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Bohol’s most powerful (and influential) bayot part 1

Bohol’s most powerful (and influential) bayot part 1

I saw El El this morning with his military haircut. He is my neighbor and a distant relative whom Lady Gaga calls “I am born this way.”

When he was days old, we know that he was destined to be “born this way.” Why? When he cried to ask for his mama’s milk, it’s different from other boys. There was something in him that made him different from other boys.

When he was able to speak, there we knew he’s different. Then, he walked like as if he was in catwalk.

When he was around, I used to say this spiel (as if I am Jessica Soho giving the spiel): “Sa bawat henerasyon ay may mga bulaklak. Tulad na lang kay El El nung ipinanganak siya ay halata na isang bulaklak.”

I am proud of El El. He is very talented. He dances and sings very well. He was declared champion in amateur singing contests in Tagbilaran City when he was in elementary. What an angelic voice.

Lately, I just noticed that his voice is different, I mean, there’s a change but still you can sense that he is “I am born this way.”

Anyway, I wrote about Bohol’s most bading/bayot/gay in 2009. I am hoping that someday, El El will be included in the dossier of Bohol’s most powerful and influential bayot.

Here’s a refresher of the article which appeared in the Bohol Chronicle on May 3, 2009:

Bohol's 10 Most Powerful(and fabulous)bayots

Nothing is causing the level of gays. You are born that way, according to some experts. The fact is being gay has been an accepted part of life in the Philippines though how many times the members of the lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals and intersex (LGBTI) community have been fighting for their rights against discrimination. In the past, only "flamboyant" homosexuals were recognized as being gay in the Philippines; they were called bakla. Stereotyped bakla homosexuals openly work in beauty parlors and in the creative industries of fashion and entertainment, such as talk show hosts, female impersonators, writers, directors and comedians. Easily recognized by their use of makeup and cross-dressing, they have long been part of the Filipino cultural landscape; everyone knows of at least a few bakla people, says a blog.

Only in recent years has there been some understanding that there also exist outwardly straight-looking men who have a preference for same-sex relationships. Previously, straight men in homosexual relationships were not called bakla and were assumed to be with their bakla partner solely because of financial reasons.

The blog adds, with greater political self-awareness, the widely-used term bakla has developed slightly derogatory connotations for some. Bayot is the Visayan term for bakla. A somewhat milder, slang term for bakla is bading. Effeminate men and homosexuals in general are called binabae ("of a womanly sort"), from the Tagalog word babae, which means "woman." Coming out of the closet is paglaladlad ng kapa (unfurling the cape). The common fad to those who are afraid coming out of the closer is to become a "maya" (bisexual) - who acts like a real man - and there's "mayette," who is the little "maya." So, birds with the same feather are a good feather duster, este, flock together! If we create a Top 10 Most Powerful Gays in Bohol, who do you think would make it? This is not a Queer studies either. To create our list, we restricted our candidates to those who are gay and living and working primarily in Bohol, sorry, Bebe Gandanghari! The rankings were determined by scoring each candidate on these criteria: political clout, pop-cultural resonance, popularity, individual wealth, influence and current personal profile.

Here are our favorites, the ones we know, and the most controversial (only those honestly and openly gays who are proud of themselves are included) from the list:

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10. Tracy Torres - Deep-seated intrigue like Tracy is not his real name; he's one of the most respected hairdressers and make-up artists in Bohol-in demand in towns.

9. Henry Baron- A designer and travel consultant, he owns the Henry Baron Fashion Design and Garments (V.P. Inting Street, Tagbilaran City, Tel no: 411-3007, 411-4241).

8. Jojo - Like Mida's touch, Jojo is one of the respected make-up artists in Bohol. He owns the Jojo's Magic Touch (inside the Tagbilaran City Square).

7. Paloma - The lively entertainer! He knows how to tickle bones while you're visiting Prony, the largest python in captivity in Albur. He greets his visitors in 100 languages and has the best ability to stick out his tongue like a snake. He has the best job as the Prony's biographer.

6. Omie Auza - We love his designs. Omie is soft-spoken and an unassuming designer yet we can find his amazing talent in his designs (Poblacion, Talibon, 0920 404 4094).

5. Uly - The ageless and the superstar! Never seen him in a foul mood, nor heard him curse or badmouth anyone, and he's fun of signature clothes and perfumes - from YSL, D&G! He shows no signs of declining as he continues to give parties and bring entertainment to the highest level on Alona Beach.

4. EJ Relampagos - One of the most influential designers in Bohol today. He owns the EJ Relampagos Couture (along Gallares street, Tel. No: 411-2885, Mobile: 09197970477).
He is into collecting fashion items, reading magazines and browsing the net. His favorite motto: "The secret of life is not just to live but to have something worthwhile to live for."

3. Maximiel - Maxi has made a name for himself as a producer, director, couturier and discoverer of models. A multi-awarded designer, Maxi organized fashion shows and bikini open. He is a winner of a nationwide contest for young designers in the Philippines.

2. Inday Rufing - Well, we love Rizalino Torralba. This out gay radio personality has climbed up second spots to tickle the funny bone in Bohol. His famous punch line: Babush, ginamush, tugnush… These are gay lingos, babush means goodbye, ginamush is a fermented salted fish and tugnush is several hundred cute and defenseless baby anchovies. He is very notorious in Bohol making waves and most in-demand host in parties and gatherings. And take note, he has a son!

Baby Tagoctoc

1.Bebei Tagoctoc - Need I say more? Everyone knows him - his life, his craft, his business, his big heart - making him the Most Powerful among gays and lesbians in Bohol. Bebei has been described in so many ways and no less than veteran broadcaster Jessica Soho called him "The Ricky Reyes of Bohol" when he was featured on Jessica Soho Reports. Bebei was among the early gays coming out in 1970s. An icon to the younger generations of gays in Bohol he has helped and adopted gays. Together with business partner Jun, they run the Bebei's Hair and Makeup Salon (along Lamdagan Street, Cogon district, Tagbilaran City, Tel No: 411-2105, Mobile: 09195920243).

Whoop! Whoop! Walang kokontra!

Oopps..wait for the part 2! Hehehehe

EJ Relampagos

Omie Auza

Henry Baron

Uly Dolojol

Tracy Remolador Torres

Inday Rufing

Maximiel (Left) with Uly Dolojol


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