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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Adelyn Joy Esclamado is crowned Miss UB 2016

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Beauty queen and model Adelyn Joy Sajol Esclamado was crowned Miss  University of Bohol Personality 2016 last  Thursday, beating  other contestants from  the different departments held at the university ground.

The 19-year-old  Adelyn, daughter of  Teodoro and Helen  from Pilar town,  accepted her tiara with minimum fuss, waving calmly to the audience as the other contestants hugged and kissed her. 

"I’m happy and proud because all the sacrifices I have invested have paid off," she said afterward, grinning broadly.  Adelyn, who represented the College of Business and Accountancy (CBA)  also won  best in production number, best in casual wear, best in evening gown, body beautiful, best in talent 1st runner up and best in interview 2nd runner up.

Miss UB Personality 2016 Adelyn Joy Sajol Esclamado:
 ‘ If we want change, it must start from within.’
Contributed Photos/ Lorenzo Torero
Adelyn shared that she was trained how to walk and answer the Q and A.

“Aside from preparations I made for my talent, how to answer questions and how I walk properly like a beauty queen, I prepared myself for the tension I might feel on stage. I prepared myself on how to hold my emotions on stage and in front of many people,” she said, “Because I have to admit that one of my fears is presenting myself to the public and standing before a big crowd. And all those preparations and sacrifices I have invested have paid off.”

Edsel Jim Sevilla from high school was declared Mr. UB Personality 2016.

The contestants' bright smiles never faltered as they sashayed and twirled across the stage in the oldest uninterrupted surviving major campus pageant in  Bohol province. More than just a beauty pageant, Mr and Miss UB Personality is the only pageant in the province (and perhaps in the country) which required its candidates to undergo a personality test using the standardized testing tool 16 Personality Factor (16PF).

US-based socialite Mikey Gatal said he is proud of Adelyn’s victory.

"She was very sure of herself," Mikey told VRS on Skype. "Most of them would tell me that having the experience of modeling the signature OMG shirts gave them the boost of confidence, being exposed to different charity works and I believe if you do good to other people then you will blessed.”

A Libra (Oct. 15, 1997), Adelyn stands 5’1”, weights 92 lbs.; wears small-size shirt and size-7 shoes. Vital statistics: 34-24-36.

Would you rather be smart but not too beautiful, or beautiful but not too smart?
“Beauty can be enhanced and intelligence can be learned. But being naturally born extremely smart is an exemption. I would rather be smart but not too beautiful, because with intelligence comes beauty and wealth.”

Why are taking up business administration?
“Simply because I want to run my own business someday. Growing up away from our father is not easy, but we have to understand that he’s sacrificing he’s own happiness just to work abroad for us. And I don’t want my future children to experience the same. I believe that by running my own business, there is no need for me nor my husband to leave away just to work for money. Thus, I am near with my family and can have more time for them.”

How can you convince people that education is our key to success?
“Education is the key to success because without that, you will get nowhere in life, you may only get so far but in the end, you'll go nowhere. People succeed with not saying that you need to have a high education. Instead, you have to always go far and never fall back for you to keep striving for the best. Giving up, dropping out or quitting will leave a person with no success later on down the line, stuff may get hard but one of the ways through life is education! So strive and never give up! Knowledge is power. And knowledge can only be achieved through proper education.”

What do you think is the smartest thing you’ve done so far?
“It is taking time to think before I decide on things because I believe that the decisions I make today will be my foundation for my future. Our future depends on how we live our present. We may make wrong decisions in life but what’s important there is that we learn something from that mistake which can let us grow as a person.”

“What do you think is biggest decision that you’ve made in your life?” 
“Choosing between holding on or letting go. That is why I always take time to think before I make decisions because I know that “in every action there is reaction”. In life, we cannot have everything we want at the same time. We must be able to choose what really matters most.”

