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BIR to file tax evasion raps against Rey “Bom Boom” Bautista? and other "hot"items

BIR to file tax evasion raps against Rey “Bom Boom” Bautista? and other "hot"items

BIR to file tax evasion raps against Rey “Bom Boom” Bautista?

Guess who’s this businessman who soon to be a dad


· Food for the soul: The thread asked the candle: Why you dissolve yourself when I burn?” candles said: “You’re in my heart, if you suffer I’m here to shed tears for you.” That’s friendship.

· Could it be true that two good-looking sons of prominent families here in Tagbilaran City, obviously tipsy, were caught kissing inside a car along CPG Avenue (near Krislyn)? Could they have been, uh, having a game, with one of them standing in, as, ehem, the queen?

· There are two interactive websites which are now enjoying highest memberships among Boholanos local and abroad. Mike Ligalig’s and Mikey Gatal’s You can post your views, opinions, and, if you wish to say something a little “bolder,” these websites are for you.

· Guess who this young and pretty newscaster, who doesn’t seem to know how to establish her own identity and style. We noticed she has been doing a not-so-good job delivering the news with her voice decibels down. She might have been copying the style of a more senior newscaster but she’s not successful. We suggest she sticks to her own style, to let it flow nicely, not at all that intense. After all, she has the talent and got a pretty face (?). Loosen up, girl!

· Could it be true that a group or delegation from Bohol was not denied or not granted a visa by the US Embassy? Rumors said that there are many Filipino who are going to the US as immigrant would remain either to work or do TNT. The group is supposed to perform in the US. Another group from Panglao was denied last month.

· True’s breaking news about unpaid telephone bills in the offices of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) drew reactions from readers at the True is standing by his story. An SP employee who claims as the “subject” (read: the heartless and greedy employee) is heard “threatening” that True doesn’t know who’s the person he is “fighting.” Of course, True knows that when he bumped with this dambuhala he would seriously injure. Another thing, most of the SP offices don’t have internet access. What if they have important email to read? True wants to make it clear: he is not and has never been a Capitol employee. He volunteers for “worthy” projects commissioned by the Sangguniang Kabataan and a firm believer of Abraham Lincoln’s “a government by the people and for the people.”


If you’re been following goings-on here in Tagbilaran City, one should know that there’s a persistent rumor that a businessman (clue: Where’s my pasalubong?) got a girl pregnant and soon to be a dad. That is if he will marry the girl. Is it goodbye to the girls he loved before?

According to VRS, the girl is about two or three months pregnant. This businessman has been dating this girl for months. They know each other, VRS added. This businessman a good boyfriend is visiting the girl’s family to establish rapport –as a future son-in-law?

The girl is a nurse by profession, VRS divulged. The girl came from a humble family, yet beautiful and sophisticated.

The couple to be are planning to the tie the knot this October. Is it the main reason that this guy is seldom seen in the operation? Blame it to love, man!

This businessman, who came to Bohol for business, is single and pretty boy. He has what it takes to make it far in the business industry.

Tax evasion for Boom Boom

Excuse me; I don’t have intention to spoil your appetite watching the bout of Rey “Boom Boom” Bautista and Daniel Ponce de Leon of Mexico. While, fighting for glory and honor, Boom Boom is no excuse of a controversy (the same news we heard on a local radio) he’s facing now.

Could it be true that boxing idol Rey “Boom Bom” Bautista will face a million tax evasion charges to be filed by the Bureau of Internal Revenue with the Court of Tax Appeals?

According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS) the “hot” item came into public when BIR men are “discussing” tax payers.

The same VRS said that the BIR has collected evidences to be presented and is sufficient to prove that the Boom Boom has violated several provisions of the National Internal Revenue Code.

A source from the BIR said that Bautista is required to file a declaration of his estimated income for each taxable year. As an individual earning income within the Philippines, and irrespective of his citizenship, Bautista must file a tax return, a BIR official said.

Baustita will be charged by BIR for failure to pay the proper taxes. Boom Boom must have misdeclared his income for the past years and the BIR intends to collect what the boxer failed to pay.

The BIR has been going after high-profile tax evaders the past years, including movie celebrities like Judy Ann Santos, Regine Velasquez and Richard Gomez.

Addendum: The Fil-Am Banares brothers EJ, 18, and Brandon, 15, sung the sing the Philippine National Anthem before an estimated 40 million viewers at the World Cup of Boxing today, August 12, at the Arco Stadium in Sacramento, California. The invitation was initiated by Tony Aldeguer of Alaboxing Gym in Cebu City. Proteges of the Aldeguer Sisters (Laly and Terry) who run the Aldeguer Sisters Performing Arts in L.A., the Banares brothers have performed in several musicals including The King and I, Oliver, West Side Story and The Best of Broadway. There is a news from US based VRS that the son of Peter and Sarah Dejaresco, Deane Jeffrey, will proudly carry the Philippine flag during the singing of the Philippine anthem. It's an honor, indeed.

A final press conference for the World Cup was held August 10 at 1 p.m. at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California, with no less than the legendary Oscar De la Hoya doing the hosting chores for the event. Here's what Oscar and the fighters have to say at today's press conference. Boom Boom said: Good afternoon to all the press in Arco Arena. I would like to give thanks to Golden Boy Promotions for giving me a chance to fight in this championship fight. This is my dream, this is what I want. I will try my best because I know this fight is very tough. This is a war. The Filipino is one of the best in the world!

All true for tagna tagna

Let us look back to True’s tagna tagna for 2007 which was published last year. It was based upon Cresia Sarahina’s predictions and my own observation and info from VRS and other sources. These are the tagna who came true for this quarter. True, indeed!

