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1st filipino to own a property in the moon is a boholano; and other 'juicy' items

1st Filipino who owns a property in the moon is a Boholano; and other “juicy” items


· Food for the soul: Live your life the way you drink your coffee. Sipping it slowly, enjoying the flavor and aroma, drinking it to the last drop. In short, take it easy, be happy. This text message is from Josie Montes, municipal local government operations officer of Catigbian town.

· This is interesting. Palindromes- word or sentence that reads the same backwards and forwards. 1) Murder for a jar of red rum, 2) Never odd or even, 3) No lemon no melon, 4) Nurse, I spy gypsies. Run!, 5) Party booby trap, 6) Was it a car or a cat I saw?, 7) Yo, banana boy!, 8) Ten animals I slam in a net. Cool noh? Interesting! More, more, more!

· Good luck and bring home the bacon to Nathalim Rose “Baby Rose” Nalupa, Bb. Maribojoc Ube Queen 2007, who will be Bohol’s representative to the Ms. Central Visayas Corn Festival. This piece of news is channeled to True by Yking Echavia, the project manager of the Bb. Maribojoc 2007 (which was held on April 29 and sponsored by the SVI Alumni Association Maribojoc ). The Miss Central Visayas Corn Fest will be held in Toledo City on August 23. Nathalim Rose is a first year nursing student at the Holy Name University. The Ms. Central Visayas Corn Festival is sponsored by the Department of Agriculture. Sec. Ace Durano is expected to grace the pageant.

· Could it be true that the people of Candijay were rejoicing (others have thrown a party, note: a drinking spree) over Boom Boom’s defeat in the World Cup Boxing last Sunday? The boxing icon’s defeat became a talk of the town here and abroad. Just for one round, de Leon knocked down Boom Boom. At, you can read different reactions. Worst, they are accusing Gov. Erico Aumentado (after an article was published at the Philippine Daily Inquirer) on a project the governor had promised to Boom Boom (read: Boom Boom’s village loses road project after boxer’s loss). On the hand, it was a “hot” topic on our local radio stations that Boom Boom’s family have changed a lot, from meek to not so meek. If they changed a lot, there’s nothing wrong about it. They have something to be proud of. But a text message which was sent to me (of course, an anti-Boom Boom) said that “Boom Boom and his family have forgotten where they cam from. It’s so sad that they allow money to control their lives.” I’ve had heard Atoy Cosap praising the Boholano boxer and the veteran broadcaster didn’t miss to mention the issue involving Boom Boom’s family. There are many circumstances and many tales. As Mike commented, “It’s not about Boom-boom. This is about character, the attitude of the heart.”

· Speaking of Boom Boom, True US-based Very Reliable Source (VRS) who attended the fight shared this “uncanny” info that perhaps the Mexican people had “cast a spell” or “curse” Boom Boom. Before the fight, Boom Boom was in good condition. When he was in the ring, suddenly he became weak. A “force” had sipped all his energy and it was easy for de Leon to finish him for good. Spells are common in the third world countries. They believe on the power of the amulets and prayers. In games, players have beliefs on “sumpa” to win against the enemies. Or, was it the prayers of the people of Candijay were heard by the “unseen” people and granted their hearts’ desire? Believe it or not!

· While Boom Boom is defeated, Gov. Erico Aumentado is no excuse of “malicious” report. Gov. Aumentado a big Disgrace to the Boholanos, says Boom-boom fans. In an interview with the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Aumentado said: “If Boom-Boom becomes a champion, I will fulfill my commitment that I will have the road passing through his barangay (village) in Can-uling cemented. Right now, it’s a no go.” While many said that the governor is a disgrace, Arlaine Cecile Berdin, a concerned citizen cum Boholana commented at Boom-boom’s village did not lose a project. Governor Aumentado clarified that it will still push through when the time comes.wa man na mag-agad sa kadaugan ni Boom-boom oi. Getting a belt in boxing by a constituent is not a prerequisite of a road project. and I don’t think the governor does not know that gilain lang og sabot sa uban kay they are loaded. Just because they don’t like the governor, whatever he does, automatic sayop na dayon and this leads us to fallacies.

