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Zeneline Bulalaque: Another Boholana beauty in Miss Philippines-Earth

Scene: The Bb. Pilipinas 2012 will finally announce the winners of its most prestigious beauty titles— Bb. Pilipinas-Universe, Bb. Pilipinas-International and Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism tonight, April 15, at the Big Dome (covered live by ABS-CBN). We wish good luck to Karen Gallman (# 1) and Fer Mary Baliquig (# 24)!
Scene: Congratulations to Rhea Mae Arcales of Bohol Wisdom School for winning 2nd place in editorial writing English category (elementary division) in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) held in Puerto Princesa, Palawan on April 9-13.  Rhea’s coach is Billy Cosares. This piece of good news is relayed to Bared by DepED City Division ES1 Filipino Supervisor Dodong Almedilla.
Another Boholana beauty who will wear on her sash Municipality of Batuan, Bohol, in this year’s Miss Philippines-Earth, is Zeneline Ancog Bulalaque.
Beauty watchers have described her as drop-dead gorgeous, every inch queenly.
Miss Philippines-Earth 2012 Candidate No. 6 Zeneline Bulalaque from the Municipality of Batuan, Bohol.   
Photo Courtesy: Glenn Tumanda Gamayot of Glennboi Photography
Make-Up Artist: Cana Apale
 Gown: Tracy Remolador Torres

“Look closely,” she would tell you, “Yes. I am very proud to say that I am definitely and absolutely original. Nothing touched, nothing changed.
Born to Lino and  Zeniza Bulalaque, Zeneline described her childhood full of epic and remarkable adventures. Her official bio on Miss Philippines-Earth says: “I would never ever trade it for anything else and it will never be forgotten. I used to climb mountains and old trees that were so huge. I fished in a pond far from home, I went highway biking using a motorbike, I cooked coconut bits in a mini forest, I ate sour stalks and I played ‘bahay-bahayan’ on a little bridge just beside Batuan highway.”
Her environmental advocacy is "Tree-planting for both land and sea." 
A Gemini (June 1, 1991), Zeneline is taking up Occupational Therapy at Cebu Doctors' University. She stands 5’6” and measures 33-25-36.

How does it feel being included in the Miss Philippines-Earth 2012 Top 50?
“Being included in the top 50 of Miss Philippines-Earth gave me the feeling of integrity, feeling of responsibility and service and most of all, it gave me the feeling of happiness, fulfilment and excitement that, this will just be a start of another journey and a new chapter in my life.”

What motivated you or who inspired you or what made you decide to join Miss Earth Philippines?
“I am proud to say the only thing that I had upon deciding to join Miss Philippines-Earth was my inner heartfelt motivation and determination to join. When I had the form, one thing was pumping on my mind  was ‘I want to join. I want to know how is it to be there. There's nothing wrong in trying anyway.’ I am inspired about how the way I think about myself now (not in an arrogant way of course) but, I used to be a low self-esteem, introvert girl way back high school it wasn't really obvious because I suck it up and leave it to my heart to adjust.  But it changed now. I am inspired by my deeds and how I worked hard to attain real confidence in me. I just thought that maybe I could do more. I can do this, so now here I am!” 
What are your preparations for the Miss Philippines-Earth?
“The things that I had my self prepared with is my knowledge. I have been researching and studying about the essentials of the environment as well as keeping tract to current issues that might be having effects to the our earth especially here in our country, Philippines. I am also going in depth upon reading articles about eco-tourism of Bohol and Batuan. I have also been preparing my body and my mind like being physically fit for the competition, and also by putting up a cognitive picture that things will never be the same when I get there. I am already resilient and flexible. But I need to have more of it, so I will be able to righteously deal and understand 49 new personalities.”
What title you want to win? Miss Philippines-Earth? Air? Fire? Water?  Eco-tourism?
“If ever I get to the top 5, (hopefully, I wish) it is already a very big hallelujah for me. But if I’d be given the chance to choose what title to win, I would always want the title Miss Philippines Earth. That way, I will be able to serve all elements in earth doing overall duties responsibly. And I would be very happy, more than willing and honoured to represent our country for the international pageant Miss Earth.”
What kind of diet do you have?
“I believe that a balanced diet together with an exercise is the most ideal and most effective in improving health and weight. Balanced diet means the 3 G's (the Go, Grow and the Glow foods) eat with control and moderation but not to the extent of food cut out and food deprivation. Next, drink lots and lots of water. Hydration entails good gastrointestinal condition which aids proper digestion of food for faster metabolism. This way, fats will be utilized as for energy use and will not be stored on your hips, belly and thighs.”

