Sunday, August 5, 2007

Mutya Buena to visit Bohol and other juicy items

Mutya Buena to visit Bohol

SP offices have their phones disconnected because of unpaid telephone bills; The 1-Million Irrigation Honorarium scandal


· Food for the soul: Make cool lie… make cool lie ang buhay… (ang buhay)…make cool lie ang buhay…sa sinabawang gulay! So popular, isn’t it?

· Holy Name University (HNU) will celebrate 60 years of providing quality Christian education to the Boholano people. As the university turns Diamond this year, different activities are expected to add fanfare and enliven the Holynamian community. Expect a new “power” this month as HNU is “growing stronger” with a new “force.” May the force be with you!

· Feliz compleaƱos to Ms. Eden Descallar, Globe Telecom-Bohol officer-in-charge, August 1. Ms. Eden’s friendster says: By force of nature, many people seem to look at me as a complex individual but in reality, I’m really not. I’m as simple as a drop of rain in a pond or a ray of sunlight touching a flower. I go through a lot of pressures everyday but I always think of all the greatest things in my life, that’s why I survive. Call me a survivor but I am as simple as u can get. I’m a raw individual, and not like others perceived me to be. Well I guess there’s more to me than meets the eye enjoys.

· I got a long distance call from Ms. Rosemarie Marapao- Brruening, the president of a Filipino organization in Germany last night. Ms. Rosemarie is the “brain” behind the first and biggest gathering of Boholanos in Europe on October 31, 2007 in Bonn, Germany to unite Boholanos in Europe. I will talk more about her and the gathering on True next Sunday.

· Could it be true that most of the offices at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan have their phones disconnected because of unpaid telephone bills? According to True Very Reliable Source (VRS), the employees could not send (important) fax messages or can make long distance calls not that their phones are ‘damage’ but because they have not yet paid their bills. Other offices have no fax machines available (though like SK their request was long overdue). The only office so far which can send fax messages is the office of a new board member. According to VRS, this office would not allow other offices to use their phone to send fax messages because a regular who’s assigned to the office (who is a “dambuhala” by all adjectives) has a personality problem. Many SP employees don’t like her personality (read: maltreatment). Last Friday, a kawawang nilalang was her “prey” when an important (official) letter was needed in Manila. Since, there was no fax machine available, this kawawang nilalang was advised by other offices to ask the new board member’s office to use their fax machine. This dambuhala made alibis that their office could receive incoming messages only. SP offices have a budget allocated for communication. Taking it for granted that their office has been cut-off to make long distance call; this dambuhala should not be greedy of “sharing” the government’s facilities. In the first place, she is not the one paying the bills. Sending a one–page one fax message will cost P 20-30. Is it too much? If only this person knows what “humanitarian reason” is.

· Could it be true that two media personalities (who have secret affairs) have their “relationship” over? According to VRS, the two agreed to go “separate ways.” Is it really goodbye? Or love will find a way? Abangan!

· Live well. Laugh often. Love much. Remember these lines? Of course, you can read these “medical bulletin” when you’re inside The Buzzz, the sister cozy resto of the Bohol Bee Farm, located at the Island City Mall (ICM). While you’re enjoying “tasting” with all your heart the organic foods they serve, you will feel at home with their friendly staff- Esmer Jabajab, Mercy Golosino, Rey Dano, Kardo Gamolo, Tibor Campejos, Annalie Pablo, Vangie Jabajab and Ruby Dano. Bohol Bee Farm and The Buzzz are owned by the only Bohol’s Bee Queen Vicky Wallace who captured the world through her organic farming. Listening to Vicky is listening to a guru who’s full of wisdom. After The Buzzz don’t forget to watch the latest movies at the Screenville. ICM”s Screenville is the first modern cinema outside Manila. You don’t have regrets while you’re watching your favorite movie.