· Could it be true that an “unknown and less recognized agent” (read: manpower provider in Tagbilaran City, to the tune of one of Nora Aunor’s movies) is all “anger” when he heard that he was not “hired” by a Manila-based agent to handle an event here in Bohol? According to VRS, a Manila-based agent was calling this “unknown and less recognized agent” as he was recommended by another agent to handle an event, lately, the Manila- based agent found someone. When this “unknown and less recognized agent” learned this, his friend (connected to the company that the event is being handled) questioned the kawawang nilalang’s (coordinator of the Manila-based company) credibility. The “unknown and less recognized agent” has been telling that this kawawang nilalang has no “value” and “less experienced.” If they know who’s this kawawang nilalang theyy are “underestimating.” Look, who’s kawawa. See what money and greed can do that they “harm” a person just because they’re thinking they are better. Better? The lesson? You don’t have to underestimate people. Kawawang nilalang says, Sila ang mga taong naghahangad ng kasaganaan sa buhay pero puso’y namamatay! Dot it again and True will unmask you next time.

· As Holy Name University (HNU) turns 60 this year, the administration thru Fr. Ernesto Lagura, SVD is giving better services to the students. With the MyHNU SIm powered by Globe, the personalized SIM exclusively for the students can “change” their lives. Sa MyHNU SIM, ang lakas mo!

· Watch your favorite movies at the Island City Mall’s Screenville Cinema. Screenville is the first modern cinema outside Metro Manila. Ready to fall in love with A Love Story starring Aga Muhlach, Maricel Soriano and Angelica Panganiban, which according to publicist Ariel Fullido and Screenville manager John Bosco Lupot, “a must see!”


Last week, news at caught my attention. It’s about a passenger can travel to the moon on the flight manifest of a space tourist company.

The news says, the price per seat will slap your wallet or purse for a swift $100 million - but you’ll have to get in line as the first voyage is already booked.

Space Adventures, headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, is in negotiations with the customers who will fly the first private expedition to circumnavigate the Moon.

Call it lunar leap: free return promo. A Space Adventures team has blueprinted a circumlunar mission using a unique blend of existing and flight-tested Russian technology. At the heart of the lunar leap is Russia’s venerable Soyuz spacecraft. A pilot and two passengers would depart Earth in their Soyuz, linking up in orbit with an unpiloted kick stage for a boost outward to the Moon.

Sales are up for future public hops to the orbiting outpost. Customers are lined up for Soyuz seats to the ISS in 2008, in 2009, and potentially beyond, Anderson said.

”We’re trying to talk to the Russian Space Agency about how to increase the numbers of Soyuz flights to the space station. It is scheduled to go from two to four in late 2009...but there may be ways to increase the number of Soyuz flights even beyond that in the future,” Anderson noted. “My confidence level is high,” he said, that those seats can be filled with customers.

To date, Space Adventures has sold almost $200 million worth of spaceflights. They’ve booked flights into the future, even selling a couple more than the company has announced. Their clients have spent some 60 days cumulatively in Earth orbit.

And there remains another exploit for the public space traveler to master - a space walk.

Years from now, the moon is the next tourist attraction. But do you know that the person Filipino who bought a property in the moon (the celestial object orbiting our planet Earth) is a Boholano? He is Natalio Dahab Tabacco from Taloto District, Tagbilaran City. The cost was minimal. It’s the thought that he jumped at the opportunity when the idea was no farfetched. He has a title to show for it.

Natalio is still alive. He is enjoying at his prime.

“Yes, it’s true. He’s still alive and living in New York,” environmentalist and entrepreneur Zenaida Darunday (who runs the Darunday Manor located along J.A. Clarin Street, Tagbilaran City, Tel no: 411- 2512). In fact, Zenaida said Natalio was included in a souvenir handbook by the Tagbilaran Association of Northern California (Tanocal) on its silver jubilee.

Natalio accomplished an exceptional feat of being the 1st Filipino International Civil Service Career person by joining the United Nations during its founding years in 1946 and serving until his retirement in 1978.

In the history of Filipino migration to the US, he too is the first, long before the “second wave” (migration of professionals) started in the early 1960s. (The first Boholano teachers sent to the US in 1903 to be trained under the Pensionado program were Eduardo Ramirez and Zacarias Rocha. Gaudioso Ferniz and his brother Joe were the first Boholanos who went to the US in 1920s.)

Natalio is featured in the book “The Filipino Americans from 1763 to the present: Their history, culture and traditions,” by Veltisezar Bautista, which carries the following citation:

“A World War II veteran, Natalio Tabacco holds the distinction of being the first Filipino to be recruited by the United Nations Secretariat in 1946. Born on July 23, 1918 in barrio (now Barangay) Taloto, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Tabacco received the UN Peace Medal for Outstanding Service to the UN in 1976. This is the highest medal of honor given to an individual working for the cause of international peace through the UN.”