What part of your body do you think needs improvement?
“I don’t think something in my body needs more improvement because I am contented of what I am and how I look right now.”

And what part is your favorite?
“My very favorite part of my body is my face especially, my eyes. I can make myself really attractive through it. My eyes explain my feelings of a particular moment. Sometimes it might look intimidating but that's the most exciting part. My eyes can give you wrong impressions yet, when you look deeper, it provides you a revelation of my real good soul.”
What are your beauty secrets?
“I believe that expensive creams, facials, masks, etc. will never work when you lack time for beauty sleep, although it helps a little but it doesn't owe you a guarantee. It is even still obvious even if you're wearing makeup that you are stressed at the moment. Why? Because your eyes and skin will tell it. Our body needs regeneration and it entails a lot of resting for it to be done. it is always a process. Next is hydration. Drinking a lot of water aids good health to our skin. It benefits us moisturized, shiny skin. Then, choose the best body product that soothes you. Beauty doesn't have to be really expensive. it just needs a lot of caring to do.  
Who is your role model and inspiration and why?
My role model is my mother. She is my temple of protection and support. She embodies a picture of loyalty and patriotism on the service that she endows Batuan Bohol. She is a role model because rearing three children without a husband around is never easy. She imposes discipline to her children as well as to herself which makes us and others look up to her. I can see in my mother's eyes her dedication to help people in many ways she could. She is very determined to help establish programs that would promote improvement to her beloved town at the same time benefiting the despicable ones. My mom is a good, loving, caring mother and wife at the same time she is a very perceptive, kind neighbour and friend. I see my mom as a woman of prayer and selfless love. She is an example of bravery where. She stands on what she thinks is right and fight for it. She blessed by a gift in her that she never does things difficult, otherwise she does solve things and make it easy which makes me conclude why she loves her job the most. I am proud to say I have something that i got in from her. My mother was once a Dangal ng Bayan Awardee back at 2004. She has proudly made her owe legacy in our place. Now, it’s about time to take my turn and make my own.”

Young people today are liberated and adventurous, willing to try everything. What's your stand on pre-marital sex?
“Liberation today is big challenge to everybody since we Filipinos has been slowly adopting another country's culture. This challenge can be helped if we make our choices right. It is lawful that we, be aware that if we think its real love that we are feeling inside. Love is not for sex, sex is never for fun. Sex can always wait in the right age, right situation, and right time and in a right man.” 

And what is your stand on the Reproductive Health Bill?
“I am strong and straight to my stand that I say no to the bailing of the reproductive health bill. Because I believe that every species, big or small, bound to be born or unborn has the right to live. We humans carry the duty to take every responsibility that we are liable of and not be idiots and lame to drop off these duties when we fear that we could not partake these duties. I still believe in the power of abstinence. It aids discipline. It may be hard to do but all we need is practice and practice makes perfect. Patience, distraction and decrease of stimulation are the key. Let’s make use of recreational sports, relaxation strategies and rehabilitation utilization. There are a lot more things that we can do that will cause everybody no harm. Let us be agents of life.”

Do you still have time to watch the impeachment trial?
“I actually had no time to watch but I’ve heard about it.”

Should Chief Justice Renato Corono be removed from office?
“I could not really justify that, since, I hear no exact answers coming from him about the accusations brought about by his issues.. but I will go for the stand that, an impeachment would be right to a person who lies and cheats to the country he's supposed to serve with.”
What are your winning traits?
“I consider my character as a winning trait because I embody a bunch of abilities, qualities, skills that I could use as my assets for the competition. I have the grit and guts to do whatever it takes to win by not being ambivalent about it. I find meaning in all that I do and I take actions and commitment to every word that I say. When I talk about service, I do it seriously and I co-requisite it with determination and perseverance.”   

