Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tagna-Tagna 2014

This year, 2014 is the year of the wooden horse. It is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventures, and surprising romances. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better.

According to astrologers, 2014 offers people an opportunity to make their lives better, especially those who hadn’t had much luck in the previous year.

“It is also a year of competitiveness and of jealousy, back stabbing and insecurities,” said my psychic friend who hails from Loon town. “It will also be a year of good relationships but a lot of people will also lose the handle on their relationships.”

“Energy is high and production is rewarded. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. If you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it,” said another psychic friend from Panglao. “Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong direction.”

In terms of disasters, my other psychic friends (who have the powerful “mutya” to see the future) said there will be more (knock on the wood!)  fire, earthquakes (the aftershocks??) and drought and less storms during the year of the wooden horse.

I must take a bow because last year’s Tagna-Tagna was 98% true without the mutya, tarot cards and crystal balls. Thanks to our very reliable sources, snitches, tipsters, snoops and spywitnesses for the “tagna.”

Without much ado, here is Tagna-Tagna 2014:

• It will be a baby girl for former SK provincial president Doxson Asoy and Karen Digal.

• Newly-wed Benjie Oliva and lawyer Joan Jagonos-Oliva  will be a complete family. Weeks from now, Joan will start having morning sickness. Same for newly-wed Diane Uy-Yap and Atty. Wrenly Yap.

•The stork might visit Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs and Abdul Wallace. They will tie the knot in July, in church this time.

David Maulas and Jenissa Laguda Peteros will not tie the knot, and neither will Alfeo Jabinez and Amy Fiel Booc nor Marianne Domivee Chatto and Haibon Lim Mapute. But beauty queen Fer Mary Baliquig and her beau just might (subject to further “testing”).

• Beauty pageants in Bohol may face dangerous situations and greater challenges. A group will “revive” the beauty pageants like Miss Tagbilaran and Miss Bohol Sandugo. In the end, people would say,
“What’s new?”

• Architect Junibe Froilan and Doc April Lumuthang-Froilan won’t produce “a little Junibe” or “a little April” this year no matter how hard they try.  Same for Eden Descallar and Mikel Ceballos, Mark Arbilo and Analyn Pollenza. But if they will pray or visit Sta. Clara’s monastery, heaven might smile at them.

Anna Maris Igpit will find a new boyfriend. But marriage is farthest from her mind this year.

Fashion icon EJ Relampagos likes to experience autumn and he will have it this year. He knows how to travel in style.

• Danilo Torcende and Ar-Ar dela Serna will join and win in prestigious contests (keep your fingers crossed!).

• The “missing” Miss Bohol Sandugo Brigette Burato and other beauty queens like Mary Ebone Cimafranca will resurface with a big “surprise.” We miss you!

• “Tableya” princess Dalareich Polot will venture into another business. No, not hot choco..it’s something new.

Looks like Joy Suares and her beau will put all their past drama behind them. 2014 will be a great year for a start.

After the long-delayed album (Hello?!? We’re tired of waiting!), Centerstage Band might release an album this year. The same for the Loboc Children’s Choir.  

• Another “Reveal” will be held this year (with Henry Baron, Maximiel Tallo, Jong Magallano, Omie Auza, Rhigel Dulfo, EJ Relampagos and Sony Pamaong) but another one will enter the dragon. Knock, knock! Who’s there? 

And the “blind item” tagna-tagna:

• A lot of girls (daughters of who’s who in Bohol) will be involved in plastic surgery epidemic.  Others will have real noses and others could wink without risking facial paralysis.

• 2014 might be not good for this high-ranking official born under the year of the rat (HROBUTYOR). HROBUTYOR might face greater passive situation in career, the villains might often make interference and obstacles behind. HROBUTYOR would face controversies but HROBUTYOR will wait for the dust to settle on that.

A beauty queen will make a comeback to Bohol but society watchers will hardly recall her after she went under the knife.

• A Boholana will step out of the limo and walk the red carpet in her finest duds as the cameras snap and flashes blind her.

• A son of a prominent family will make a desperate revelation that he has the deadliest catch. The victims of this deadliest catch are growing this year.

• Members of this band will emotionally face challenges that the band will fade away. However, new bands (from the towns of T, L and B) will make names this year.

• A popular model, a politician and a department head of a prominent place will make a shocking revelation that they are gays. So what? Although Bohol is not yet ready to accept and embrace “bromance” relationships the population of maya and paminta are growing fast!

• The wholesome images of prominent personalities will be tarnished by issues against them. Clue: Oink! Oink!

Chandrina Elluiska Schreurs is hitched! The former beauty queen and youth leader married her boyfriend Abdul Wallace last Dec. 2013. A church wedding is scheduled in July this year. Courtesy: Chan Chan
A beauty queen will make a shocking revelation that she is a he?!? No elaboration.

• Some paisanos in the field of beauty pageant, public service, tourism, music and fashion will make us proud.

• A young politician (YP) will get involved in a politically-motivated controversy that YP will be out of the country.

A Bol-anon will surprise everyone with a challenging role in a hit teleserye (if not a movie) to prove that Boholanos are talented.

• In preparation for 2016, a former politician will send feelers for a return to a prominent politician but the prominent politician will simply turn a deaf ear.

• The popularity of these comediennes will wane (temporarily) as young comediennes will steal the limelight.

• A radio station will initiate major reformatting of some of its shows. No elaboration.

This high-ranking official who’s big (HROWB) who left his family will make a dabble home-video that the public eyes will be eager to see how the HROWB, erm, measured-up.

A lot of Boholanos will offer up themselves on their FB and twitter accounts. It’s the year that there's almost no aspect of their lives that we don't know about. But apparently they want still want us to know more. Tweet! Tweet!

• A local chief executive of a curtained town born under the year of the snake (LCECTBUTYTS) will enjoy the lucky star showing unbeatable skill and unstoppable “pogi” points. However, LCECTBUTYTS will sink into panic and passive situation because LCECTBUTYTS’s partner is unlucky this year.

A new group of young girls and boys will be introduced into the glamour world. Their mentor (codenamed: MTA) will ditch extensions and opts for something a little more sophis.

• After three months after being hit by a magnitude 7.2-quake, Bohol formally welcomed foreign tourists the other day. Take note, there will be celebrity sightings in Bohol this year 2014  that people can take pictures of the celebrities out and about- what they’re wearing, where they’re going in Bohol.

I hear you screech! Pun very much intended.

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