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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Revving up 2016

No doubt you’re still recovering from the New Year’s Eve revelry, and the only thing you want to do right now is to get a chance for a fresh start.

And what better way to start 2016 than by making a list of New Year’s resolutions.

I asked my fave Boholanos how they plan on revving up their lives in 2016 whether it’s by pursuing their dreams or cultivating their passions. In short, how they will own 2016!

Fireworks light up the sky over Tagbilaran City during the New Year 
as Bohol greeted 2016 with champagne and cheers. Leo Udtohan/BC
Some of our Boholano “who’s who” asked simply ignored the question. Here are those who did not:

Leah Tirol-Magno— I look forward to 2016 spending more time with the Lord God, to myself and to my family. I also look forward to further enhance my baking skills and create more beautiful cakes.

Anna Maris Igpit —  2016 will be a new chapter for me as I build myself to become a wife and start my own family. I have finally found my bestfriend and soulmate who I will share this dream with and I am looking forward to what our future will bring us.

Fiel Angeli E. Araoarao-Gabin —  Embracing 2016 means not making promises you can't keep. It means living life in moderation, getting rid of or dealing with "vexations" creatively by pursuing passion like dancing... More than ever, spending quality time with my family.

Charina Aumentado-Jones —  I will make 2016 cultivate my dreams to pursue my passion...and for  world peace.

Tessie,Labunog-Sumampong — My “Cuisina ni Tisay,” as the best Boholano restaurant, was a dream come true. This year, we’ll continue to serve the Boholano cuisine and hospitality. It’s really my passion to serve people while pursuing my dreams. Entering politics is one way of serving other people because I believe that a heart with a true service is a heart that truly cares.

Vilma “Ate V” Yorong —  My officemates and I will give importance on the JobStart Philippines project implementation. Good health and more blessings!

TinTin Bueno Ng —  How will I own 2016? I'm planning to take a focus on the enhancement in my acting skills so that I can pursue my one of my dreams in life which is to be a great actress someday. It may be impossible, but all I have to do is to pray and do my best and God will do the rest. We all know that, "For with Him, God, nothing shall be impossible."

Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs-Wallace—  A little hence of both.

A good beginning makes a good end... or so for our Boholano friends who want to rev up 2016. 
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Ferome Almine — Taking care of my health specially my voice and giving time to the people of Mansasa (in Tagbilaran City) as public servant. As a host, I want to take care of my health by not exhausting myself to work. That’s taking ease of everything.

EJ Relampagos —  More healthy lifestyle. Good food and good exercise! Less travel and more time with family!

Bon Ryan Bongato—  2016 is a new opportunity for a more compassionate year. Since 2015 was a wake-up call to us Filipino, a gear towards this new year of spreading humanity through advocacy and setting the right example, no matter the status we have, not the beauty outside but the inside and fulfillment of making the new generation secured knowing someone cares for them. It will be, for me, the year to extend to others in making them aware that the past heroic deeds did not die with them, but has transcended to a more pure form and bravery is facing the consequences and criticism that attacks us emotionally and the fuel of our being, it is what I desired and is my true calling.

Sam Pingkian —  Wanna make a lot of changes this year. More time with my family specially my daughter. Be better in terms of work. Good health, will exercise more and eat less. And to be financially stable... And hopefully magka- lovelife! Cheers to awesome 2016!

Jammy Ungab —  This 2016, I just really want to travel more and try to live a plastic free life as much as possible. My strong environmental concern has made me decide to do beach clean up more this year and hopefully able to spread awareness about plastics and why we should not throw them anywhere. I'm also going to expand my small business (crossing fingers) so I can help more organizations that protect our ocean and the marine wildlife.

Engr. April Lupot —  I stopped doing so long before. But my 2016 will be a year for a more prosperous year for my career. Perhaps making myself better in my field and taking bigger risks to see how far I can go.

Ryan Sines — I have a simple New Year’s resolution that is do my best as a stylist. I also wish for a good health for me and for my family. More clients. Brides and beauty queens to work with soon. I wish to become an inspiration to other gay stylists to be their best.

 2016 is a year of new opportunities. A leap year, too. Let's make it a good one. Happy New Year!


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