· I got a text message from Dr. Albert Fernandez of Butuan City informing that his daughter Christine, an ABS-CBN talent and singer has just recently passed the board exam for doctor of optometry. Christine is the regular mainstay host of Sabado na Gyud..Game Ka na Ba on ABS-CBN Cebu. Christine started joining singing contest when she was young and was given the chance to join and included in the top 15 in 2005 Star in a Million. The Fernandez family owns the Fernandez chain of optical clinic.

· From Marcus Agar, Miss World Organization Press head: The Miss World 2007 will take place in Sanya, China during the month of November - the Final is on December 1st. The Miss World 2006 was held in Europe. Hi world!

· True’s story on movies/films done in Bohol received feedback from readers. One reader (who asked anonymity) said that Larry Jao produced the movie Puri (not Lagablab sa Maribojoc) starring the sexy vixen Stella Strada and Dennis Roldan and not Dennis Trillo). Another feedback is from Alturas Group of Companies (AGC) publicist Ariel Fullido (who saw the filming) who told True that the movie thriller Dark Tide (1993) starring Richard Tyson was done in Bohol.

Directed by Luca Bercovici, the story was about Andi, the wife of Tim, who is collecting venom from poisonous eels on a tropical island. She comes to visit him, and having missed him for some time, has torrid sex with him at every occasion. This attracts the attention of Dak, who was raised in a chauvinistic culture and is very attracted to Andi. Tim becomes obsessed with gathering the venom, so Andi decides to go on a motorcycle ride with Dak to an underground cave, where he seduces her. However, Andi refuses to let Dak have his way with her again, and this leads him to trick Tim into poisoning himself. While Tim is sick in bed, Dak rapes Andi. However, Andi refuses to give up on her husband and decides to go diving for the eels herself. She is forced to hire Dak to drive her boat, who repeatedly rapes her when they are out to sea. One day he becomes very arrogant and kidnaps a young teenage island girl for his younger brother to rape. In self-defense, the girl kills Dak’s brother and takes refuge with Andi and Tim, who has now recovered. Dak and his crew go after the girl, and in a fight with Andi and Tim, are subsequently all killed.


Mutya Buena of the famous Sugababes is plannibg to visit Bohol this year.

I wrote about Mutya (Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena in real life) for Philippine Star (Ricky Lo’s Funfare) in 2005. Mutya is half-Boholana whose father, Roberto, hails from Sikatuna Street, Tagbilaran City.

Picture taken from the Internet

Mutya is pure dinuguan and peanut kisses as she dances the tinikling and sings Dahil Sa ‘Yo and the Visayan song Matud Nila.

Her British twang doesn’t keep her from loving the adobo her father cooks for the family and celebrating Filipino Independence Day every June 12, the Philippine Star reported.

Nor does Mutya’s western upbringing prevent her from taking her Visayan grandmother’s hand, touching it lightly with her forehead and saying, “Mano Po!”

Unlike some people she grew up with, Mutya doesn’t call her elders by their first names. In fact, she addresses her relatives in Tagbilaran, Bohol as tito and tita.

Mention Itik-itik and she reacts, “Oh, the one where you move like a duck? Oh yes!” Pandanggo sa Ilaw is where “you move with candlelights.” And tinikling is something Mutya learned as a little girl.

That sense of rhythm that makes you want to get up on your feet and dance is encoded in her DNA. Dad is a guitarist who taught her Filipino songs as a girl while Mom loves music just as much.

“I went to a Filipino school,” Mutya explains. “And I know all the Filipino dances, like the one where you rotate candlelights in your hand (read: Pandanggo sa Ilaw), move like a duck (Itik Itik) and act like you’re planting rice.”

Like fellow half-Pinoy artist of Black Eyed Peas, Mutya is proud of her roots.

She tells anyone who cares to listen when she’s on stage that she’s half-Pinoy.

