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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Richard Gutierrez in Bohol; 2 Boholana in Bb. Pilipinas 2012; Triplets celebrfate 84th birthday

• Richard Gutierrez spends Valentine's Day in Bohol
• 2 Boholana beauties in Bb. Pilipinas 2012 tilt
• Phl’s oldest surviving triplets celebrate 84th birthday
Scene: The delegates of the CFC Singles for Christ International Convention held at CPG Sports Complex on Feb. 17-19.
Scene: Catch KC Concepcion in a benefit concert for victims of typhoon Sendong on Feb. 24, 7 p.m. at the Bohol Wisdom gym.  Tickets are available at Php1, 000, Php500 and Php300 student price (good for two). This is a project of the Holy Spirit School Federated Parents-Teachers Association.
Scene: From Pinay Adiong: Please help us campaign for more votes for the Alburquerque Central Elementary School here - Click on the Like then it will open to a page - click install, allow, vote enter your personal info, click I agree, click Register, then click on +1vote on Alburquerque Central Elementary School - 3  votes a day per FB account up to Feb. 20!
Scene: Feliz compleaƱos to erstwhile Mayor Joe Torralba, Walter Toston, Dr. Cyrilda Tallo, Maximiel, Feb. 9; Tagbilaran City Councilor Ann Mariquit Oppus, Feb. 10; Atty. Zoilo Dejaresco, Jr., Tagbilaran City Mayor Dan Lim, Lloyd Guttierez and Dr. Antonio Porticos, Feb. 11; Raul Gatal, Feb. 12; Valentino Gamutin, Atty. Handel Lagunay, Joselino Baritua, Gary Silagan and Fr. Val Pinlac, Feb. 14; Melchor Daniel, Feb. 15; Engr. Jes Tirol, Elvie Macalandag, Louella Husain and Tagbilaran City Councilor Lucille Yap-Lagunay, Feb. 17; Fr. Joe Sumampong, Feb. 20; Gov. Edgar Chatto, Feb. 21; and Fiel Angeli Gabin and Dr. Jojo Maniwan, Feb. 24.
Who is Richard Gutierrez dating on Valentine’s Day?
Kapuso actor Richard Gutierrez celebrates Valentine’s Day with the schoolkids of Guiwanon Elem. School in Baclayon town. LPU

On Valentine’s Day, it is always fun to find out which celebrity is dating who. One is Richard Gutierrez.
The Kapuso actor was spotted in Bohol on Valentine’s Day. Richard was not dating someone but he was with the kids of Guiwanon Elementary School in Baclayon (hometown of actor Cesar Montano) who are the recipients of the Bikes for the World initiated by Jo Grant and Joel Uichico.
Richard formally gave the 600 bikes to the schoolkids who walk to school.
Richard also visited Pamilacan Island. He also attended the coronation rites at Laya Elementary School and Baclayon Central Elementary School crowning the Valentine’s 2012 queens.
“What better we do celebrate with the kids in Bohol. It's a great opportunity for me,” Richard told Bared.
Did she bring “someone” in his Bohol visit?  “Nope, I am celebrating Valentine’s with my friends."
Boholana beauties in Bb. Pilipinas Final Cut
Actually, there were three Boholana beauties who underwent training for the Binibing Pilipinas 2012: Miss University of Bohol 2006 and Miss TBTK 2006 Loida Lagonoy, Miss Ubay 2007 Karen Gallman and Miss Tagbilaran 2010 and Miss Bohol Sandugo 2010 1st runner-up Fer Mary Baliquig.
Karen and Fer joined other 100 wannabes who met the deadline for the submission of application forms to this year’s search of the three Bb. Pilipinas who will represent the country in the Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Tourism pageants. However, Loida didn’t continue the training and pass her application.
Last week, Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) chair Stella Marquez de Araneta announced the 30 official candidates including Karen and Fer.
According to beauty watchers, Fer, 5'8", “could snatch one of the crowns.”
 “She is already one of the early favorites for the Miss Philipines- Universe title,” said Bohol’s seasoned host and personality guru Raul Gatal.
Some people say that Karen, 5’7”, looks like Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete. “This Boholana-Australian is really a head turner,” says one fan.
“Her official number is number 1, I hope she will make an impact right away considering the number she picked,” said US based socialite and beauty watcher Mikey Gatal.
The big question is: Will they follow the footsteps, if not surpass, the record of Anna Maris Igpit (2006) who represented the country in Miss World, first princess Rich Asuncion (2009) and first runner-up Perla Salig-Teves (1979)? Again, we keep our collective fingers crossed.
Launched in 1964, the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant has become the biggest and most anticipated beauty event participated in by hundreds of aspirants nationwide.
The new set of winners will be crowned during a glittering coronation night that will be held on April 15 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and will be aired live on ABS-CBN.
Phl’s oldest triplets celebrate 84th birthday
The oldest triplets in Bohol and probably in the Philippines (from left to right) Maria Cleofe, Maria Salome and Maria Magdalena Buagas, known as Tres Marias, have shown that they have no intentions of slowing down – by celebrating their 84th birthday. Inset: Three's a crowd, the old photo of the girls circa 1930s. LPU
The triplets who are thought to be the oldest in Bohol have celebrated their 84th birthday together - as well as their unique status as being the only of their kind in the country.
Maria Magdalena, Maria Salome and Maria Cleofe Buagas were born in 1928, an event that was a shock to their parents; Lucio Buagas, a farmer, and his wife Feliciana Lumain.

