour, with frequent touch-ups throughout the day.

- Princesses deal with stalkers. This particular actress dealt with a creepy fan who became was convinced she was the real Snow White, and threatened to kill the imitators. Security!

- It's hard to make it a career. Princesses make about $13 to $16 an hour, which works out to a starting salary of around $27,000, with little chance for a significant raise.  

- There's no world except Disney World. A princess can never acknowledge things outside her character's world (so she's totally not gonna get that SpongeBob shirt you're wearing). Also, off the clock, talking about Disney (or even revealing what princess she plays) on social media is verboten. Guess that's why she's staying anonymous!

US-based Boholano socialite Mikey Gatal with Disney character Alice. Incidentally, Mikey is celebrating six years of with a charity event in Guindulman through the Mikey Gatal Kids Foundation.

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