After leaving the Sugababes in December 2005, Buena began working on material for a solo career. Her page appeared on 25 April and has been used to chat with fans, friends and colleagues. It also features demo tracks, which were rumored to be on her upcoming album, such as “Love Story”, “2 the Limit”, “Wonderful”, “Darkside”, “Suffer for Love”, “Sunshine” and “Addiction”, however only ‘Wonderful’ and ‘Suffer For Love’ made it onto the album.

Whilst solo, Buena has collaborated with numerous artists including Tah Mac, MC Viper, George Michael and Groove Armada.

Now that she’s on solo flight with a debut album titled Real Girl to show for it, Mutya has a bigger audience she can share her Pinay heart with.

And she’s succeeding, so far. The first single, the album’s title track Real Girl, entered the UK Singles chart at No. 11 in downloads alone climbing to No. 2 after its CD release.

The song samples Lenny Kravitz’s It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over.

The track closest to Mutya’s heart, however, is Suffer For Love, because she herself wrote it.

Real Girl marks another first for Mutya. It’s the first time she is using her family name — Buena, in an album. This is the same family name her two-year-old daughter (by boyfriend Jay), Tahlia-Maya is using.

Turning solo, says Mutya, has brought with it many wonderful changes.

“It’s allowing me to do my own thing,” she explains.

On top of this list of plus points is the chance to spend more time with her daughter and be the best mother she can be to her.

When it comes to Tahlia-Maya (On March 23, 2005, Mutya gave birth to 5lb 10oz Tahlia-Maya Buena, her first child with boyfriend Jay, which was rumored to be one of the reasons she left the Sugababes) Mutya is like a typical mom who can’t stop talking about her little girl.

“Tahlia means morning dew. I found that name in the Internet and I think it’s Hebrew,” she relates. Since her bundle of joy was born at 3 a.m. , Mutya thought the name was just perfect for her firstborn. Maya, on the other hand, was the name of Mutya’s late sister.

The doting mom plans to travel more often to the Philippines and bring Tahlia-Maya as often as possible to the land of her ancestors. This way, her daughter will imbibe Filipino values of respect for elders, love for family and others.

For starters, Mutya says she, her siblings and Tahlia-Maya will take a vacation in Bohol towards the end of the year.

“We’re so excited,” Mutya gushes.

Yes, England may have its gleaming skyscrapers, latest gizmos and other things new and high-tech. But Mutya Buena — with her love for adobo, tinikling and fiestas — remains proudly Filipino, right down to the core.

The Buena family currently lives in Kingsbury, North West London. Mutya was raised by her Irish mother and Filipino father. She attended Kingsbury High School. Her name “Mutya” means “muse” or “beautiful gem. Mutya has five brothers (Bayani, Charlie, Chris, Danny and Roberto) and two younger sisters, Ligaya and Dalisay; another sister, Maya, died in 2002, and the song “Maya” on the album Three is dedicated to her. Mutya other sibling are still in studying in Bohol and live in a relative’s house in Mansasa.

The 1-Million Irrigation Honorarium scandal

Just before deadline last night, True got this intriguing and explosive “news” from True Very Reliable Source (VRS).

The transpo “scandal” of Bohol’s top officials was “spilled” by this Irrigation boss.

Could it be true that the seven members of the Bids and Award Committee (BAC) are getting richer? According to the implementing rules and issuances, each member is entitled for an honorarium of P2, 500.00 each per project regardless of the cost of the project.

The Irrigation boss allegedly used 1 million pesos as honorarium for the BAC which is far beyond the allowed amount for the honorarium. P1 million divided by 7 is P142, 857.14.

This is illegal according to VRS. VRS just “wondered” if the Commission on Audit (COA) personnel who made their audit a month had found this “irregularity.”

Another VRS informed that the Irrigation boss is frequently claiming travel to Manila but in truth this boss is just in Cebu.

I smell something fishy, VRS said, especially that this boss is “fighting” two Bohol’s top officials


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