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Inday Charity & Inday Rufing: The first time


Scene: ‘You know you're a Boholano if?!?’ trends worldwide on Facebook to all Boholanos around the world who have Facebook account. Other hottest fanpages on  Facebook are ‘Taga- UB ka kung…’, ‘Taga-Calape ka kung??,’ ‘Nka skwela kag HNU Highschool kung’?, ‘Taga VDT-ALC ka kung....’, ‘Taga-WISDOM ka kung....’, ‘Nakatungha ka sa Grace Christian School kung???’, ‘Tatak Sevillahanon ka kung?’ and  ‘Nakaskwela ka sa Bohol High kung?’.
Donna Cardino

Seen: Miss Mandaue 2011 Donna Cardino, who is a Boholana, was chosen as one of the official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2011. Miss Cory Quirino, pageant director of Miss World Philippines 2011 revealed the 25 official candidates this year. News reports added that starting August 10, 2011, the candidates will undergo series of trainings like personality development, catwalk modeling and language lessons. Miss World PH will be held on September 18, 2011 and will be aired by GMA 7.

Seen: The 20 runners from Bohol who will join the Duyog Mindanao 2011- Promoting Civil Society Participation in Sustained Peacebuilding for Sustainable Peace in Mindanao, an epic Run for Peace on August 21-30, 2011.  They will gather to run for promoting peace in the region. The 451.9 km. run fest will start in Zamboanga City then pass through the towns of Ipil-Pagadian City, and end in Cotabato City for 10 days.  The Duyog Mindanao campaign contributed to changing the public “mood” in favor of dialogue as a viable process in resolving the causes of conflict in Mindanao. Bringing the statement, “Going the Extra Mile for Peace in Mindanao,” the Government of the Philippines (GPH) peace panel for talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), together with 500 bikers and peace advocates, will gather to pedal a 36-km route for promoting peace in the region. The GPH peace panel initiated the event to gain heightened support from the public on the Mindanao peace process.

Scene: Catch Rivermaya with Paolo Valenciano, son of Gary V, who will be performing on August 20 in Pinoy Youth Leaders’ Convention (LeadCon) organized by the Kabayanihan Foundation (KF) / Team Pinoy Inc. (TPI) and the National Youth Commission (NYC) on August 20-21 at the CPG Sports Complex. Other guests are Noel Cabangon, presidential nephew Kiko Aquino Dee, COA Commissioner Heidi Mendoza and NYC Chair Leon Flores. Interested Boholano youth participants can call or text Joss Leano at 0917-842-7111 or call SK Provincial Office at (038) 411-5914 and look for Jejoma Asoy and Phoebe Lungay.  For SK chairmen and councilors, they should coordinate with their respective SK municipal federated presidents.

Seen:  My heart goes out to this young daughter of a prominent family in the province. Her best friend, who is making takip, can’t help but shed tears of her situation now that she’s having a stork visit.  Her parents don’t know yet of their daughter’s situation. Tabang mga langit!

Edward Guyano aka Inday Charity

Full of love.

That sums up the current state of Rizalino Torralba aka Inday Rufing and Edward Guyano aka Inday Charity.

They claimed that they have many men in their lives including their own sons--Edward’s Eduneil and Rizalino’s Ralph Andrew. Women envy them for they can easily get who and what they want. Boy, boys, boys! Although they are openly gay in the society, once upon a time they were raped by women (‘di sila talo’ but these women got them by hook or by crook). In fact, their sons were product of an incident when they were drunk and women took advantage of their innocence.

Inday Charity and Inday Rufing are two lovable characters who tickle our funny bones. Layo na pud ilang naabtan including the rainbow in the sky.  From factory worker to salesman,  Inday Charity is in the spotlight hosting his program on dyTR’s 911 FM whose signature is ‘Hello mga friends naminaw mo sa True Radio. Bye mga friends kay muadto pa ko sa pantalan mamaligya og tangkong’. On the other hand, Inday Rufing, who is a teacher by profession, is hosting his program on dyRD’s Kiss FM whose famous punchline is ‘Babush, ginamush, tugnush, dugush, mungush!’

Rizalino Torralba aka Inday Rufing
There is no boredom with these two comediennes. Their first time experiences were unforgettable, a baptism of fire. However, when I asked them about their last time adventures, only Inday Charity answered the questions. Inday Rufing’s a no show.  “I don’t believe for the last time because there’s always a first time, kuha mo? You are fired! Ha, ha, ha” said Inday Rufing.

Inday Charity confessed he was almost raped by gangsters. But now, “Wala na! Ha, ha, ha! Kay ako na ang mangrape! Ha, ha, ha, ha!” “Feel nako kanunay ko gi-harass Ha, ha, ha, ha” revealed Inday Rufing.

Meanwhile, here’s an “uncensored-honest to goodness” sexy talk with Bohol’s popular and hot DJs:

The first time they...

Inday Charity: It was in 1996 with a very special friend.
Inday Rufing:  Ngitngit di ai nang sinehan. bantog rah gdala ko Jun2x didto. Anyway that was my most memorable experience I ever spent.