What is your favourite quote?
David Frost once said, "Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." It stroke me determination on finally doing things that I want to do. I heard myself out which made the quote my trademark upon winning the title Ms. Cebu Rehabilitative Sciences. I believe that quotes are somehow mentors of our lives. They may be little but they instil powerful words that subdue our individual choice of path. Now, I want to share the quote that I made myself which served as my basis in everything that I do and what was doing. I know the path that I chose. I just have to say and i quote "never let fear hinder opportunities. Break a leg and go with it!" 
Have you prepared for little “surprises” such as slipping onstage like what happened to Miriam Quiambao in the 1999 Miss U pageant in Trinidad-Tobago?
“Yes I do. Things like that are expected to happen. All I have to do is take extra care and if it does happen, ill just stand up straight, smile, chin up and wave.”

If you win, and we hope you will, you will be travelling around the country to promote the Miss Earth Philippines objectives.

But if, however, you lose, simbako dili unta, what’s your alternative — modeling or showbiz?
“I have never dreamed to be a show business icon but it doesn't mean I will say, I can't be for that. But when I say modelling, the runway has always been my dream and my passion because it is what I love. But if you'll let me choose of course I’ll go for modelling.  But if I have the chances for both, I will be more than happy to take the two. Opportunity matters.” (Zeneline is modeling for Cebu-based agency Wafer Models. - LPU)

“Yes. I’ve tried. It is one of the best things why a lot of people want to visit Cebu. Cebu is a great place for fun and party because Cebuanos are made to be jamming, happy people. It’s actually one of Cebu’s trademarks especially during Sinulog days, party is more fun.”

If you were somebody else, who would you like to be and why?
“I want to be like Tyra Banks because she displays an image of real beauty, brain, goodness, integrity and bravery. She's unobtrusive, selfless, and a woman of enthusiasm. She has become very famous yet she remains very submissive in her deeds. She's just undeniably shining in everything she does.” 
If you were to change something in yourself, what would it be?
“There is nothing that I don't like about myself. I wouldn't change anything about me because everything about what I am right now, is the one making me myself which makes me unique to everybody.” 
Describe yourself in three words.
“Sexy + intellectual + beautiful = GORGEOUS. That’s just 1 word. Add up bravery and benevolence that equals me in three words.”
Do you have a boyfriend?
“No, I don't have a boyfriend.”
If you were to choose between a boyfriend and Miss Philippines-Earth, which would you choose?
“I will of course choose Miss Earth for the fact that you can join beauty pageants only until 25 years old. You can always have a boyfriend even beyond that age. When a boyfriend comes, when it’s for you, it really is for you regardless of your time and the choices you make.”
What qualities do you want in a man?
“I want a man, not a boy. Meaning, I want a man who's not senseless; I want him conversational yet, perceptive and never tactless. I want a man who speaks his mind; brave enough to tell what he wants with respect to what I want too. I want a confident man yet not arrogant. I want a man who tends to oversee my needs before his. A man who would not let me change the way that I am, the way how I live my life and the way how things I wanted to be. I want a man who respects me as a woman. A man who understands and respects the decisions and choices I make. I want a man who I can make myself comfortable and confident with. A man who can always make me feel beautiful even when I’m stressed and even until the time that I am full of wart, wrinkles and white hair. I want a man who includes me of his life plans. I want a man who makes me a part of everything that he is. I want a man who respects my parents and treat them like his own too. I want a man that can bravely fight for me no matter how hard any situation is without turning backs to anybody. I want a man who takes responsibility, love, care, selflessness and determination and a man who puts patriotic value for his and my family.” 

And what turns you off?
The very first thing that turns me off in a man is, when he is petty, unreasonable, senseless, selfish, shy and unhygienic .Next would be everything that is opposite about the things that I like in a man.”
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