Their birth was years before ante-natal scans. The triplets, who are identical, caused a stir when they were born in the Poblacion, Corella town.
The triplets were nicknamed "Tres Marias" in the community because people could not tell them apart. At Corella Elementary School, they sat far from each other in class so the teacher would not mix them up. They were all dressed the same by their mother who died when they were seven years old.
What are their secrets to longevity? The Tres Marias still share a strong bond, which they say is the secret behind their long life. And of course, proper diet.
Maria Salome said: "Musimba mi sa simbahan kay dili nato angay kalimtan ang Ginoo (We go to church and we don’t forget the Lord)”.
Maria Cleofe: “Dili mi mawad-an og utan ug ubang lagutmon, dili mawala ang law-oy (We eat vegetables and root crops. We also have vegetable stew.).”
Maria Magdalena: “Unya tagsa ra mi mukaon og karne (We rarely eat meat).”
Maria Magdalena and Maria Cleofe Buagas who still live in Poblacion, Corella, and Maria Salome Buagas-Pondoc who lives in La Paz, Cortes town, celebrated their birthday with family and friends on Thursday afternoon.
They show no signs of slowing down or crankiness usually equated with age.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Woman with two wombs gives birth from both

Woman with two wombs gives birth from both

August 10, 2011, 9:12 am Yahoo UK lifestylechannels
A woman has given birth to two babies from two uterus's, beating the one in five million odds.
Woman with two wombs gives birth from both 
An Indian woman with two wombs has given birth to two boys, one from each uterus.
Rinku Devi, 28, from the northern city of Patna, had expected to deliver twins. Instead, the babies were conceived from two eggs fertilised at different times, each of which then developed in a separate womb.
Ms Devi has a double uterus, also known as uterus didelphys. Less than 100 women worldwide are known to have been pregnant in both wombs.

The chance of a woman with two wombs having two separate births is estimated to be around one in five million.

Despite having already given birth to a single baby four years ago, Ms Devi was unaware she had the rare medical condition.

"I got to know about having two uteruses when I was already in labour pain," Ms Rinka was reported as saying in the Daily Mail.

"I didn't know how to react. I was in pain and quite scared. I had not heard of anything like this before. I got to know about the rarity and the severity of this condition days after my delivery.

"I am very happy and feel proud to have survived through this. When I was told I was carrying twins, I thought they would look the same, but I am happy they look different. I want to thank God for giving me a new life," she said.

The premature babies were delivered by Caesarean section at the Mati Sadan Prijat Nursing Home in Muzzaffarpur by gynaecologist Dr Dipti Singh. The babies weighed 1.98kg and 1.53kg.

During normal fetal growth, the uterus develops from two small tubes called Mullers ducts, which usually join to form a single uterus. However, in some cases the tubes fail to join completely, and two cavities or wombs are formed.

The two wombs may share a set of fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix or vagina, but some women also have duplicates of these.

Women with the condition are usually at a higher risk of miscarriage, premature birth and bleeding during pregnancy.