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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Prof. Dedicacion B. Saguran: ‘Never give up!’

Scene: Aubreys BBQ Hauz (along Mansasa Junction) is now open to serve authentic BBQ made from the freshest and most delectable ingredients flavored by Aling Mary Garcia, Bohol’s BBQ queen. Smokin' starts at 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Remember, where there is smoke, there is flavor!

Bet Ng Bohol Hannah Precillas of Tubigon
on GMA’s Bet ng BayanCourtesy: GMA
Scene: Hannah Precillas of Tubigon townis ‪‎Bet Ng Bayan sa Kantahan for Central and Western Visayas. Bet ng Bayan is GMA Network’s reality talent search that will showcase the exceptional local Filipino talents from different regions to find the nation's best. Another pride of Tubigon, Vanessa Laura Valerie Monot has successfully passed the blind auditions of The Voice of the Philippines Season 2, ABS-CBN’s popular televised singing competition.

Scene: Rising Broadway artist Kirby Asunto will have a benefit concert on December 13 at Bohol Wisdom gymnasium in Tagbilaran City for the earthquake victims in Loon, the hometown of her mother. Guests include JM De Guzman and Arnel Pineda of Journey. For inquiries, call 09157572551/09275649047.

Vanessa Laura Valerie Monot makes it to
The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 blind audition.
Courtesy: ABS-CBN
Last Nov. 9 was the 65th birthday celebration of Prof. Dedicacion “Inday” Buma-at-Saguran, one of Bohol’s best educators. And it turned out to be a "crying" evening because those present (mostly teachers and parents) couldn’t help but be moved by the outpouring of emotion for Prof. Inday, you know her last day as principal of Sta. Cruz Elem. School in Maribojoc town.

The celebration made everyone cry, I guess, because they knew her as an epitome of her name “Dedicacion” (dedication), a mother of five, who got a career despite all odds, reached the peak of her career till a full fledge Ph.D., got Principal II position, reached 15 years and about 9 months of public service experience and 13 years teaching in a university and a graduate school professor doing part time teaching when she joined the public school, then happily took her graceful exit with a legacy left to the community.

If I were to write the biography of Prof. Inday, I would open it when she was around 16, a period when a girl (a born dancer and a class declaimer) is deemed too young to become the breadwinner of the family. After high school, she worked as a salesclerk in a pharmacy in Tagbilaran and in Bayugan, Agusan del Sur to help her ailing mother and two brothers.

As Prof. Dedicacion Buma-at-Saguran turned 65 last Nov. 9,
she reflects on her life and what she learned,
among them ‘to never give up on your dreams. Ever.’
The bio will discuss how she struggles hardships, fear and with motherhood and with being a wife and supporting her family.

Of course, several chapters will be devoted to Prof. Inday’s marriage to Guillermo at age 20, gave birth to five kids (Martin, Marlon, Marietta, Michael and Mark Anthony) and finished college at age 35.

She was teaching elementary, high school, college and graduate school at University of Bohol, teaching real life situations that left an indelible mark in the heart of her students. Her personality has touched every aspect of school life.

She taught Foundation of Education 1 and it was one of the most enjoyable, engaging and educational subjects she was in handling in college where aspiring education students (including yours truly) were exposed to real life situations of being a teacher. (Education is life. Education is a long process. Experience is the best teacher. But for Prof. Inday she shared, “It's therefore important to be guided by not only principles of education but one has to strongly anchor his ever action on sound life principles learned from our folks, from great men and the books and the Bible.”)

 At 50, at the peak of her career as University professor, she opted to work as a public school teacher with a salary of P8,605 per month at Santo Nino Elem. School in Getafe as a multi-grade teacher (grades 1 and 2). She would then take a habal-habal (modified motorcycle) just to reach the place to make a connection with each child - tuning in with their needs and encouraging them to aspire.

In 2004, she passed the principal promotional exam and she was assigned at Doljo Elem. School in Panglao. In 2005, she was designated as principal at Santa Cruz Elem. School in Maribojoc where she was praised for her leadership when the school was badly damaged by the earthquake. To better enhance her school management skills, she continued her doctoral degree and graduated summa cum laude in 2006.

Friends and teachers come to celebrate the
 birthday and 
despidida party of
 Prof. Dedicacion Buma-at-Saguran (center) who took on
 the challenges, devoting herself to a life of learning and achievement,
 overcoming adversity on her path,
 to become everyone’s teacher-educator.
Prof. Inday doesn’t look 65 and she shows no sign of slowing down. She goes to University of Bohol’s School of Graduate Studies every Saturday to meet her students. Her students, now spread worldwide, noted her as exemplary, inspiring, a passionate instructor and a wonderful character with scintillating wit.

And how will the bio end?

It will be a cliff-hanger because the life of Prof. Inday is like an extended teleserye with subplots but it will have a happily-ever-after ending like a fairy tale that Prof. Inday’s life is likened to.

Was there a point in your life that you wanted to give up?
All the questions with anticipations of doubt, worry, failures and threat of unhappiness and sorrow about my future have been answered little by little because of God’s grace for my steadfast belief that He will never forsake me so I drew and cling to Him for courage, strength and power of the mind not to be overturned to despair especially when He gave my five precious jewels as gifts of marriage. With this, I was able to endure all obstacles in life.

What motivates you to achieve great things in life?
Prayer is the secret plus the positive outlook of things and to cultivate a good perspective in life with the thought that very pain, trouble, misfortune and distress in our life is a link so we can share His sufferings while He was on earth. He never complained instead He asked forgiveness to those who offended Him. Therefore we must carry our burden so we may find a place He prepared for us after our last journey.

What are your future plans?
After my retirement what? When all questions when I was young we're answered, there still remain questions which need to be addressed, it is because as long as there is life, there is a process. We never stop shaping our life and this process ends until we die, All that I can do is serve my family, especially my husband , continuously guide my children on how to run their families in upbringing their children and also share time extending help to those who seek advices. Still when there's opportunity for more advancement as long as I'm able I would gladly take it. As a Ph.D in Education I believe it is my responsibility to educate people about life so they will be happy no matter what status they may belong.

What important lessons you have learned in life?
The important lesson in life that I learned is that life is a journey where everyone is responsible for his destination. Another, is life has no meaning when one doesn't experience its ups and down. To be fruitful to the end, whatever grace one has received it has to be shared since we cannot keep treasures here on earth when we die we can't bring anything. There are many to be shared knowledge, time, effort, money, service and attention to those who need most.

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