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Sinulog 2014 and Pacman offers prayers for Bohol

• Boholanos wow Sinulog crowd
• Pacman offers prayers for Bohol

Scene: More than 5,000 participants from the different Christian denominations and faith movements attended this year's National Bible Week and 2nd prayer gathering at the CPG Sports Complex, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Jan. 25.  Sarangani Province Rep. Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao was the guest of honor.  The participants who cheered his name and received him like a hero, listened intently as Pacquiao shared about the word of God, sounding more like a pastor than a sports demigod. He encouraged the crowd to read the Bible everyday and deepen their relationship with God.

Rep. Manny Pacquiao has led the crowd in prayer and shared as well his beliefs during the National Bible Week in Bohol; and Pacman with Bohol 2nd district Rep. Aris Aumentado and wife Vanessa Aumentado.  Photo by: LPU/Charina Aumentado
Scene:  Some Boholanos preferred to attend mass at the St. Joseph the Worker Cathedral during the National Day of Prayer and Solidarity last Jan. 20. Tagbilaran City Central Elem. School teacher Mrs. Clementina Gamil said, “My prayer for the celebration of the national prayer is that we Filipinos will help one another to keep peace and unity and we will be freed from catastrophe like what happened before that God will be keeping us through Mama Mary.”

Scene: Former Sevilla SK municipal federated president Karen Digal gave birth to her daughter with husband former SK provincial federated president and San Isidro ABC president Doxson Asoy last Friday, Jan. 24.

Cebu was unmistakably the top destination last weekend.

“I heard the drumbeat and saw the merry spirit of this year’s Sinulog 2014,” said my sis Arlene who was with me in Cebu last Wednesday morning to meet some friends at the DFA.

Thursday night I had a brief chat with Elvie Bongosia of PIA-Bohol and she said that she, too, was going to Cebu but she didn’t make it because of the strong waves.

Friday afternoon Edward Guyano and I excitedly talked about his trip to Cebu on Saturday but he missed the chance to catch the last trip going to Cebu.

Engr. Aprilmel Lupot and some Boholano models in Sinulog 2014. Courtesy: Engr. Aprilmel Lupot
I found out that Engr. Aprilmel Lupot, a proud Boholano and obviously a Santo Niño devotee, was in Cebu not just to attend the Sinulog 2014 but was involved during the parade as the “float manager” for the Bohol delegation.

 “I felt so fulfilled that I got involved in this year's Sinulog festival that we didn't just stay home and claim it a usual day all for the two things we both care about - Sr. Sto Nino and Bohol,” shared Engr. Lupot.

Oh, sigh! The Panglao delegation failed to win in this year’s Sinulog. But there’s next time.

“Win or lose, Bohol made a statement that we've risen after a great fall through the participation of Tribu Panglaoanon in Sinulog this year. We may have failed to make it but no words can explain how proud I am that we were represented in the grandest and most awaited festival in the country. You made us more proud to be Boholanos!” said Bb. Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit. “To Municipality of Panglao headed by Mayor Nila Montero, choreographer Anthony, Province of Bohol, SouthPalms, Boholanos who were on the float, propsmen, instrumentalists and dancers, you all deserve a big congratulations for representing us well. Your participation in the parade is a winning act already that despite the earthquake that damaged some parts of our beloved province, we are still thankful to Snr. Sto. Niño for keeping our faith stronger than ever. Pit Señor! Bangon Bohol!”

The Sinulog fever is now over but the memories live on.

Anyway, here’s an article from Engr. Lupot who says it all:

This year’s Sinulog 2014 celebration had a different meaning for a Cebu-based Boholana like me. I initially thought I’d just watch everything on local television. Unexpectedly, I became part of the grand parade and even had the chance to ride our float!

Tribu Panglaonon and the team behind the Bohol float, assembled across Sunstar Building in P. Del Rosario Street. Our dancers and instrumentalists were identified with their gold costumes.

This is the first time that the Province of Bohol, in collaboration with the Provincial Tourism Council, displayed a float. It was designed by Bluegrass Project, Michael Yu and Joseph Dumadag, and with the invaluable support of South Palms Resort Panglao, through Mae Uy Yau. It bears the theme: “Beautiful Island, Beautiful People”. It has a stylized representation of the iconic Chocolate Hills through a series of arches running in the center of the float. The dominant white color represents the hopes and aspirations of the Boholanos, and the purple color is for the sweet and fragrant ube kinampay. Forest ferns, purple and lavender dendrobiums, sonia boom orchids and purple mums adorned this magestic float.

What made the float more appealing was the presence of our  lovely models—siblings Erika (reigning Ms. UB Personality 2013) and Erik Karcher, Kay Marie Berangel, Rami Harven Gallego, Ms. Cebu 2012 3rd runner up Jonnie Rose Louise Wee, Mr. Philippines Youth 2012 and HNU student  Ar Dela Serna, Mr. Rajah Bohol 2013 Danilo Torcende, Best Model of the World Philippines 2004 Liza Tandugon, Ms. HNU Personality 2013 Candy Cumayas and Jinlyn Talocod. Three of our lovely models wore white couture dresses by designer Hanz Coquilla.

Hanz Coquilla is a proud Boholano designer with a father who is from Antequera. He is known for his remarkable participation in Project Runway Philippines Season 2, Cebu Young Designers Competition 2006, Mega Young Designers Competition 2011, Look of Style Awards 2012, Sunstar’s Best of Cebu 2013; and with designs featured in magazines like Mega, Preview, Look, Style Weekend by the Inquirer; and an international exposure on Fashion One TV and Traversing the Orient. Hanz was the official designer of the Philippines for the recent Ms. Earth 2013.

The whole Bohol contingent was able to start moving around 11:00 am. We made a turn to Mango Avenue at 11:40 a.m., reached Fuente Osmeña Circle at 3 p.m., and arrived at the Cebu City Sports Complex at 5 p.m.

The most amazing part of the whole experience was seeing the people’s reactions when they saw our dancers, instrumentalists, float, and most specially our models. The crowd was cheering, shouting, screaming and taking pictures of the float and those on it. Our models were thought to have been Mariel Rodriguez Padilla, Robin Padilla, Enrique Gil, Xian Lim, among others. Well that’s quite a good comparison!

The Bohol contingent was overwhelmed with the positive response shown by our Cebuano friends.  It was about faith, devotion, warmth and hospitality — the very true spirit of this annual Cebuano festivity called Sinulog.

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