Have you always wanted to be a beauty queen since you were small? 
“No. I always wanted to be a successful business woman ever since I was a child. I never imagined myself being a beauty queen. But as I grew up, I learned the importance of beauty pageants in our society and how it influenced other people. And I was curious about how it feels like to be a beauty queen. So I gave it a try and it turned out great.”

What are you’re winning traits?
“God-loving, extra miler, self-discipline, and being true to yourself and others. I always put God first in everything I do. God has better plans for us than we have for ourselves, so never doubt Him. I believe that being an extra miler means breaking boundaries and pushing through limitations. If you learn to face your fears and step out of your comfort zone, then you can be able to learn lot of things and uncover hidden potentials within you. Being an extra miler makes you grow as a person. Self-discipline. You must be able to learn how to discipline yourself because in pageantry, all your actions and words will influence other people. You must be able to set as a good role model/example to everyone. If you want to spread positivity to the world then influence them with positivity within you. Being true to yourself and others. Be that “true-to-herself’ person in this world full of “i-wanna-be-like-her” persons. Because being you is your edge over others, that’s what makes you unique.”

Miss UB Personality 2016 Adelyn Joy Sajol Esclamado  and Mr. UB Personality 2016 Edsel Jim Sevilla  (extreme left)  are flanked by friends and
supporters during the parade last Friday 
 to end  the University of Bohol Days and Intramurals.  Contributed Photo/Romelyn CaƱonaso 
Aside from winning the Miss UB Personality 2016, what do you think have you achieved so far?
“I learned how to believe in myself and boost my confidence that enables me to face my weaknesses and develop my strengths.” (Adelyn was Mutya ng Pilar 2014 3rd runner-up.-LPU)

 You are an OMG (Mikey  Gatal) model who is exposed to charity works. And maybe you have an important message to share… and Miss UB would be the venue or forum to start your advocacies. “I always wanted to serve and help other people, and I’m always thankful to my OMG family for helping me achieve it. As a youth and reigning Miss UB Personality 2016, I wanted to promote my advocacy which is to empower other people especially the youths to join in any life-changing and inspiring activities in order to change their negative perspective in life.”

So, you believe that the youth is the hope of the fatherland?
“I always believe that "youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow" that is why I strongly disagree with the abolition of Sangguniang Kabataan election of our country today. SK will serve as a training ground for our youth to develop their skills and unlock their hidden potentials. If I Will not encourage them now, then who would be? And wouldn't it be too late? We have to train them now in order to make them a responsible leader in the future.”

In the Duterte administration, do you believe has change truly come?
“Yes. We are all the living witnesses of it. But true change can never be achieved if we do not know how to discipline ourselves. If we want change, it must start from within.”

When did you realized that you are Miss UB Personality, the oldest campus pageant in the province? During the coronation night? Or morning after that? 
“Until now I still can't believe that I brought home the crown. “
 Do you have secrets sustaining your poise, under pressure, especially the crucial point in any contest?
“Presence of mind and positive thinking. There is no room for shyness on stage. You gotta show them what you've got, but don’t forget to enjoy!”

Who’s you’re beauty queen role model?
Ate Imaculada Cleofe Leopardas (also a beauty queen and a fellow OMG model).  I admire her down to earth attitude despite all her success and achievements in life.”

Any other woman whom you admire?
“My mother. Because she is a personification of true beauty inside out.  She's exactly what I wanna be in the future. She's  a blessing not only to me, but also to everyone who knew her.” 

Do you have a boyfriend?

So, how’s your boyfriend now that you’re Miss UB?
“He’s happy and proud of my achievements.”

If you were to choose between your boyfriend and Miss UB title, which would you choose?
“I believe I can handle being  Miss UB and  having a boyfriend at the same time.”

What is the essence of being Miss UB Personality?
“Pageant is a celebration of beauty that God has given into us. It is a way of acknowledging and showcasing the potentials and skills we have within. It is also an effective way to campaign social awareness to different social issues and problems we are facing right now, because the answers of the candidates can be use as a piece of advice to the concerned public.”

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