Monday, August 8, 2011

Did you ever stop to think what controls the universe?

I've found this article from my old folder. I just want to share this to all people out there.

Did you ever stop to think what controls the universe? Did you know there is more water on earth than land? How is the ocean able to stay in its rightful place without flooding the earth? How was water created and from what source? What would be its purpose? We know the moon's gravity controls the tides of the ocean but what force causes the moon to gravitate and control the tides of the ocean and why? For what purpose? Just because? By chance? Why would chance care? How did it come to exist? Who or what was the earth and heavens made for and why?

What controls the laws of gravity? The scientists say some technical theories of this and that and its cause by some physical source and number or chance but how did it come to exist and where? why? Can scientists explain that? When you look at earth and all its creatures, how were they able to come into existence and why? Why are they there? Why are there so many different species? Why are we here? Are we here just by chance or are we here for a reason to be in a relationship with an all powerful highly intelligent spiritual being who created all things for him and by him for his pleasure and glory and which longs to have an intimate and personal relationship with his children.

How were the planets, stars and galaxies in the heavens formed? How did the heavens come to exist? Did something by chance just happen and it came to be? But why? From what matter did it come to exist? What was its purpose to come into existence? Can people see that things like this just don't happen by chance? Why can't people believe that there is a living and powerful spiritual God and that He is the beginning and the end, and a loving, forgiving and longing to have a personal relationship with his children whom he created.

What controls the movement and orbit of the earth and the heavens? Why does the sun rise and set on earth and what would be its purpose? Why is there light? Why is there oxygen? What would be its purpose? What would be the purpose of light? Did light come to be by chance? Did chance create human beings? And if so, why? Does chance see, feel, hear, create, love? How did chance come to exist and why would it care?

When you see the earth God created and its beauty of colors, trees, sky, vegetation, mountains, seas, rivers, lakes, his creatures, and people, isn't that enough to see that it was put there for a reason? That there is a God who created all things by his Word and hand. A God who wants us to enjoy the beauty of his creations whom he loves. If all this was by chance then why? How did chance come to exist? Why would it care? What would be the purpose of chance?

Why do we have emotion? How is it that we are able to feel, think, love and reproduce? Does chance care? Why would it? What would be its purpose of life? Do you think we actually come from monkeys? And if we did, why did we evolve to human beings? Do you think life started by chance by evolving from cells, fish, monkeys, etc. How did life come to exist and why? That is a question scientists cannot answer because they don't know the answer and would rather choose to make up their own ideas and theories of how life and creation came into existence denying there is an all powerful God who created all things in the heavens and the earth and that he is sitting on his throne above watching us and heartbroken that some of his children choose to deny who he really truly is.

How great is God---beyond our understanding! The number of his years is past finding out.

Job 36:26

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