• A radio news program will fade out. There are, you know! - LPU

• A new lifestyle show will be aired on a local cable channel with new promising local teen stars. There was but it was like meteorites.- LPU

• A writer and host program will jump over the bakod. You know moving to a new “station.” They are my friends in the media Batchoy Alba, Brigette Viernes and Chito Vissara. -LPU

• A young daughter of a prominent family here will get pregnant out of wedlock. She'll come out crying on but the “culprit” will be unmoved and refuse to marry her. Yes, the girl went to Cebu to “hide.”-LPU

• A happily-married businessman will be romantically linked to a young student. But he'll survive the minor issue with himself and his family intact. They are happy together. -LPU

• A popular government employee will quit her job and announce her intention to run in next year's elections – if, and that's the Big If, there would be elections. She’s Maam Kit Oppus. She won as City Councilor last May 14 elections. - LPU

• A wife of a prominent politician will have problems with her philandering husband. Yes, and until now they are still arguing!- LPU

• BJ Alba is moving to another station (in other place, possibly abroad). BJ Alba who’s the news director of dyTR AM/FM moved to dyRD last May. -LPU

• More success on Raymund Roldan's chain of business. However, he should be careful… and to take care (more) of his family. The recent new Save ‘n Earn building in J.S. Torralba. - LPU

• Loy Palapos will get more travel next year (with lots of job offers), but he'll never turn his back on dear Philippines. He is reportedly to travel abroad! - LPU

• Gerry Lugod will find his “real” love after getting “out” of shell. Gerry is free as a bird after “confessing” his own identity. We love you, Gerry!-LPU

• Dennis Du (of Dunkin Donuts) is lucky for business in 2007. But sad to say, there is a possibility to transfer to another place. Dennis is now lucky to find his dreamgirl. –LPU

MyHNU Globe SIM soon to be released

It’s one school, one sim.

I wish to congratulate Holy Name University (HNU) of going further in the field of quality education (and of better service to the studentry). HNU has entered into a partnership with Globe Telecommunications to produce a personalized prepaid Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that would provide new services to HNU students, such as access to an emergency/crisis hotline, paying tuition and making inquiries about grades, all through the cell phone.

The service which is first-of-its-kind in the province will be launched this month.

The SIM, called MyHNU Prepaid SIM Card, has all the features of a regular 64K prepaid SIM card. The SIM is exclusive for Holy Name University powered by Globe.

Another feature of MyHNU SIM is the electronic way of sending and receiving money, buying prepaid cell phone load, paying bills and other money-related transactions via text message.

Students can pay their tuition through GCash instead of lining up at the treasurer’s office; they just send a text message. This is faster, more affordable and secure. It’s hassle-free.

Student can also inquire about their grade through the SIM card via a special menu for this purpose.

To avail of the MyHNU SIM card, students will have to buy the SIM, fill out a pre-registration form and present an identification card (ID) number.

The SIM will cost Php 99, while text and calls within the network will be at a cheaper rate at 75 centavos per text and 10 centavos per second for calls. However, the same rates apply for text and calls to other networks.

Globe will have a two-week-long launching of the product from August 20 -31. Stalls, where the product will be sold, will be put up in the different colleges in the university.

Globe Telecom is still looking into the possibility of adding more features and downloadables to the SIM.

MYHNU SIM is very timely as the University will be celebrating her 60th year of providing quality education to the Boholano people.

A great force is coming to the Holynamian community!


From Rigo C. Mijos, Sr., a Data Integrity Specialist of Mizuno USA, Inc.:

Perfect! Yes, I'm an avid fan of yours, you know that. I am following your column on the local newspaper. I've even wrote a comment on your latest writings on " Bol-anon flavor and other tales" have you seen that? Lastly, I would appreciate if you feature Hinagdanan Cave in Bingag, Dauis which was taken out on the list of destination in Bohol.

It's so sad, but you can't blame them. If you have visited the place lately, you will notice that the beauty is no longer there. The place is so commercialized that even souvenir stores is almost eating the mouth of the cave. I don't know why the town of Dauis allowed this to happen even in the first place, the surroundings of the cave are owed by private individuals. They should have put a park on top of the cave and set certain distance from the cave those people that who wanted to do businesses around the place. It's not too late yet if the local government is serious about Tourism.

I've been in Florida and I saw how they managed their beaches and other tourism spots. I just hope one day some of our leaders will be serious in doing their jobs where they are elected for. Thanks, Leo and hopefully, you will meet some of my brothers in Panglao town fiesta, Aug 28.

Thanks and best regards.

Marimar, awwh!

The 1994 telenovela, Marimar, starring Thalia (the Queen of Soap Operas) stormed the whole world (televised first in 1996 on RPN 9). The premiere showing of this Philippine version of Marimar will be tomorrow, August 13. Will this version be as big as the original one made by Thalia? Time will tell.

Meanwhile, let us sing the theme song of Marimar sung by Ms. Regine Velasquez:


Marimar, ako po si Marimar
Lumaki sa tabingdagat
Sa lolo’t lola namulat
Hindi natinag sa pangaral
Busog sa pagmamahal

Marimar, ako po si Marimar
Simple man at mahirap
Meron ding mga pangarap
Hangad sa pagdarasal
Tunay na pagmamahal

Marimar, Marimar
‘Pag tumibok ang puso
Pag-ibig ay asahan mo
Marimar, Marimar
‘Pag tumibok ang puso
Dakilang pagsuyo



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