A crime wave has hit the city as thieves, muggers, hold-uppers and other lawless elements take advantage of the society. They know that the authorities are too “distracted” getting organized or being tired from work, so these criminals are having a heyday.

A text message which is now circulated in town warns us to to “rally against crime in this city. Enough is enough! How many more people have to die for us to realize that Bohol is becoming a breeding ground for criminals.”

One shocking news is about Jack Lloren Arat. Jack was a known dance instructor in Bohol. As a student at the University of Bohol, Jack had particppated in numerous ballroom dancing competitions until he moved to the Bohol Tropics as part of the team. While at the Bohol Tropics, Jack was handling special projects of Lazer Party Club.

When Bohol was in drought of models for the past years, it was Jack who “rejuvenated” the “industry.” He gave life to the dead “industry” in Bohol. There was Runwayicons, a modeling agency but the “modeling house” closed after months of its operation. Jack was “braved” to venture in modeling business until he founded the Unlimited Models. Jack and his models made Tagbilaran lively again.

Last August 13, Jack joined his Creator. He was murdered by unknown suspects. While, he was rushed to the hospital, Jack was still conscious, in fact, the doctor asked him who did it to him. Jack didn’t give answer. For sure, Jack knew the suspects.

Rest assured Jack is watching them to ask for justice.

Baba Yap, Lazer Party Club big boss sent this message to True, the day Jack passed away. I am shocked and deeply grieved to hear the sudden demise of our beloved Jack Arat. His death is a great loss to his family and friends. Though he has departed from our visibility, he is still with us in our hearts. May he rest in eternal peace.


If Philippines is the pearl of the orient seas and Malaysia is truly Asia, then Singapore is new Asia. Mention Singapore and people will tell you about Sentosa. More than Sentosa, it’s uniquely Singapore. Fresh from a Singapore tour is Eden Descallar, the young workaholic (and beautiful) Globe Telecom Bohol-OIC (soon to be manager) who went there for a short vacation (read: naglaag laag ang sosyal!) with friends.

The Lonely Planet has listed Singapore as a tourism hub. Singapore has traded in its rough-and-ready opium dens and pearl luggers for towers of concrete and glass, and its steamy rickshaw image for cool efficiency and spotless streets, but you can still recapture the colonial era with a Singapore Sling under the languorous ceiling fans at Raffles Hotel.

At first glance, Singapore appears shockingly modern and anonymous, but this is an undeniably Asian city where Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions from feng shui to ancestor worship create part of the everyday landscape - colorful contrasts that bring the city to life.

A short vacation in Singapore is definitely not enough if you want to eat and breathe Singapore. There is much to see and do. From the famed Chili Crab and Hainanese Chicken Rice to Sentosa Island and the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

You will not believe how clean and green the city is until you set foot here. The spotless highways and the surrounding flora are proof of what you have heard from other friends and relatives. Experience for yourself the towering skyscrapers in the business district, the hustle and bustle of the Orchard Road shopping belt or the friendly chatter of Singaporeans going about their daily tasks in the heartlands.

The Merlion was designed as an emblem for the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) in 1964. The designer was Mr Fraser Brunner, a member of the souvenir committee and a curator of the Van Kleef Aquarium.

The Merlion has a lion head and a fish body resting on a crest of waves. The lion head symbolizes the legend of the rediscovery of Singapura, as recorded in the “Malay Annals.”

Famous landmarks are Underwater World Sans Kevin Costner. Sentosa’s saving grace, Gracie the dugong, is Underwater World’s star performer. Leafy sea-dragons and wobbling Medusa jellyfish are mesmeric; stingrays and ten-foot sharks cruise above Ocean Colony’s submerged glass tubes at 9am to 9pm

Orchard Rd. Sheer Indulgence. Famous by name, Orchard Rd was once was lined with nutmeg and pepper plantations. Today it’s the domain of Singapore’s elite and well-heeled tourists, lured here by the shopping centers, nightspots, restaurants, bars and lounges. A showcase for the material delights of capitalism, Orchard Rd also possesses some sights of cultural interest where a credit card is not required.

You’ll be astounded by the number of activities that can be packed into this pulsating island, day and night. And the best part is that you can visit Singapore at all times of the year as its tropical climate means sunshine all year round.

As the slogan goes: Out of the millions of ways to enjoy Singapore, we’ve picked 101 ways. Try them all! Ways to enjoy Singapore? Singapore is simply amazing!


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