Inday Charity: I like OPM. When I was 14, I became a fan of Freddie Aguilar and Asin. (Singing the first paragraph of “Kapaligiran”: Wala ka bang napapansin….)
Inday Rufing: Since birth! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

• FELT BEAUTIFUL (Gibati og kaanyag)
Inday Charity: When I was in second year high school. I felt that I was different from other boys. Rainbow na jud akong makit-an sa mga colors! He, he, he, he!
Inday Rufing: When I joined Miss Gay for the first time and being crowned. (She is using the name Inday Ruffing because she looks like Ruffa Gutierrez-LPU)

Inday Charity: My first kiss was with a girl. I had a girlfriend when I was in third year high school. Nanguyab jud ko para matabunan akong pagka-Inday Charity Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: Gilamian, bantog ra dli musugot si mama, lami man di ai.. kissi ko veh (Laughs and Laughs.)

Inday Charity: It was the same girl. I told her “I love you babe!” Nanindog jud akong balhibo! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: To my crush.

Inday Charity: I believe in prayers! When I was in Zamboanga City, gipit ko kayo kay walay job. I prayed for the Lord’s blessings nga naa lang untay trabaho para nako. I was kneeling while praying inside the church. When I went home, my Auntie told me that there was a job offered to me. God answers my prayers.
Inday Rufing: During LET exams, prayed to pass the board examination.

Inday Charity: When I was 14 years old! I saw someone killed infront of me! Perting kuyawa nako adto nga incident! (Demonstrating his fear)
Inday Rufing: Mikurog ang akong lawas pati ang kalag.

Inday Charity: Pagbuwag namo sa akong first boyfriend! Hahahaha Desperado jud ko! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: When someone and love one will pass away. Cry cry ko ana!

Inday Charity: If this is betrayal, Nga wala nako pakasli ang akong girlfriend na nabuntisan.
Indya Rufing: When someone feels insecure to me as being beautiful.  Ang masuya ma-dead. Nasuya ka wa? Ayaw pamakak! (Laughs and Laughs.)

Inday Charity: When I was in third year high school. Grabeh to nga experience.
Inday Rufing: Of course my best friend. Naa pa di ai lain? My long long time and ultimate crush unya nakatog di ai ang bayot? (Laughs and Laughs.)

Inday Charity: When I was in fourth year high school. I had a crush sa usa sa pinakaguwapo nga guy sa school. Pero friend ra man ko para niya! Sakit jud sa heart! He, he he, he!
Inday Rufing:  I’m so lucky, never been broken hearted because I’m beautiful. Agoi, bikil jud! Ha,ha,ha,ha!

Inday Charity: Third year high school gihapon with friends. Wala mi musud og klase.
Inday Rufing:  Sorry guys I don’t drink only fresh milk that’s why I’m beautiful.

Inday Charity: Girl. Nanguyab ko niya. Giturned-down niya akong beauty! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: Never! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Inday Charity: When I was in College. I was asked to join a fraternity but I got really mad when I found out nga ila lang ko girecruit para bun-ogon lang!
Inday Rufing: Sa very demanding guy ... I hate it... muhatag man ko ayaw lang pugsa.

Inday Charity: Yeah, reporter pa ko adto. A fan gave me bag and a tape recorder! Haba ng hair ko! Thank you to my sponsors!
Inday Rufing: Bouquet of flowers. Again buot pasabot ana gwapa jud ko....

Inday Charity: Last year. Sige hangyo nga magdate mi. Gitreat ko niya og lunch! Di ba, mingsamot taas akong hair ming-abot sa Chocolate Hills! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: Never been date with a fan... Galing makidnap ko! Ambisyosa! Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Inday Charity: Second Year College ko. My life had no focused at that time.
Inday Rufing: The craziest thing done I’ve for someone was I open my arms and legs.. Oi... bastos iyang hunahuna, what I mean is my life is open to everyone parang restaurant.

Inday Charity: Paghuman nako eskwela. It was in 1995.
Inday Rufing: Always na. Every day is lovely day!

Inday Charity: My mother last 2004. She died of pneumonia at 74. I really cried. Then in 2005, my father passed away. I love my parents. Close ko nila because I’m the youngest in the family. They knew and accepted me for what I am.
Inday Rufing: When my loved one was looking for another someone. Pero carry rah kay gwapa baya koh Ha, ha, ha, ha!

Inday Charity: Pagkamatay sa akong parents. Then pagbuwag sa akong first boyfriend kay naminyo siya.
Inday Rufing: Ang wrinkles atimana... ambot ug nganu oi, gwapa man ghapon ko bsan ug masuko koh.. plastikan ang show.

Inday Charity: High School! You know Leo when you’re young you do a lot of crazy things! High school life jud!
Inday Rufing: Panagsa ra kung makahinumdum He, he, he, he!

Inday Charity: When I graduated in college and got a job! Naa nakay income then makahatag ko sa akong parents.
Inday Rufing: Many to thank God for the blessings.

Inday Charity: A friend invited me for a drinking spree sa Gallares Street. Abi nako siya lang usa pero naa man diay iyang mga barkada. Gisirad-an nila ang purtahan kay dili ko paulion. Nagdrama ko nga nahubog og mupalit og tea kay naglain akong tiyan. When I got the chance nga makagawas kay samangil ko kasukaon batsi dayon ko! Hahahaha Naka-sense jud ko nga ila kong i-gang rape! Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Inday Rufing: Kanunay man Ha, ha, ha, ha! Mao bitaw gwapa ko... unsa may sah anang word nga gwapa?

Inday Charity: When I was 15 sa school CR (followed by lusty laughter)
Inday Rufing: Wala jud ko anang butanga. Napugos ug gpugos ra jud ko... Sayanga oi wala nadayun! (Again, followed by lusty laughter)


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